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Club Deportivo Leganés, commonly referred to as Leganés, is a Spanish professional football club in Leganés, Spain. The club competes in the Segunda División, the second tier of Spanish football.

CD Leganes

CD Leganés Youth Development System

The CD Leganés FS has the creation of one of the most extensive, organized and quality Grassroots Schools in all of Spain. Click here to learn more about the Leganes soccer school.

  • Expansion of the sports offer for children aged 4 and 5 (Mini group).
  • Staff of Club Monitors/Coaches, Graduated by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Diplomas or Graduates in Physical Education and Sports.
  • Signing of agreements with various Public Education Centers of the Municipality of Leganés, and Organizations to Help the youngest; promotion of sports and healthy habits among its students with the creation of their own teams for local championships.
  • It helps to recognize the work of other clubs such as the ADIL Futsal Sports Club for the disabled, in the Municipality of Leganés.
  • Introduction of the Sports Physiotherapy area at an early age, with pre-sports practice assessments for all the children in the club.

Initiatives like the previous ones have endowed the CD Leganés FS with various awards and recognition for the work in grassroots sport, by Public Institutions.

Betting on Values ​​such as Equality between men and women, with the formation of a Mixed School, female representation in each category and the consolidation of the quarry of futsal players with the greatest sporting successes of the last two years.

Currently the club has all categories for both boys and girls. In the men’s section , the club has 16 teams , plus another 4 schools that are part of the club’s school . Of them, 7 compete in the Federated category of the Madrid Futsal Federation , while the club’s first team does so in the Second Division B of the National category , organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation . The rest of the teams participate in the Local League of the Leganés City Council , and many of them have the mixed participation of boys and girls .        

The women’s teams of CD Leganés FS

The women’s section , for its part, has 8 teams in total, all of them federated and with great national prestige, with several League and Cup titles to their credit and participation in Spanish championships in their categories. The first team has been competing for 6 years in the National First Division, in the elite of women’s futsal and against the best teams in the country. In addition, its subsidiary team also plays at the National level, and is included in Group IV of the Second National Division.    

On the other hand, the rest of the teams in the women’s section are made up of one more senior team that plays in the Second Regional Division of Madrid, by a Cadet , an Infantil , two Alevines (el Puche and el Guti) and Benjamín, all of them theyin competition federated by the Madrid Futsal Federation.    

In both the men’s and women’s categories, the different National Teams of the Community of Madrid have summoned various members of the club to their teams for training sessions and to play in the Spanish championships on a regular basis. In addition, Isa García, a first-team player, has been called up by the absolute Spanish team for the Pre-European tournament in October 2021. In addition, Patri Blázquez has also been called up by the absolute Spanish team, and Lucía Gutiérrez, ‘Guti’, Another first-team player, a youth squad player, with more than 16 years at the club, was also called up for the 2020/2021 season with the Spanish Under-21 team.  

In total, more than 300 young athletes are part of the CD Leganés FS willing to be trained in the sporting and social values ​​on which the school is based: work and equality.

As it has been developing since its inception, all boys and girls have a place in this Madrid club, regardless of whether or not they have played sports or futsal before.

The club has monitors who seek to continue to grow the Escuela del Leganés FS and teach and contribute their experience, instructing the members of all 20 that make up the school. Training sessions usually take place at the Cantera Sports Center.

Leganés Cantera

The Club Deportivo Leganés Youth Academy is part of the entity’s Grassroots Soccer and has 12 teams, which compete in the best leagues in their corresponding categories. All of them train and play their home games at the  Butarque Sports Facility  (in the case of CD Leganés ‘B’ and Juvenil ‘A’) and at the  Estadio Anexo Jesús Polo . Leganés has several youth academy teams in its youth development system. These teams include:

  • Leganés B
  • Juvenil A
  • Juvenil B
  • Cadet A
  • Cadet B
  • Infantil A
  • Infantil B
  • Alevin A
  • Alevin B
  • Benjamin A
  • Juvenil C
  • Prebenjamin A

Leganés Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publishings on Leganés trials. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official youth academy news page for the latest updates.


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CD Leganés History

On June 23, 1928, the club was formally established as a social organization. Ramón del Hierro served as the nation’s first ever president. However, the club was forced to stop its operations in 1936 due to the Spanish civil war, and they remained dormant in that state until they were reestablished on September 4, 1946.

The majority of Leganés’ history was spent competing in lesser categories of Spanish football. In 1977, the club was once again promoted, this time to the fourth division, where it had previously competed when the category was ranked at the third level for a span of seven years.

Leganés entered the new division three in 1987 after making steady progress, and it was promoted to the second division six years later. It kept its league status for 11 seasons, during which it achieved two consecutive eighth-place finishes (its highest), from 1995 to 1997.

The acquisition of a controlling stake in the club was completed on December 24th, 2008 by Victoria Pavón and Felipe Moreno.

Victoria Pavón has held the position of president of the club continuously since July 2009.

After playing in Segunda B for the previous ten years, Leganés was promoted to the Segunda División for the 2013–14 season.

Leganés became the fifth team from the Community of Madrid to ever play in La Liga after Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, and Getafe. They earned promotion to La Liga in the 2015–16 season for the first time in their history, which was sealed on 4 June 2016 with a 1–0 away win against CD Mirandés. This made Leganés the fifth team to ever come from the Community of Madrid to play in La Liga. They remained in the top division for four seasons, achieving their highest position of thirteenth in 2018–19, before being demoted in the final game of the season, a home tie with Real Madrid that ended in a score of two goals each. The squad eliminated Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey quarterfinals with a win of 2–1 at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium during this stretch of play, which allowed them to go to the semifinals of the competition for the first time ever.

CD Leganés Stadium

The Estadio Municipal de Butarque is a multi-use stadium located in Leganés, Spain. Currently, football matches are played there, and CD Leganés calls it their home stadium.

Butarque is also the name of a public park that is located nearby the stadium, the patron saint of the municipality of Leganés, and the main water stream that flows through the city of Leganés (Arroyo Butarque). The stadium’s name comes from the combination of these three names. Between 1997 and 1998, the stadium was constructed with the intention of succeeding the previous playing field in the city, which was known as the Estadio Luis Rodrguez de Miguel. On February 14, 1998, Butarque was officially opened to the public with a match between Leganés and Xerez.

Butarque Stadium, which had an initial capacity of 8,138, was expanded to a total of 10,954 seats and divided into four distinct sections after Leganés was promoted to La Liga in 2016.

On April 29, 2016, the mayor of Leganés proposed making modifications to the stadium’s access as well as increasing the capacity of Butarque to accommodate 12,000 spectators.

Following the completion of the most recent enlargement, the stadium is now able to accommodate 12,454 people.

Butarque has also been the site of musical performances and festivals such as Festimad in addition to hosting football matches.