Famous Soccer Players Who Wear The Number 5 Jersey

Hey, soccer enthusiast! So you know how the number 5 jersey is often reserved for some of the most important players in a soccer team, right? Well, I thought it’d be cool to take a look at ten players who are rocking that number 5 on their backs. I’ve got a mix of defenders and midfielders! Let’s check them out.

10 Soccer Players Who Wear The Number 5 Jersey

In this article by fcscout.com, we will be taking a look at 10 soccer players who wear the number 5 jersey, and exploring what makes them some of the best in the game.

1. Sergio Busquets

First on the list is Sergio Busquets. So, what’s really impressive about Busquets is that he’s got this amazing ability to read the game and break up the opponent’s play. He’s not the flashiest player, but he’s got a crazy-good football IQ. Plus, his passing skills are on point. He’s one of those players who just knows where to be and when to be there.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey - Sergio Busquets

And guess what? Busquets has had a pretty successful international career, too. He’s been playing for the Spanish national team since 2009, and he’s been a crucial part of their success, including winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2012 UEFA European Championship. Not too shabby, huh?

Seriously, if you haven’t seen Sergio Busquets play, you need to check him out. I know he’s not the most talked-about player, but he’s definitely one of those unsung heroes on the field. Trust me, once you start watching him, you’ll see why he’s such an important part of both FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

2. Zinedine Zidane

Do you remember Zinedine Zidane? Even though he retired ages ago, he’s still considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time. The dude was a midfield maestro! He played for some massive clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid, and he was an absolute beast on the field.

Zidane had this crazy ability to control the ball and create scoring opportunities out of nothing. I mean, he could literally glide past defenders like they were standing still. And his vision and passing skills? Unreal! He won a ton of awards, including the FIFA World Player of the Year three times and the Ballon d’Or once. Talk about legendary status!

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Zinedine Zidane

But, Zidane’s international career with France was also epic. He was a vital part of their 1998 FIFA World Cup-winning squad and led them to victory in the 2000 UEFA European Championship. But who could forget that infamous headbutt in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final? It was his last match as a player, and it was definitely a controversial way to bow out.

After retiring as a player, Zidane didn’t stay away from soccer for long. He became a coach and had an incredible stint as the head coach of Real Madrid, winning three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles. I mean, the guy’s a living legend. If you haven’t seen Zidane’s highlights, do yourself a favor and watch some. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Carlos Puyol

Carlos Puyol was like the ultimate warrior on the soccer field! He used to play as a center-back and was the captain of FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. With his crazy wild hair, he really stood out on the field.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Carlos Puyol

Puyol had this incredible fighting spirit and never backed down from a challenge. He was super aggressive on the field, but he also had a strong sense of fair play. Plus, he was a fantastic leader who always motivated his teammates. It’s no wonder he won so many titles with Barça, including six La Liga championships and three UEFA Champions League trophies.

And let’s not forget his contributions to the Spanish national team. He was a key player when Spain won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2008 UEFA European Championship. Trust me, if you watch some of his old games, you’ll see why Carlos Puyol is considered one of the best defenders in soccer history. The guy was a true legend!

4. Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio Cannavaro was an absolute beast of a defender back in his playing days. He was a center-back and captained both Italy and some of the biggest clubs in the world, like Inter Milan, Juventus, and Real Madrid. His nickname was “Il Muro,” which means “The Wall” in Italian, and it totally suited him.

Cannavaro was famous for his incredible tackling skills and his ability to read the game. Even though he wasn’t the tallest defender around, he had some serious hops and was really strong in the air. It’s no surprise that he won a ton of trophies throughout his career, including two La Liga titles with Real Madrid and a Serie A title with Juventus.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Fabio Cannavaro

But you know what’s really epic about Cannavaro? He’s one of the few defenders to ever win the Ballon d’Or! He took home the prestigious award in 2006 after leading Italy to victory in the FIFA World Cup. That’s a massive accomplishment for any player, especially a defender. If you want to see some top-notch defending skills, you should definitely check out some Fabio Cannavaro highlights. The guy was a rock at the back!

5. Jorginho

Jorginho is an Italian-Brazilian dude that is a super-skilled midfielder. He’s got this amazing ability to control the tempo of the game, and his passing skills are just insane. Seriously, he can thread a pass through the eye of a needle!

So, Jorginho joined Chelsea in 2018 where he wore the number 5 jersey, and he won some big titles with them, like the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup. But, you know what’s even more impressive? He played a massive role in Italy’s UEFA European Championship victory in 2021. The guy’s a true winner on the field.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Jorginho

I think one of the coolest things about Jorginho is his unique penalty-taking technique. He’s got this cool little hop-and-skip move that he does right before striking the ball. It’s super hard for goalkeepers to predict where he’s going to shoot, and it’s just so fun to watch! If you haven’t seen Jorginho play, I definitely recommend checking him out. He’s a real midfield maestro!

6. Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer – I know he’s way before our time, but this German legend is considered one of the greatest soccer players in history. He was a sweeper, which is a kind of defensive position that you don’t really see anymore. Beckenbauer was so good at it that he was nicknamed “Der Kaiser,” which means “The Emperor” in German.

Beckenbauer spent most of his playing career at Bayern Munich, where he won a whole bunch of titles, including four Bundesliga championships and three European Cups. Plus, he was a key figure in the West German national team, winning the FIFA World Cup in 1974 and the UEFA European Championship in 1972. Talk about a decorated career!

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Franz Beckenbauer

But wait, there’s more! After hanging up his boots, Beckenbauer became a successful coach, even leading West Germany to another World Cup victory in 1990. That makes him one of the few people to win the World Cup as both a player and a coach! If you want to learn about one of the true legends of the game, do yourself a favor and look up some Franz Beckenbauer highlights. Trust me, it’s worth it!

7. Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand was one of the best center-backs back in the day! He played for Manchester United for like a decade, and he was an absolute rock at the back. Plus, he had this super cool, calm, and composed style of play that made him stand out from other defenders.

While at Man Utd, Ferdinand won a whole bunch of titles, including six Premier League trophies and the UEFA Champions League. And did you know he was also the captain of the English national team for a while? Yeah, he earned more than 80 caps and played in three FIFA World Cups. Not too shabby, huh?

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey - Rio Ferdinand

After retiring, Ferdinand didn’t stay away from soccer for long. He’s now a pretty popular soccer pundit and analyst on TV. I love watching him break down games and give his insights. He’s got a great personality, and you can tell he knows his stuff. If you haven’t seen Rio Ferdinand play, you should definitely look up some of his games. The guy was a top-class defender!

8. Rodrigo De Paul

Rodrigo De Paul is an Argentine midfielder who’s been making some serious waves in European soccer. After killing it at Udinese in Italy, he signed with Atlético Madrid in 2021, and he’s been showing off his skills in La Liga ever since.

De Paul is super versatile and can play as a central midfielder, attacking midfielder, or even on the wing. He’s got great vision, dribbling skills, and can score some pretty sick goals, too. It’s no wonder he’s been getting a lot of attention from soccer fans around the world.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Rodrigo De Paul

Oh, and did I mention that De Paul played a crucial role in Argentina’s 2021 Copa América victory? Yup, he helped bring the trophy back to Argentina after a 28-year drought, and he even provided the assist for the winning goal in the final! Not to mention he also helped Argentina win the 2022 World Cup. If you haven’t seen Rodrigo De Paul in action yet, you should definitely check him out. He’s a super exciting player to watch!

9. Marquinhos

Marquinhos is one of the best defenders in the world right now, and he’s playing for Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian National Team. Marquinhos is a center-back, but he’s also played as a right-back and defensive midfielder. The guy’s got mad versatility!

He’s been at PSG since 2013, and he’s already won a ton of titles with the club, including multiple Ligue 1 championships and domestic cups. Marquinhos is known for his incredible anticipation, tackling skills, and aerial ability. Plus, he’s a great leader on the field and has even captained both PSG and the Brazilian national team.

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Marquinhos

Speaking of Brazil, Marquinhos has been a key player for the national team in recent years. He’s played in big tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and Copa América, and he’s definitely one of the top defenders to come out of Brazil in recent times. If you haven’t seen Marquinhos play, do yourself a favor and watch some of his highlights. The guy is an absolute boss on the field!

10. Thomas Partey

Last but certainly not least – Thomas Partey! He’s a Ghanaian midfielder who’s been playing for Arsenal since 2020, and he’s a serious force to be reckoned with on the field. Before joining Arsenal, Partey was a key player for Atlético Madrid, where he helped them win the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

Partey is known for his ability to break up plays and his impressive physical strength, but he’s also got a great range of passing skills. He’s kind of like the ultimate box-to-box midfielder, you know? Plus, he can score some pretty epic goals from distance, which is always a bonus!

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore the Number 5 Jersey -Thomas Partey

On the international stage, Partey has been a standout performer for the Ghana national team. He’s already got over 30 caps and has represented his country in multiple Africa Cup of Nations tournaments. If you haven’t seen Thomas Partey play, you should definitely check him out. He’s got some serious talent and is a joy to watch on the field!


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