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Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys is an Argentine sports club based in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. The club competes in the Argentine Primera División, the top flight of Argentine football.

Newell’s Old Boys Youth Development System

Newell’s Old Boys Jorge Griffa Training Center

In the western area of ​​Rosario, Newell’s Old Boys has a first-rate sports complex, known since 2018 as the Jorge B. Griffa Training Center, in the Bella Vista neighborhood, in the city of Rosario. It bears the name of someone who was a pillar of the development project of the lower divisions, who led them at that time.

The Griffa Center has more than ten soccer fields in excellent condition, in which they practice the first division and all categories of the youth divisions that compete in tournaments of the Argentine Soccer Association and the Rosarina Soccer Association. It also has a hockey field where hundreds of members train.

After years of neglect, since 2009 numerous refurbishment and enhancement works have been carried out on this sports complex, which has been transformed into a top-ranking property. These works included improvements in lighting, trees, paving, renovation of the first and lower changing rooms and the press room, construction of gyms, new soccer fields and a bar and installation of irrigation systems, among the main things. On November 3, 2018, the Griffa Building was inaugurated, a construction conceived exclusively for the use of the club’s professional staff, with all the comforts, technical requirements and necessary equipment. Its construction was a donation from Marcelo A. Bielsa. In 2020, 3.5 hectares that were recovered for the club’s heritage will be incorporated.

Newell’s Old Boys Youth Academy Houses

The Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club has two houses for youth accommodation from all over the country, which in this way have the best comforts to reside in Rosario and be part of the inferiors of the institution. Both pensions are located under the stalls in the eastern sector of the “Marcelo Alberto Bielsa” Stadium.

On the first floor is the “Armando Botti” house , with capacity for more than 40 boys from 13 to 16 years old. It has a kitchen, living room and computer room and bedrooms prepared with the greatest care.

On the ground floor is the house “Juan Carlos Montes” , with provision for 40 young soccer players from 16 to 18 years old. This space has 10 quadruple rooms, a recreation room, a study room, first quality bathrooms and changing rooms, a large kitchen and a space reserved for those who take care of the adolescents who live there.

The “Armando Botti” house was inaugurated in February 2010, while the one called “Juan Carlos Montes” opened on August 31, 2012. Both were projects aimed at integrating all the young people who They come from different regions of the country with the dream of playing in the Glorious Newell’s Old Boys.

The development of the lower divisions is a pillar of the institutional project, that is why the boys receive within the pensions the necessary support to train not only in sports, but also in the human and social aspect.

Malvinas Argentinas School

In 1983, at the impulse of José Vivas, the Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club inaugurated the Malvinas Argentinas Children’s Soccer School, which today occupies two half blocks of the Rosario macrocenter.

Its infrastructure has four children’s soccer fields, in which about a thousand boys up to 12 years of age practice.

Dozens of soccer players grew up on the Malvinas courts who played in the first division of Newell’s and in other clubs, including, such as Maximiliano Rodríguez, Lionel Messi, Leonardo Ponzio, Lucas Bernardi, Sebastián Domínguez, Diego Quintana, Fernando and Diego Crosa, Lionel Scaloni, among so many others.

Malvinas is a first-class soccer school and is also an integration space for families who come to the site daily to accompany the children.

Since 2009, numerous works have been carried out that improved all the facilities and important projects have been developed to continue raising the hierarchy of the School, which is a pride of Newell’s.

The sports project

The Children’s Soccer School of the Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club has a sports project that is part of the institutional process that began in 2009. In principle, the formative roots were retaken to recover the concept of a comprehensive school, rejected in previous years.

The objectives of all its areas are part of an integral project and the teachers and collaborators are in charge of carrying them out. Newell’s works so that the boys are instructed in the technical aspects of football and that they also receive a physical, sports and human education that fosters the values ​​of team commitment and solidarity among teammates.

Respect is instilled towards peers, rivals and referees, emphasizing that it is a collective game and not an individual one. When it comes to football, Newell’s provides all possible tools to improve their individual technique and motor coordination according to their age.

Although the work of children’s soccer ends at a very young age, the planning projects the passage of the students towards the higher levels approached in the Jorge B. Griffa Training Center, in Bella Vista, with the goal of providing the necessary elements that build in the future a player endowed with the technical and social gestures of a true professional.

In Malvinas, the capital of the institution is built, a long-term path in which none of the corresponding stages should be ignored. For this, an internal tournament is developed for the Non-Competitive Area, which is an instance of observation and evaluation of children and that grants a ticket to the competition of the Rosarina Association. This is done through the periodic analysis given by the teachers in relation to football progress. Thus, the first collection is made in the Malvinas. The recreational area trainings are also carried out together with the Competitive Area, promoting the integration of the little ones. Sports results do not alter the formative conception. Everyone wants to win, but with the conviction that what is important is not winning at any cost, or in any way.

Ultimately, it is about the boys being able to play at that age only for fun, appreciating that they belong to one of the most recognized seedbeds in the world.

Sports coordinator: Ariel Cozzoni
Address: Zeballos 3185
Telephone: 0341 – 4302608

Newell’s Old Boys Academy Recruitment

Mariano Giménez, a member of the area, referred to the methodology applied in search of young talents.
There are countless cases of soccer-born players on the pitch of the Malvinas School or the Griffa Center today, but there are also, and in large numbers, the players who arrived to complete their training in the red-and-black lower divisions.

Víctor Rogelio Ramos and Jorge Valdano can be named as examples of this and the list is extensive. For this, it is necessary to have a team of specialists to detect a good player when he is seen and empower him so that in the future he represents the colors red and black.

Mariano Giménez, who is part of the Recruitment Department led by Hernán Llano and based on the learnings of Jorge Griffa, commented on the way in which they work every day to nurture the inferior lepers of the talents that are distributed throughout the province and surrounding areas.

“We are constantly thinking of signing certain players, from Monday to Monday we have a schedule where the different members go out to witness friendly or league matches. We also set up tests at certain strategic points to summon kids from the area, “he said, adding:” We have the most important tournaments scheduled and we accept invitations, we always try to attend these events. “

For some weeks now, the Leprous Training Center has been the chosen setting for football clubs and schools to come together to develop matches with the intention of knowing the characteristics and abilities of the boys with the ball.

“We began to invite different institutions to come and play with the inferiors of our club at all ages, whether children, youth or seniors. The idea is to start opening up a little more and generating ties with different entities ”, added Mariano.

At the moment, Unión de Arroyo Seco, the Islas Malvinas de San Lorenzo soccer school and the Club Atlético Acebal have visited Newell’s facilities and in the coming days it will be Sporting de Corral de Bustos’ turn.

Newell’s Old Boys Academy News

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Newell’s Old Boys History

In 1939, the club became a member of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) after having previously been a founding member of the Liga Rosarina de Football. Since that time, Newell’s Old Boys has competed in tournaments that have been organized by the organization.

Throughout the course of their history, the club has been victorious in seven Argentine Primera División championships in addition to three National cups. Additionally, Newell’s has finished in second place twice in the Copa Libertadores (in 1988 and 1992).

Additionally, Newell’s is well-known for its youth divisions, and it is one of the clubs that has won the most national titles in the AFA’s tournaments for young players. Gabriel Batistuta, Ever Banega, Walter Samuel, Américo Gallego, Jorge Valdano, Gabriel Heinze, Roberto Sensini, Mauricio Pochettino, and Maxi Rodrguez are just some of the players who came up through the club’s youth program and went on to represent Argentina at the World Cup.

Other players include Walter Samuel, Américo Gallego, and Américo Gallego. Lionel Messi also participated in the club’s youth program but moved to Barcelona at an early age in order to receive therapy for the lack of growth hormone he was born with. Diego Maradona had a brief stint with the first squad in 1993. The Rosario derby pits Newell’s against Rosario Central, a club that Newell’s has a deep-rooted animosity toward due to their shared history.


In the city of Rosario, Argentina, Newell’s Old Boys play their home games at the multi-use Estadio Marcelo A. Bielsa. Before the 22nd of December in 2009, it did not have any official name. On that day, it was given the name Marcelo Bielsa, after the previous manager of the team.

Before that, it was known simply as El Coloso del Parque, which translates to “The Colossus of the Park,” and this was the moniker that most people gave to the stadium. The sport of football is played there the majority of the time, but rugby matches have been played there on occasion, albeit very infrequently. The first version of the stadium was constructed in 1911, and since then it has undergone numerous expansions. There are currently 42,000 in it.