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Viborg FF is a Danish football club based in Viborg, Denmark. The club currently plays in the Danish Superliga, the country’s highest football league in Denmark.

Viborg FF Trials

Viborg FF Youth Development System

Viborg FF Talent is an elite superstructure that is divided into three segments. ATK+ Center for U5-U12, FK Viborg for U13-U15 and Viborg FF Elite for U17-U21. In Viborg FF Elite, Viborg FF has the license. The following children’s and youth football environments are part of the collaboration:

BT / SVIF, Eastside (Houlk√¶r IF and Overlund GF), Hald Ege Efterskole, NUGF Viborg, Ravnsbjerg IF, S√łndermarken IK, Viborg B67 and Viborg FF.

Viborg FF Prof Fodbold A/S offers a youth soccer environment in Viborg Municipality and near the region, where young soccer players from the area’s soccer clubs can realize their dream of becoming professional soccer players in Viborg FF. Local soccer players at Energi Viborg Arena create community and loyalty around Viborg FF, as the area’s football flagship.


  • To develop local players from Viborg Municipality and nearby region for Viborg FF’s 1st senior team.
  • To retain players in the football environment in Viborg Municipality via clear broad environments.

Viborg FF ATK+ Center

Viborg FF is part of a DBU Project, where selected licensed clubs across the country collaborate with local partner clubs and DBU to strengthen Danish children’s football.

As part of the project, Viborg FF offers one weekly extra training at a high level to selected U10-U12 players from Viborg FF’s partner clubs. It is an important element in ATK+, that the individual player remains associated with his own club throughout the process. A player is guaranteed at least 12 months of participation in the ATK+ Center, where he is matched with other development-motivated players.

Viborg FF ATK+ Center, must also strengthen the children’s football environments in the individual clubs through, for example, coaching courses and coaching development courses.

Training venue

Viborg FF’s training facility, Rughavevej 39B, 8800 Viborg

Partner clubs

Viborg FF is proud of our collaboration with the following partner clubs:

  • BMK
  • Foulum IF
  • Houlk√¶r IF
  • IF Troika
  • M√łnsted IF
  • NUGF Viborg
  • Overlund GF
  • Ravnsbjerg IF
  • R√łdk√¶rsbro IF
  • Spark√¶r IF
  • SUB88
  • S√łndermarken IK
  • Tjele West Sport
  • Viborg FF

Viborg FF Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publishings on Viborg FF trials. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official news page for the latest updates.


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Viborg FC History

Viborg Football Club was established in 1896, and at the time, in addition to football, they competed in a variety of other sports as well. These other activities included gymnastics, cricket, field hockey, boxing, athletics, skiing, weight-lifting, and wrestling.

The first significant accomplishment for the club in the realm of athletics came in 1924, when Viborg FF won the championship in Mesterraekken (The Champion Division), which at the time was Jutland’s most prestigious regional division. A significant championship victory at a period when, among other clubs in Jutland, AGF were among the most powerful.

After winning the championship, Viborg fell out of the picture a little bit, but never to the extent that the club was ever completely absent from the landscape of Danish football. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to qualify for the national competitions, the club finally achieved success in 1959 and was promoted to the fourth division of the national championships for the first time. This was a huge relief for the club. Erik Bundgaard, who played 421 times for VFF and holds the club record for most games played, was one of the players who participated in the promotion.

Since 1959, Viborg has not been demoted to a tournament that is ranked lower than the national competitions, with the exception of a handful of seasons at the beginning of the 1970s. Despite the fact that Viborg have always played in the top league in the country, throughout the course of the last few years the club has been bouncing back and forth between the top two leagues in the country.

The club’s greatest accomplishments came in the 1999‚Äď2000 season, when they came so close to winning the Superliga bronze medals but fell short by the narrowest of margins. In its place, the team was honored for their victory in the Danish Cup, also known as the DONG Cup. They followed that up by winning the Danish Super Cup after prevailing in a penalty shootout against the defending champions, Herflge Boldklub.

As a result of Viborg’s first-place finish in the 2021 season of