Patriotas Boyacá Tryouts

Patriotas Boyacá, also known as Patriotas, is a professional Colombian football team based in Tunja, Colombia. The club currently plays in the Categoría Primera A, the country’s highest level of professional club football.

Patriotas Boyacá Tryouts

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Patriotas Boyacá History

Miguel Angel Bermudez, who was serving as the governor of Boyacá at the time, along with the chairman of Coldeportes at the time and the founders of a hardware company called G&J, established Patriotas in 2003. The club’s debut season in Primera B saw them advance all the way to the quarterfinals, where it was ultimately eliminated by Bogotá Chicó.

In 2004, the squad once again made it to the Semifinals, but they were ultimately defeated by Deportivo Antioquia, Centauros Villavicencio, and Expreso Rojo. Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to win the championship. In 2005, Patriotas finished in second place overall, however they were knocked out of the competition by Bajo Cauca in the semifinals. In 2009, there were certain adjustments made to the competition that were introduced.

Although Patriotas came out on top in Group B, they were unable to advance through the semifinals and finished in third place overall. After earning a victory on penalties against América de Cali in 2011, the team was moved up to the Categora Primera A division. After finishing in eighth place in the First Stage competition in 2016, the team advanced to the Knockout phase for the very first time. Additionally, during that year, the club was successful in qualifying for the 2017 Copa Sudamericana. This was the team’s first appearance in an international competition, and they advanced to the second stage of the competition.

Patriotas Boyacá Stadium

In the Colombian city of Tunja, you’ll find a multi-purpose stadium known as Estadio La Independencia. At this time, the majority of the events that take place here include football. In addition to being located 2,800 meters above ground level, the stadium has a capacity of 25,000 spectators. This stadium is the home turf for both the Boyacá Chicó and Patriotas soccer teams.

After Boyaca Chicó won the 2008 Categora Primera A Apertura in June 2008 and automatically qualified for the 2009 Copa Libertadores, the stadium was scheduled to be expanded in order to meet the minimum requirement of 20,000 seats that CONMEBOL has for stadiums that play international matches. The construction work on the expansion began in December and is progressing more slowly than originally anticipated.

In spite of this, the renovations were finished in time for the inaugural Chicó match at La Independencia, which was played against Gremio from Brazil. Since the beginning of 2017, advancements have been made as a result of Patriotas F.C.’s participation in the 2017 Copa Sudamericana. The stadium has served as the primary location for a variety of musical and cultural events, including concerts given by renowned musicians from around the world, such as Marc Anthony and Alejandro Fernández, amongst others.