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Valencia Club de F√ļtbol, commonly referred to as Valencia, is a Spanish professional football club in Valencia, Spain. The club competes in La Liga, the top flight of Spanish football.

Valencia CF Youth Development System

The Valencia CF Academy Programs help to expand the Valencia CF brand and what its colors symbolize globally. The main objective of the VCF Academy Programs, in addition to expanding the image of Valencia CF and its philosophy throughout the world, is to take the training methods of Valencia CF to any part of the planet and spread the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat always accompany this Club, making participants enjoy and learn from the best professionals of the Valencia CF Academy.

The Valencia CF Soccer Camps, Training Stages, Soccer Academies and Sports Consulting services are just some examples of this great project.

The Academy: Training Centre Foundation Valencia CF

Since May 2009, Valencia CF has had a training center, this is the first multidisciplinary training center for a football club in Spain. The Training Centre Foundation Valencia CF “The Academy” offers university education, classroom training, and online training related to sport and football soccer.

Valencia CF is one of the few clubs in Spain that organizes a Sport Management MBA, the MBA in International Sport Management, currently performs with Valencia Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr.

On the 90th anniversary of Valencia CF, The Academy opened with the University of Valencia the first university course that studied the history of a football club, Valencia CF is the first football club in Spain, object of study on college.

To learn more about this school, please click here.

Valencia CF Youth Academy – Futbol 11

VCF Mestalla

Valencia Club de F√ļtbol Mestalla, shortened to Valencia Mestalla, is the reserve team of Valencia CF, a Spanish football club based in Valencia, in the namesake community. Founded in 1944, and currently plays in Segunda Divisi√≥n B ‚Äď Group 3, holding home games at Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna, with a 4,000-seat capacity.

To learn more about Valenica CF Mestalla, please click here.

Valencia Youth Divisions

Below VCF Mesalla, there are 7 additional teams in the youth category that include: Juvenil A, Juvenil B, Cadete A, Cadete Fundacion VCF A, Infantil A, Infantil Fundacion VCF A, and Infantil B.

The above are arranged in chronological order from the highest division to the lower division. Click on the names above to learn more about those specific teams.

Valencia CF Youth Academy – Futbol 8

The Youth Academy Futbol 8 are teams for younger age groups. These teams include: Alevin A, Alevin Fundacion VCF A, Alevin B, Alevín Fundació VCF B, Benjamín A, Benjamín Fundació VCF A, Benjamín B, Benjamín Fundació VCF B, Prebenjamín A, Prebenjamín Fundació VCF A, Prebenjamín B, Prebenjamín Fundació VCF B, and Querubín.

Valencia CF International Academies

Valencia CF academy’s wide range of sports services are aimed at all amateur or professional clubs who want to learn how to play through our work methodology and how we understand educational football at a high level.

For a full list of academies, please see below or click here to visit their website.

VCF Academy Shanghai

The project in Shanghai has been fully operational since 2016 with a total of more than 2,500 Chinese students who are taught the values ‚Äč‚Äčof Valencia CF and the methodology of our VCF Academy, through professionals sent in the largest city of the entire Asian continent.

During this time, in addition to training in the different programs designed to teach soccer at school, several teams have had the privilege during these years of enjoying the Valencia CF experience by visiting our city to do a training session at the Ciutat Esportiva , get to know Valencia, attend Mestalla and meet their idols.

Valencia CF Academy Seoul

Valencia CF opens its second international academy in South Korea, specifically in Seoul, the country’s capital and the fourth largest metropolis in the world. Thanks to this new academy, the Mestalla club continues to export the training methods of the VCF Academy around the world, giving Korean players the opportunity to train as if they were in Valencia.

This exciting project has different programs that help improve the training of players and coaches through the successful methodology of Valencia CF. Under the VCF Academy motto “We educate people, we train footballers”, the values ‚Äč‚Äčof sport will be put into practice through training and soccer training and activities.

To complete this program, all members of the VCF Seoul Academy and their families will have the opportunity to periodically travel to our city, living the experience of training like their idols at the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna and visiting the Mestalla stadium.

Valencia CF Academy Canada

For more than 5 years, Valencia CF has been present in Canada through various campus projects and sports consulting. It is one of the most important regions of the American continent, where the club has helped train and develop soccer talent in the country, thanks to the Valencian youth soccer methodology.

Starting in the 2020-21 season, the VCF Academy is part of a new educational project in partnership with College Bourget, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Canada and with 170 years of history, to offer a project with great focus educational, where ‚Äúsoccer‚ÄĚ and pre-university training go hand in hand.

The main objective is to provide the players of the VCF Soccer Academy in Montreal with all kinds of tools at a technical and tactical level so that they can improve soccer and with the premise of reconciling academic and sporting excellence, throughout their training stay as students.

Valencia CF Academy Italy

This project has different programs for young soccer players that will be implemented in different locations in Italy, with the capital Rome as the main headquarters of the project.

Valencia CF offers advice, so they will work following the methodology used in the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna. In addition, dozens of summer camps, training clinics and training of coaches are held throughout the transalpine country.

Several teams from the different programs have traveled to Valencia to carry out training stages where they have experienced first-hand the experience of being a true footballer of the Valencia CF Academy for a few days, as well as enjoying the city and getting to know Mestalla.

Valencia CF Academy Japan

It is the first international academy project of Valencia CF in its history, with a relationship that has lasted for more than 10 years with the Mestalla club.

With numerous campuses and clinics during all these years throughout the Japanese territory, Osaka and Wakayama were finally the cities chosen to have a permanent Academy throughout the year in one of the countries where the Valencian “sentiment” is most experienced abroad. from our borders.

Website Link
Facebook: valenciacfacademy
E-mail: [email protected]

Valencia CF Academy Morocco

Valencia CF opens the first Academy in Africa , strategically located on the African continent, in a country like Morocco, with a present and future potential in the world of football.

Valencia CF continues with its international expansion and one more example of this is the new Academy that has just been presented in Morocco together with ‚ÄúDK Pro Sports‚ÄĚ. This new VCF Academy will have different programs where young soccer players and local coaches will be trained. This project will be implemented in different cities of the country and will have the city of Marrakech as its first headquarters.

The VCF Academy in Marrakech will have as its central facility the Grand Stade de Marrakech, the venue that hosted the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup. In addition, it will have five natural grass pitches where the day-to-day running of the event will take place. Academy.

E-mail: [email protected]

Valencia CF Academy Greece

The relationship between the VCF Academy and the Hellenic country began in 2017 through the alliance as a technical partner with the South Eastern Europe network of schools. Now Valencia CF has gone a step further and from the 2020-2021 season, the project has become VCF Academy Greece with ten schools across the nation, with Athens as the main headquarters of the project.

Continuing in the line of work of recent years, the football program is focused on identifying, training and developing the talent of the more than 2,000 young players who represent the set of Valencian academies distributed throughout the country.

In addition, in this project, the training of local coaches both in Greece and in the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna is of great importance, thus being able to perform a dive


Valencia CF Academy Bulgaria

Since 2017, Valencia CF offers an elite program for the development of young soccer talents from this country in the capital Sofia and in the town of Rudozem, in collaboration with the South East Europe school network.

As of the 2020-2021 season, this project is fully involved in the structure of Valencian international programs, becoming the VCF Soccer Academy Bulgaria.

Another attraction of the program is the opportunity that our players are given to carry out various training stages during the season in our Ciutat Esportiva, in addition to training clinics for coaches both in Valencia and Bulgaria and the realization of campuses throughout the country.


Valencia CF Academy Cyprus

Since 2017, Valencia CF has been developing education and training projects for boys and girls from 4 to 16 years of age, together with the South East Europe network, throughout the country. A football program that, without a doubt, has added its two cents in the great growth of the beautiful game in Cyprus during the last decade.

As of the 2020-2021 season, the VCF Academy raises its stake in the capital with the VCF Soccer Academy Cyprus, further strengthening its presence in the Mediterranean country.

Every season all our players have the opportunity to visit Valencia through training stages, in addition to holding training clinics for coaches at the Ciutat Esportiva, thus reinforcing the programs implemented in Nicosia.


Valencia CF Academy Busan

Valencia CF expands its international expansion on the Asian continent thanks to the inauguration of the new VCF Soccer Academy in Busan, the second most important city in Korea, with more than 3.5 million inhabitants.

In addition to being one of the countries with the greatest soccer tradition in all of Asia, Korea maintains a special bond with Valencia CF due to the presence of Kang In at the Mestalla club.

Thanks to this alliance, the VCF Soccer Academy Busan has magnificent multi-venue facilities and a base of 400 players who receive the training methodology of the Valencia CF Academy from the junior to cadet category.

The players of the VCF Soccer Academy of Busan have the opportunity to complete their Valencian experience with the possibility of visiting our city periodically, getting to know the Mestalla Coliseum and, of course, training ‘in situ’ in the excellent facilities of Paterna.


Valencia CF Academy Houston

This project, which started in early 2020, has different programs that help promote the training of players and coaches through the Valencia CF methodology.

Under the motto of the VCF Academy “We educate people, we train footballers”, the values ‚Äč‚Äčof sport are implemented through training and social awareness activities for players, staff and families of the players

The headquarters is located in Katy (Houston), has optimal facilities for soccer practice and brings together the most complete security so that the best ecosystem is created for perfect performance in each of the training sessions and matches played by the teams of the different categories of this Valencian Academy.


Valencia CF Academy New York

Located in one of the most iconic cities in the world, the VCF Academy in New York has been operating since 2017 with great results. In collaboration with the University of Long Island, the project currently has around 200 players.

Through this partnership, Valencia CF is committed to providing opportunities for players and coaches from the United States to achieve a professional level through the methodology of our VCF Academy.


Valencia CF Sports Consulting

Drawing on our experience in training high-level footballers, our Academy experts will act as consultants to assist and advise professional and amateur clubs in the development of their young footballers and coaches.

Based on the same methodology that is carried out in the Valencia CF Academy, we adapt the training methods to the context and needs of each project to maximize results.

This link would also lead to the possibility of carrying out other types of projects in parallel, such as training of coaches in the country of origin of the project and in Valencia, organization of campuses in both countries, friendly matches against teams from the VCF Academy, etc.

In addition to the development of grassroots football and the Academy structure, new ways of collaboration could be explored in other important areas of a club such as marketing, sponsorships, ticketing, customer experience, hospitality, etc … all this would be considered as a project of comprehensive consulting.

All these actions would represent a very powerful partnership in linking your brand with that of Valencia CF.

Regular visits by the Valencia CF technical managers.

Monitoring of projects through exchange of reports, video calls, visualization-analysis-correction of training sessions and Academy matches.

Travel for training stages and international tournaments in Valencia.

Brand connection with Valencia CF, Top-20 Club in Europe.

To learn more about sports consulting, please click here.


Players and teams train with the best professionals from the Valencia CF Academy at the Ciudad Deportiva facilities. Fully personalized stays, these courses welcome both professional clubs, amateur or school teams. Training under the Valencia CF methodology and adapted to the soccer level of the teams so that they get the best performance from the sessions.

To learn more about the training stages program in the academy, please click here.

Valencia CF Summer Camps

Enjoy this summer with our Soccer Campus! Valencia CF organizes the Summer Campus of the Valencia Football Club … an exciting adventure in which we always want to have you.

To learn more about summer camps, please click here.

Valencia CF Tournaments

Valencia CF offers the possibility of organizing a national or international tournament in its Sports City, where the Academy teams and our first team train daily.
With 8 soccer 8 campuses and 8 more soccer 11 fields as well as changing rooms, medical clinic, dining room and all the facilities that soccer players have enjoyed that have developed in our Academy such as C. Soler, Kang In, Gayà or Ferrán ..

These tournaments have been created to meet the high demand for teams who want to measure their level against teams from our Academy as well as against many other internationally renowned teams.

To learn more about tournaments, please click here.


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Valencia CF History

Valencia was established in 1919, and since 1923, the club’s home games have been held in the Mestalla, which has a capacity of 55,000 spectators. They had planned to relocate into the new 75,000-seater Nou Mestalla in the northwest of the city in 2013, but the final transfer date has been postponed due to continued financial concerns.

The stadium is located in the Nou Barris. Following Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid in terms of fan support, Valencia is the fourth-most popular football club in all of Spain. It is also one of the largest clubs in the world in terms of the number of associates (registered paying supporters), with more than 50,000 season ticket holders and another 20,000 or more season ticket holders on the waiting list, all of whom can be accommodated in the new 75,000-seater stadium. This makes it one of the most successful clubs in the world.

Over the course of its history, the club has built a name for itself across the world because to the success of its young academy, also known as the “Acad√®mia.” The likes of Ral Albiol, Andr√©s Palop, Miguel ngel Angulo, Javier Farinos, David Albelda, Gaizka Mendieta, and David Silva are all products of their academy and are considered to be among the best in the world. Isco, Jordi Alba, Juan Bernat, Jos√© Gay√†, Carlos Soler, Ferran Torres, and Paco Alc√°cer are some of the current stars of the game that graduated in recent years.


Football matches are played at Mestalla, which is located in Valencia, Spain. It is the home of the Valencia Club de Ftbol and has a capacity of 48,600 seats, which places it as the 5th-biggest stadium in Spain and the largest in the Valencian Community. The stadium is also known as Mestalla. The extremely steep part of the stadium’s North Stand is one of its most recognizable features.

Construction on a new stadium, which will take the place of Nou Mestalla, began in 2007, however the project is not yet finished. It is anticipated that the new stadium will have a capacity of 61,500 seats.


During the first half of the 13th century, King James I of Aragon was successful in his conquests and gained control of Valencia as well as the Balearic Islands. Following the completion of the conquest, the King elevated them to the status of separate kingdoms, of which he was also the monarch (but they were independent of Aragonese laws and institutions).

The arms of James I are displayed on Valencia’s coat of arms. Peter IV bestowed upon the family their distinctive crowned letter “L” that sits beside the shield. The rationale for the letters was that the city had proven its loyalty to the King on two separate occasions, as indicated by the presence of two capital letters “L” and a crown representing the King.


There are a number of different hypotheses that could explain the bat, one of which is that bats are simply very prevalent in the region. The second theory is that on October 9, 1238, when James I was preparing to enter the city and re-conquer it from the Moors, a bat landed on the top of his flag, which he perceived as a favorable omen.

This occurred right before the battle to re-conquer the city from the Moors. As a result of his success, the bat was subsequently included in the coat of arms. In May of 2013, it was announced that DC Comics had initiated legal action against the club, saying that the new bat image design was too similar to that of Batman. The lawsuit was filed against the club for trademark infringement. The club issued a statement to clarify that it had intended to use a revised version of its bat logo for a line of casual clothing and had applied for permission from the Office of Harmonisation of the Internal Market (OHIM), but the application was dropped after DC Comics filed an objection, not a lawsuit.

The club also stated that it had intended to use the revised version of its bat logo for a line of casual clothing and had applied for permission from OHIM. DC Comics has once more lodged a complaint with the EU’s office of intellectual property in opposition to the trademark application issued by Valencia for its centennial logo. The company’s argument is that there is a good chance that people will confuse the Valencia design with its own Batman emblem.


Peter Lim is a business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor who was born in Singapore in 1953. He is also known as Peter Lim. Lim, who was once a prominent stockbroker in Singapore and now works in the private investment sector, He is a shrewd and diverse investor who has a long-term perspective and has made investments in a variety of industries, ranging from medicine to palm oil.

Peter Lim

According to Forbes’ list of the richest people in Singapore for 2019, he came in at number 10 on the list with a net worth of $2.5 billion. In May of 2014, the Fundaci√≥n Valencia CF identified him as the purchase of 70.4% of the shares owned by the club’s foundation. This made him the majority owner of the team. In addition to that, he is an investor in English Club Salford City.