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Club Nacional de Football or simply as Nacional is a Uruguayan sports club based in Montevideo. Nacional currently plays in the Uruguayan Primera División, the country’s highest level of professional club football.

Club Nacional de Football Tryouts

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Club Nacional de Football History

The Uruguay Athletic Club and the Montevideo Ftbol Club came together on May 14, 1899 to form the club that would later bear their names. Despite the fact that football is the primary focus of the club, it also hosts a wide variety of other activities, such as basketball, futsal, tennis, cycling, volleyball, and chess. The most recent of Nacional’s 48 victories to claim the championship of Primera División came in the year 2020. These victories were in the context of domestic competitions. A number of different domestic cups have been won, including the Copa de Competencia (8 times) and the Copa de Honor (7 times).

At the international level, Nacional has won a total of 22 titles, including three Copa Libertadores. These victories are recognized by FIFA and CONMEBOL. Nacional currently holds the record for most points scored in this competition with 553.

In addition, Nacional has triumphed in all three iterations of the Copa Intercontinental, making them the second team in history to achieve this feat. They did it in 1988. In addition, Nacional is the only side from Uruguay to have ever won both the Copa Interamericana and the Recopa Sudamericana.

They did this a combined total of two times. In the second competition, Nacional was victorious in the first edition, which took place in 1989. In addition, Nacional won five Copa de Honor Cousenier competitions, three Copa Aldao competitions, two Tie Cup competitions, and one Copa Escobar-Gerona competition.

All of these competitions were jointly administered by the Argentine and Uruguayan Associations. The banner of José Gervasio Artigas, the national hero of Uruguay, served as the inspiration for the colors white, blue, and red that are associated with the Nacional brand. Nacional plays the majority of its home matches at the Parque Central, which is located in the La Blanqueada neighborhood and is more commonly known as El Parque.

On July 13, 1930, Belgium and the United States played one of the two opening games of the 1930 FIFA World Cup at El Parque. El Parque was also the location where Argentina and Brazil, amongst other countries, made their debut in the FIFA World Cup. When the Copa America was held in 1923 and 1924, the lone location for the competition was again at Parque Central.

El clásico del ftbol uruguayo is a match between Nacional and Pearol, a team from the neighboring neighborhood. These games are considered to be among the most intense rivalries in uruguayan soccer. In the history of Uruguayan football, Nacional and Pearol are the only two teams that have never been demoted from the top division.

Nacional was the Uruguayan side that CONMEBOL deemed to have had the best overall performance on the international stage during the years of 2007 and 2012. In addition, the IFFHS ranked them as the best Uruguayan team of the decade spanning from 2001 to 2010, as well as the eighth best squad in all of South America.

Club Nacional de Football Stadium

Club Nacional de Football plays its home games at the Estadio Gran Parque Central, more commonly referred to as just Parque Central. It can be found in Montevideo, Uruguay, in the neighborhood of La Blanqueada, which is close to the Nacional headquarters (specifically between the streets Carlos Anaya and Jaime Cibils, as well as General Urquiza and Comandante Braga). The majority of Nacional’s home games are played here in this stadium.

Estadio Gran Parque Central

This stadium was one of the locations used for the 1930 FIFA World Cup, and it is notable for being the location of one of the earliest matches in the history of the FIFA World Cup. On July 13, 1930, the United States defeated Belgium 3-0 in a match that was played here as part of group D of the tournament. On two separate occasions, namely 1987 and 2005, FIFA took the time to reflect on the significance of this historical event.

At the same time, another match was being played at the Estadio Pocitos, which has since been demolished. This match was between France and Mexico, and it was during this match that the very first goal in the history of the World Cup was scored. Tribuna José Mara Delgado is located in the north of the stadium, Tribuna Atilio Garcá is located in the south, Tribuna Abdón Porte is located in the west, and Tribuna Héctor Scarone is located in the east. These four main stands are named after famous Nacional players, including Atilio Garcá, Abdón Porte, and Héctor Scarone, as well as the chairman of the club, José Mara Del