Club Atlético Boston River Tryouts

Club Atlético Boston River, simply known as Boston River, is a Uruguayan sports club located in Montevideo. The club currently plays in the Uruguayan Primera División.

Club Atlético Boston River Tryouts

Boston River Youth Development System

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Boston River History

The club was established in 1939 and competed in the lower divisions until 1981; however, due to financial difficulties, the club ceased operations for the subsequent 18 years. After resuming play in 1999, Boston River began competing in the amateur leagues; in 2006, they were promoted to the Segunda Liga. The club had spent the previous few seasons at the bottom of the table, but during the season 2010-2011, they finished in fourth position in the combined ranking, which allowed them to compete in the climb dams. The club did not fare well in the championship match, losing to Cerro Largo on penalties. In the subsequent seasons, Boston River is unsuccessful in its attempts to compete in the climb play-offs, despite the fact that it has qualified each time.

Club Atlético Boston River

In order for the team to ultimately secure a spot in the first division, the year 2016 will have to pass with little to no progress made. After beginning its debut season at the top level in Uruguay with a draw, Boston River went on to remain unbeaten until the eighth day of the season.

At the conclusion of the season, the club finished in sixth place and qualified for the Copa Sudamericana tournament. In 2017, Boston River competed in and advanced to the second round of the 2017 Copa Sudamericana. However, the team once again finished in sixth place in the league. Boston River was eliminated in the second round of the 2018 Copa Sudamericana competition for the second consecutive year. This was the club’s second attempt at competing in a continental cup.

Boston River Stadium

Estadio Parque Artigas Las Piedras is a multi-use stadium in Las Piedras, Uruguay.

Club Boston River Estadio Parque Artigas Las Piedras in Uruguay

At this time, the majority of the events that take place here include football. It is the venue where Juventud de Las Piedras plays their home games. The stadium was constructed in 2002 and has a capacity of 12,000 spectators.