Sagan Tosu Tryouts

Sagan Tosu (サガン鳥栖, Sagan Tosu) football club, are currently playing in the Japanese league, They are located in Tosu, Saga Prefecture.

Sagan Tosu Youth Development System

At Sagan Tosu Academy, there is a training department “Youth Section” consisting of U-18 (high school age / type 2), U-15 Tosu / Karatsu (junior high school age / type 3), and U-12 (elementary school / type 4). , It is composed of “Soccer School”, a popularization department that conveys the joy of soccer.

Through a consistent training system, we provide guidance that can bring out the imagination and creativity of the players who are the main characters with infinite possibilities, and we also focus on developing human resources as members of society with rich humanity and common sense through soccer. I am. Players from all over Kyushu will gather, aiming for a target training organization, and the entire club will work with the aim of training players who can play an active role in the top team in the future.

Academy Recruitment / Selection

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Soccer School

At Sagan Tosu Soccer School, we convey greetings, cooperation, and compassion for our friends through soccer. In addition to training as a soccer player, we are also focusing on training physically and mentally.

Kids class
We aim to improve athletic ability by stimulating the nervous system while incorporating many elements of play. In addition, we practice a lot of ball feeling to handle the ball in various parts of the body so that the ball can be handled without any difference between the left and right.

1-3 years class
We will do a lot of personal skill training so that you can handle the ball freely. In addition, in order to convey the joy of soccer, such as scoring points and stealing the ball, we value an environment in which children actively try and challenge.

4-6 years class
We will train you to acquire individual skills while you have a partner or ally. In addition to the skill of handling the ball, we emphasize the movement when not holding the ball and the skill and tactics of the individual. We will increase the number of aspects of the game and approach from various angles.

While having fun, you will learn the joy of stopping, kicking, carrying, and moving. Also, one of the attractions is the environment where you can take the plunge because it is a class only for girls.

Step up 3-4 years class
We aim to improve communication skills in technical training in the relationship between individuals and two people. In addition, we will take responsibility for play and improve the quality. We will focus on learning skills that involve judgment.

Step up 5 or 6 years class
We aim to acquire skills, communication, responsibility, and skills necessary for the game among three or more people. We will learn individual skills and tactics, make decisions from multiple options, and train you to play without rest in offense and defense.

Middle school students
Training is conducted for the purpose of learning individual skills, individual tactics, and group tactics. We value an environment where children can have fun while thinking and playing.

Lifelong soccer! !! To remain a player, we aim to master all the playing of soccer. In addition, we will have fun training so that you can play coolly so that your child will long for it.

At present, there are not many GK coaches in general soccer schools. At Sagan Tosu Soccer School, GK coaches will provide professional guidance in conjunction with regular step-up classes.

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In February 1997, Sagan was founded as a new club that virtually takes over Tosu Futures, which had become bankrupt in the previous month. Sagan was granted permission to compete in the Japan Football League from 1997 to 1998, as well as the J. League Cup in 1997 as a preferential measure; however, Sagan was not granted J. League Associate Membership status.

They were one of the initial ten teams to be accepted into the new J. League Division 2 (J2) in 1999, and they remained in that division until the end of the 2011 season, when they were promoted to the J1 level. The current President and Chief Operating Officer of the club, Minoru Takehara, who is also a part owner of the club, has brought about a shift and started to turn things around for the better.

They played in the J. League Division 1 for the first time in 2012, and despite the fact that many commentators had predicted that they would be demoted to J2 almost immediately, they surprised those commentators by finishing anywhere from fifth to eleventh place throughout the entirety of the season, with the exception of the week following the second week, when they were ranked thirteenth.

After the 33rd week, they held the third spot in the standings and had a chance to compete in the AFC Champions League in 2013 provided that they did not suffer a defeat at the hands of Yokohama F. Marinos in the final game of the 2012 season. However, they were defeated by Yokohama 0–1 and finished in fifth place, whereas the Urawa Red Diamonds prevailed over the Nagoya Grampus and were rated in third place.

In addition to that, they made history by becoming the first club in Asia to secure a sponsorship deal with Warrior Sports, which is a company that also sponsors the English team Liverpool FC as well as other teams.

It was the first time in the club’s history that they advanced to the semifinals of the Emperor’s Cup, which they did in 2013. They also became the first club located in Kyushu to advance to the semifinals of the Emperor’s Cup since Nippon Steel Yawata SC did so in the 1981 edition of the tournament. In 2013, they also invited Sydney FC from the A-League as well as the former player for the Italian national team Alessandro Del Piero for the first time for a Japan Tour.

The team has had their most successful season in J. League Division 1 in 2014, as evidenced by their position atop the standings after the first, second, thirteenth, and eighteenth weeks of play in 2014 J. League Division 1.

On the other hand, the organization issued an announcement on the eighth of August, which was a few days after the 18th week match in which Sagan moved back to the top of the league, to terminate the contract with the head coach Yoon Jung-Hwan as of the seventh of August in an unexpected manner.

They continued their international expansion in 2014 and established a partnership with the Italian club Juventus FC for the Juventus Under-16 Japan Tour 2014. On July 10, 2018, the club came to a deal with Fernando Torres, a former player who won the World Cup, the Champions League, and the Europa League. Before finally calling it quits on his star-studded career, the elderly superstar would play 35 games for the team and score 5 goals before hanging up his boots.