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Udinese Calcio, commonly referred to as Udinese, is an Italian football club based in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. The club competes in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.

Udinese Youth Development System

Udinese Academy

120 years of history, the image of a serious and respected club, the most loved “second team” in Italian football, the uninterrupted presence in Serie A for 23 years, participation in various European cups, a model owned stadium, the synergies with Watford. There are many credentials of our club, but the one that has given Udinese greater international prestige is its competence in terms of talent scouting. Many extraordinary champions wore the black and white jersey of the Friulian club in the early years of their sporting adventure. This is the premise for the launch of Udinese Academy. An assumption that is a source of pride and commitment to every young athlete who becomes part of it.

A big family that crosses Italy

The new youth football academy of Udinese Calcio gets underway under the direction of Alec Bolla . A fundamental commitment for the club, a commitment aimed at promoting, with the help of the best amateur clubs in the area, the discovery and affirmation of new talents. A project that sees the club present 100% directly, guaranteeing the professionalism of the technical support – consisting exclusively of Udinese coaches – and the ability to transform promises into new champions.

The Udinese Academy wear Macron

Udinese Academy will be joined in this adventure by a prestigious partner such as MACRON, a reference point in Europe for technical clothing that will ensure the best image and the highest quality for the uniforms of young athletes who will wear the colors of the Udinese Academy.

Udinese Academy network

The new Academy project is underway with the new manager Alec Bolla. To date, Udinese Academy has already established a network with over 60 affiliated companies throughout Italy. Each club can thus offer its young athletes a technical and training course based on the “Udinese method”. Each Academy, in addition to the goal of making the champions of tomorrow grow, has the responsibility of educating children and young people through the game of football, promoting a sporting culture based on respect, loyalty and friendship.

ASD Hellas Vulture (Rionero in Vulture PZ)

CALABRIASportime (San Marco Argentano, Cosenza CS)

ASD Memory Giacomo Caracciolo (Giuliano NA)
ASD Giancarlo Vindice (Casalnuovo NA)
ASD S’Agnello Promotion (Sant’Agnello NA)
Smedile Futebol Clube Naples (Naples NA)
ASD Giove Academy (Afragola NA)Lago Patria SSD ARL (Giugliano in Campania NA)ASD Grifone Soccer (Salerno SA)

ASD Airone 83 (Calderara di Reno BO)Besurica ASD (Piacenza PC)UPD Ugo Costa (Ferrara FE)ASD Paradigna (Parma)

ASD Friends of Sport (Visco UD)UP Reanese (Reano del Roiale UD)Udine City Futbol Sala (Udine UD)Union Martignacco (Martignacco UD)Manzanese (Manzano UD)ASD Gemonese Calcio (UD)ACD Cormonese (GO)Football Horn (UD Horn)ASD Gradisca (GO)

Borgoratti ASD (Genoa GE)ASD Campese Fbc (Campo Ligure GE)

USD Aurora Cerro M Cantalupo (Cerro Maggiore MI)
Polisportiva Dilettantistica S. Alessandro (Pavia PV)
ACD Frog Milan (Milan MI)FCD Pioltellese 1967 (Pioltello MI)

APD S. Antonio (Folignano AP)
ASD Corridonia FC (Corridonia MC)
USD Treiese (Treia MC)

ASD Omegna Calcio 1906 (Omegna VB)ASD Rangers Savonera (Savonera Collegno TO)Verbania Calcio Academy (Verbania VB)

ASD Red Boys Martina Franca (Martina Franca TA)
ASD Calciomania (Castellana Grotte BA)ASD Youth Cutrofiano (Cutrofiano LE)ASD Azzurra Calcio Grottaglie (Taranto TA)

ASD Polisportiva Forese (Trapani TP)ASD Next Level (Enna EN)Favara Academy (Favara AG)

Colli Marittimi USD (Guardistallo PI)USD Rignanese (Rignano sull’Arno FI)AC Turano Montignoso (Montignoso MS)

SP Sanfatucchio C. Lago (Castiglione del Lago PG)

ASD Strà Riviera del Brenta (Stra VE)Fc Union Pro 1928 (Mogliano Veneto TV)ASD Sporting Scorzè Peseggia (Scorzè VE)Polisportiva Borsea ASD (Borsea RO)AS Casier Dosson (Casier TV)ASD Country City (TV Country)SSD FC Vicenza (Vicenza VI)

SLOVENIAND Adria (Miren)

Inside The Udinese Academy

The television broadcast on Udinese Tv dedicated to the Udinese Academy world and to the sixty affiliated companies distributed throughout the Italian territory. A strongly desired program that wants to make known and enhance all the amateur clubs that are part of the great family of the Juventus Academy.

Udinese Academy Contacts

Do you want to be updated and ask for all the information on Udinese Academy?Email [email protected]
Tel.  +39 0432.544911 
Udinese Academy Project Manager – Alec Bolla 392/9200111 

Follow Udinese Academy also on social networks: 
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/udineseacademyufficiale/ 
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/udineseacademy/ 
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/UdineseChannelTV 
YOUTUBE ACADEMY SECTION: https://www.youtube.com/academy 

STAY UPDATED ON THE WORLD OF ACADEMY: https://udineseworld.udinesespa.it/it-IT/udinese-academy/


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Udinese’s Serie A matches are played at the all-seater Stadio Friuli, also known as the Dacia Arena due to the stadium’s sponsorship by Dacia. The stadium is located in Udine, Italy. The stadium first opened its doors in 1976 and currently has a capacity of 25,144 spectators. The Romanian automobile manufacturer Dacia is the event’s sponsor.


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Giampaolo Pozzo is an Italian businessman who was born on May 21, 1941. He is presently the owner of the Italian soccer team Udinese Calcio. Watford Football Club in England is currently owned by his son Gino. In 2008, Pozzo parted ways with the family firm, the tool manufacturer Freud, and sold it to Robert Bosch.