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FC Edmonton is a Canadian professional soccer club based in Edmonton, Alberta. The club has competed in the Canadian Premier League since the league’s inaugural season in 2019.

Canada FC Edmonton Trials

FC Edmonton Youth Development System

There’s a commonality among Edmontonians when it comes to sports. People in the Alberta capital want honesty, effort, courage, and a never-say-die mentality. FC Edmonton’s on-field history supports those virtues. This is the rally identity.

When youth club technical directors were asked about the characteristics among Northern Alberta soccer players, a common theme was “toughness.” Edmonton – and Alberta teams in general – are difficult opponents. They’re not divers. The emphasis is firmly placed on competing and winning, not tricking the referee into calls.

Over the course of FC Edmonton’s Academy programs, keeping those values clearly in mind has helped discover and develop several players with incredible potential, all of whom are proud to represent the FC Edmonton badge. As the Club’s Academy teams develop, they’ll continue to nurture those “Made in Edmonton” traits that are the continuing hallmark of FCE. Tough. Determined. Edmontonian. Those will be the key benchmarks for FCE’s identity going forward.

FC Edmonton Recruitment Trials

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FC Edmonton History

FC Edmonton was one of the founding members of the North American Soccer League and was established in February 2010 by Tom and Dave Fath, brothers who owned the franchise. The first year of the club was spent competing in exhibition matches against clubs such as Colo Colo, the Spokane Spiders, and Vitória.

The club’s roster was comprised primarily of Albertan college students and amateur players. In addition, on Canada Day in July, the squad participated in a ceremonial match versus members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Dwight Lodeweges, the club’s head coach, and Hans Schrijver, his assistant coach, both resigned from their positions with the club in December 2010, prior to the club’s participation in any professional matches, in order to accept jobs in Japan. Soon after, another Dutchman named Harry Sinkgraven took his place in the position.

In conjunction with the Alberta Soccer Association, FC Edmonton established a male youth academy in January 2012, and a female youth academy in September 2013. Both of these academies are for young players. On June 5, 2018, it was disclosed that the recently established Canadian Premier League has granted the city of Edmonton permission to field a professional club in the league’s inaugural season.

After those three days, FC Edmonton made the announcement that they would be returning to professional soccer. In addition to announcing that they will remain in the league for the 2019 campaign, the club also unveiled a new logo and rebranded themselves. The club announced Jeff Paulus, a former assistant coach and the current director of technical operations for the academy, as the new head coach on July 3.

During the first season of the Canadian Premier League, the club finished fourth out of seven clubs. Jeff Paulus stepped down from his roles as head coach and general manager after the 2020 season ended with the team finishing in last place. Eric Newendorp received the presidency of the club and the general manager position on November 2, 2020.

FC Edmonton continued to struggle on the field in 2021 under the direction of new head coach Alan Koch, ultimately ending in eighth place and garnering crowds of fewer than 1,000 fans on a consistent basis. The league made the announcement that it has taken over the management of the club from the Fath’s on December 31, 2021, with the intention of finding a new ownership group for the club.

FC Edmonton Stadium

The club moved its home games to Foote Field, which is a stadium with 3,500 seats and is considered to be the showpiece of a multi-purpose sports facility located on the campus of the University of Alberta. Eldon Foote Arena was first constructed as a legacy facility for the 2001 World Championships. It was named after Eldon Foote, an alumnus of the University of Alberta, who gave $2 million towards the costs of building the arena.

Clarke Stadium, formerly the home of the Edmonton Drillers, the Edmonton Brick Men, and the Edmonton Aviators, became the new stomping grounds for the team in the year 2012. As quickly as possible, the club increased the capacity from 1,200 to over 5,000 using temporary seat-back and bleacher seating, and it began looking for a permanent solution that would bring the capacity up to 15,000.

Three of FC Edmonton’s games were played in the significantly bigger Commonwealth Stadium, which has a capacity of 60,081 spectators, between the years 2011 and 2013. During the 2015 season, the club took advantage of the opportunity to improve its visibility in Fort McMurray by playing a total of two games at SMS Equipment Stadium.

In order for FC Edmonton to fulfill the requirements of the Canadian Premier League, the City of Edmonton was sought for assistance in increasing the capacity of Clarke Field to 7,000. According to the club’s statement, “the choice to join will bring in more fans as rivalry between national teams will be much stronger than the club experienced while it was in the North American Soccer League.”

In June of 2018, FC Edmonton made the announcement that they would be playing their home games at Clarke Stadium for the 2019 season, with an increased capacity of 5,100 seats.