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Cavalry Football Club, is a Canadian professional soccer club based in the Calgary metropolitan region of Alberta. The club competes at the top of the Canadian soccer league system in the Canadian Premier League.

Canada Cavalry FC Trials

Cavalry FC Youth Development System

The Canadian Premier League and development programs fill an infrastructure gap in the development pathway in Canada. Integrating within communities from coast to coast there are expanded opportunities for players to pursue the growth of their development and compete in a professional league. Cavalry FC is proud to work collaboratively with the community and champion the development of youth in central and southern Alberta.

“I was proud to represent Canada in several international tournaments. Canadian soccer has been missing out on opportunities to develop elite level players across Canada because there was not enough opportunity. The Canadian Premier League has created a new pathway for home grown players to develop their skills at home in Canada.” – Martin Nash, Team Canada Soccer Alumnus and Cavalry FC Technical Director.

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Cavalry FC History

On May 5, 2018, the Canadian Soccer Association accepted professional club membership applications from four towns throughout the country, and Calgary was one of them. On May 17, 2018, it was announced that Cavalry FC would be formally joining the Canadian Premier League. This made Cavalry FC the second team to do so. At the unveiling of the squad, Chief Executive Officer Ian Allison and Chief Operating Officer Linda Southern-Heathcott of the Spruce Meadows Sports & Entertainment Group were accompanied by League Commissioner David Clanachan and League President Paul Beirne.

At the event that took place in Spruce Meadows, the club’s name, crest, and colors were all unveiled. Additionally, Tommy Wheeldon Jr. was introduced as the new head coach and general manager of the team. In addition, it was disclosed that there are plans to improve the existing facilities at Spruce Meadows, which will result in the construction of a soccer stadium with a capacity of at least 5,000 seats.

Cavalry FC was the champion of the first ever Canadian Premier League Spring season on June 26, 2019, so earning automatic qualification for the 2019 Canadian Premier League Championship. The following month, the Cavs became the first CPL club to defeat a Major League Soccer club in the Canadian Championship by prevailing over Vancouver Whitecaps FC in 2019 over the course of two legs.

This accomplishment was accomplished in the Canadian Championship. When Canada’s men’s national soccer team asked goalkeeper Marco Carducci for a pair of Nations League A matches against Cuba on August 28, 2019, he became the first player from the Canadian Premier League to be called up to the Canadian men’s national soccer team.

Cavalry FC Crest

Jon Rogers is the one who came up with the idea for the team’s crest. The crest includes a chevron, which pays homage to the Lord Strathcona’s Horse armoured regiment, as well as the Alberta Foothills and the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, the crest includes a football, which represents the history of Calgary as a sporting city as well as its potential in the future.

Green, red, and black are the colors that represent this club (branded by the club as “army green,” “Calgary red,” and “black on black”). These hues represent the green of Calgary’s natural landscape as well as Spruce Meadows, as well as the red and black of other Calgary sports teams as well as the flag of Lord Strathcona’s Horse.


ATCO Field is a stadium at Spruce Meadows that has a capacity of 5,288 and is located at the ‘Meadows on the Green’ equestrian ring. Cavalry FC play their home games there. The stadium makes use of natural grass and is designed in a modular fashion so that it can accommodate future expansion.

The Somerset–Bridlewood CTrain station is serviced by complimentary shuttles that transport fans to the stadium. Spruce Meadows presented Foothills County with a new area plan in September 2019, which included a soccer-specific stadium on the grounds with 12,000 seats to replace ATCO Field over the next 30 years. The stadium would be built on the grounds of Spruce Meadows.