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Villarreal Club de Fútbol, simply known as Villarreal, is a Spanish professional football club based in Villarreal, Spain. The club competes in La Liga, the top flight of Spanish football.

Villarreal CF Youth Development System

Villarreal CF B

Villarreal Club de Fútbol B is a Spanish football team based in Villarreal, in the autonomous community of Valencia. Founded in 1999, it is the reserve team of Villarreal CF and plays in Segunda División B – Group 3, holding home games at Ciudad Deportiva Villarreal CF, with a 5,000-seat capacity.

For more information on Villarreal CF B reserve team, please click here.

Villarreal CF Youth Academy Sign-Up (U12)

Do you want to be part of the #CanteraGrogueta? Send us your information through the following form and request information on how to belong to one of the best Spanish youth soccer schools. Suitable for players up to the juvenile category (maximum 12 years).

To fill out the form, please click here.


The club has a successful programme for kids, where they can enjoy playing games that have an underlying purpose of developing their motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills.

Villarreal CF offers a special programme for children between the ages of three and six, serving as the step before they can enter the Yellows Academy. The Psychomotor Skills for Kids course (Curso de Psicomotricidad) is one of the most successful activities organised by the club, as it attracts more and more interest season after season. So much so that in recent years the course has had to significantly increase the places available to accommodate the high number of children who want to learn, play and enjoy this activity at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).

What does the Psychomotor Skills for Kids course involve? Visual games, sensory-motor games, games with rules? Above all, the objective of the Psychomotor Skills course is to aid the overall development of the child in all actions: motor, cognitive and socio-emotional, with the games being the activity stimuli to develop the young children’s physical condition.

The Psychomotor Skills for Kids course brings together motor, cognitive and emotional abilities… Activities based on the natural and spontaneous movement of children. The games are methodological instruments in the structure of the sessions through which exploration of all possibilities of movement are encouraged.

By means of games, physical activity and expression activities involve participation at an intellectual, physical, social and emotional level aimed at practicing an intelligent sport with a wide social-motor base as is football. Depending on the preference of parents/guardians, they can choose to sign their child up for one or two days a week for this leisure activity that will help the healthy growth of their child.

To fill out the form for this kids program, please click here.

Villarreal CF International Academies

Villarreal CF Soccer Academy is a project that was born out of the desire to share the success and pride of our Yellows Academy around the world and to expand the Villarreal CF brand internationally. After many years of hard work and investment in our Academy, we have managed to make it one of the best Academies for development worldwide.

The facilities, the residence, the structure of all of our youth teams alongside our own methodology, both in terms of sporting and human values which our coaches instill in our players, make our Academy unique.

Thanks to Villarreal CF Soccer Academy, schools and football academies around the world can get to know our methodology and knowhow. Our International Department, made up of both an administrative management side and a sporting side, ensures that every academy runs professionally and is successful no matter where they are.

If you want to be part of Villarreal CF, join us through our Villarreal CF Soccer Academy project

For further questions on the Villarreal CF academy, you can contact them by filling out a form by clicking here.

Villarreal CF United States Academy

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Villarreal CF Canada Academy

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Villarreal CF Australia Academy

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Villarreal CF Puerto Rico Academy

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Villarreal CF Sweden Academy

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Villarreal CF Mexico Academy

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Villarreal CF PROGRAMS

Villarreal CF Player Development Program (PDP) 

Train, play and feel like a pro!

Villarreal CF Player Training Week (PTW)

Take your soccer game to the next level!

Villarreal CF Coach Development Program (CDP)

Be part of our academy teams coaching!

Villarreal CF Team Playing Experience (TPE)

Get the best out of your team!

To learn more, you can contact Villarreal FC by filling out the form that can be found by clicking here.


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Villarreal CF History

The club was established in 1923 but spent the majority of its history playing in the lower divisions of Spanish football; they did not make their debut in La Liga until the year 1998. In the 21st century, Villarreal was able to achieve some consistency in the league, and in 2005, the club qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the very first time. The team was also active in the UEFA Europa League during this time period, but it was demoted in 2012. Since then, however, it has quickly recovered and established itself as a stable top-division club.

The club is known as El Submar Groguet or El Submarino Amarillo (Yellow Submarine) due to the color of its home kit, which is yellow, as well as the fact that it is not as well-known as other teams in the league, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, or regional rivals Valencia. The Estadio de la Cerámica is where they play their home games, and they have been held up as an example of a little team that has achieved significant success.


The Estadio de la Cerámica in Villarreal, Spain, is a football stadium that has been in operation continuously since 1923. It was historically and unofficially known as El Madrigal. At the moment, it serves as the venue for matches played by Villarreal CF, who competes in La Liga, Spain’s top football league.

It is the 25th largest stadium in Spain and the 5th largest stadium in the Valencian Community because it has 23,500 seats, which is more than half of the population of the city of Villarreal. Outside of the stadium is a monument in the form of a statue depicting a yellow submarine, which is the club’s nickname.



Fernando Roig Alfonso is a Spanish billionaire businessman. He is the owner and president of the Spanish football team Villarreal CF, and he owns 9 percent of the Spanish grocery chain Mercadona. Fernando Roig Alfonso was born on June 25, 1947, and he is a native of Spain.

Fernando Roig Alfonso (right)

He is the owner of the Spanish football team Villarreal CF and also serves as the club’s president. In the Spanish supermarket company Mercadona, his brother Juan Roig serves as the CEO and the primary shareholder, while his wife Hortensia Herrero is the owner of 28 percent of the business. According to an estimate made by Forbes in October 2015, his net worth was approximately $1.18 billion.