Becoming a professional soccer player is a journey that requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Many people dream about becoming a professional soccer player but live short of this expectation.

One of the biggest reasons they fall short on this goal is because they might have gave up too soon. Yes, going professional in soccer is extremely difficult but so is going to the moon. What do both of these have in common? The dedication and commitment people have to make that objective happen! Going to the moon required engineers and scientist experience failure after failure until it finally happened. The same thing can go for your dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Just because you failed, doesn’t mean you give up.

If this is something you REALLY want, you will find a way to continue the dream and make it. There are so many clubs in this world that consistently have tryouts, so this might even require you traveling to other locations. Take a look around our website here at and stay up-to-date on the latest tryout information from clubs all over the world.

Explore different clubs from countries all over the world. If you land a trial with a club, read our article on “how to get noticed during tryouts” to have a better understanding of what coaches and scouts look for during trials.


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