Millonarios FC Tryouts

Millonarios Fútbol Club is a professional Colombian football team based in Bogotá, Colombia. The club currently plays in the Categoría Primera A, the country’s highest level of professional club football.

Millonarios FC Tryouts

Millonarios FC Youth Development System

We are the sports training school of Azul & Blanco Millonarios FC SA We have an interdisciplinary human team made up of more than 70 professionals, dedicated to the training and care of our athletes. Our Academy is aimed at boys and girls from 5 to 17 years old who wish to develop and strengthen their psychomotor and social skills through a structured sports program.

Develop and enhance the qualities and abilities of each athlete, through a sports development program segmented by age, which allows each member of our academy to achieve the goals according to their category. Strengthen the values ​​principles to form excellent human beings through integral processes in the practice of soccer. To be the best alternative for the good use of free time in a healthy environment, where recreational soccer is a vehicle to promote family, social and sports integration.

Our athletes are characterized by being integral people who treat their peers with equality, respect, and tolerance, having fun on the field of play with their teammates. In the same way, we have multifunctional players with great technical richness, capable of understanding football and adapting, in such a way that they can perform in different positions on the pitch.

Within our methodological program, sports participation has been established at the level of exchange between Academy groups, as well as participation in local tournaments in accordance with the objectives of our school.

Our Game Academy uses a structured microcycle training method, which seeks to improve the understanding of the game in team sports. Based on a teaching method, which prioritizes guided discovery where, through the use of questions, the player is guided to discover the solution.

All of this anchored to a situational game model, which constantly forces the player to think about each situation that is presented to him, thus leading him to manage decision-making better and better.

The Millonarios FC Academy is projected as the best option in sports training and development in soccer in Colombia, being recognized for its high sports performance and fair play. To do this, we project a glorious and prosperous future, training future athletes who are leaders, disciplined, and responsible in all areas of their lives from childhood.


As the sports training school of Azul & Blanco Millonarios FC SA, we have the organizational, administrative and sports support of the Club, which translates into benefits for our athletes and their families. Some of the benefits include discounts in official stores and invitations to the stadium to accompany the team in official matches. Additionally, our players have the possibility of being periodically observed by our scouting team so that they can be promoted to form the Club’s youth soccer teams.

By joining our Academy you will receive the clothing of the professional team and you will have the support of a personal accident policy that will cover you in case of any mishap while you are practicing with us As an athlete you will have the possibility of having specific preparation of goalkeepers, participate in our Blue & White tournament and discounts in our summer camp and vacation courses.

For additional information on how to enroll, please click here to visit Millonarios academy registration page.


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Millonarios FC History

Millonarios was initially conceived of and developed by students attending Colegio Mayor de San Bartolome in 1937. After the team initially was unsure about which name it would want to use: Unión and Juventud were initially favored, it got under the influence of the city administration of Bogotá and began operating as Club Municipal de Deportes.

Initially, the team was unsure about which name it would want to use. On June 18, 1946, Millonarios was formally established as a result of the efforts of Alfonso Senior Quevedo, who went on to become the organization’s first chairman. It is one of the most consistent clubs in Colombia, which contributes to its reputation of being one of the strongest clubs in the country.

Millonarios is the second most successful team in Colombia, having won a total of 18 domestic trophies including 15 league victories, two Copa Colombia titles, and one Superliga Colombiana trophy. This places them in second place. In addition to this, they have the title of continental champions through to their victories in the Copa Simón Bolivar in 1972 and the Copa Merconorte in 2001.

In addition, Millonarios were successful in winning the Small Club World Cup in 1953, which was a championship that had a great deal of weight and significance at the time. Along with its longtime adversaries Santa Fe and Atletico Nacional, Millonarios is one of only three teams in the country to compete in every single first division competition. The other two teams are Atletico Nacional and Santa Fe.

At the beginning of the 1950s, a group of Millonarios came together to form a team known as the Ballet Azul. This group was regarded as the most talented group in the world by a number of experts from South America and Europe. It is the only team from Colombia to be featured on any of the lists of the best football clubs in the world at any point in time that have been compiled by influential sports media outlets from all over the world. In addition to that, it has the position of the fourth-best Colombian club of the 20th century and the ninth-best Colombian club of the 21st century up to this point. Millonarios is recognized as the third-best Colombian team in the CONMEBOL club events and holds the 51st spot in the official club rating for the Copa Libertadores. In addition, Millonarios is ranked as the 51st greatest team overall in the world.

Millonarios FC Stadium

In 1934, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, who was the mayor of Bogotá at the time, came up with the idea to construct a stadium for the enjoyment of the people living in Bogotá, making use of the occasion provided by Bogotá’s 400th anniversary, and also in order to host the 1938 Bolivarian Games. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was responsible for the construction of the stadium.

Before the opening of Estadio El Campn, the city’s sole major football ground was the comparatively modest La Merced ground. Since then, the community has welcomed Estadio El Campn. Shortly after that, Luis Camacho, who had been serving as a councilman at the time, gave the city of Bogotá a piece of property on which the new stadium might be built.

Millonarios FC Estadio El Campin

The stadium had a capacity of 23,500 seated patrons during the first Colombian Professional Football tournament in 1948, which was known as the Campeonato Profesional. Although the stadium’s maximum capacity reached its all-time high of 62,500 in 1968, that number has gradually declined over the years due to the many improvements that have been done to the stadium.

On August 10, 1938, El Campn played host to its first ever sporting event, a soccer match between Ecuador and Colombia, which Colombia ultimately lost 2–1. Since 1938, Millonarios have considered El Campn their home field, while Santa Fe have played there since 1951.

El Campin has played host to a number of matches for the Colombian national football team, the most notable of which was the final match of the Copa América 2001, which was played against Mexico. El Campin was one of the numerous football grounds that could have been affected by FIFA’s decision to prohibit playing international football in sites located more than 2500 meters above sea level; nevertheless, FIFA has since authorized international FIFA games to be played in this stadium.