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Levante Unión Deportiva, simply known as Levante, is a Spanish professional football club based in Valencia, Spain. The club competes in the Segunda División, the second tier of Spanish football.

Levante UD Youth Development System

Atlético Levante UD

Atlético Levante Unión Deportiva is a Spanish football team based in Valencia, in the namesake community. Founded in 1962, it is the reserve team of Levante UD, and currently plays in the Segunda División B – Group 3.

To learn more about Atletico Levante UD, please click here.

Levante UD Juvenil (Youth)

To learn more about the Levante UD Juvenil team, please click here.

Levante UD Academy

Levante’s academy has a variety of categories that lead up to the senior team. These include: Juvenil A PCF, Juvenil B, Cadete A, Cadete B, Cadete A PCF, Infantil B, Infantil A PCF, Alevin A, Alevin B, Alevin C, Alevin A PCF, Benjamin A, Benjamin B, Benjamin C, Benjamin PCF, Prebenjamin A, Prebenjamin B, Prebenjamin C, and Querubin.

To learn more about these categories, please click here.

As of this writing, there is no section on their official website indicating academy tryouts. Please come back at a later date or check back at their website.


Levante UD’s Department of International Training aims to help with the strategy of internationalising the club, basing itself on the educational model of the club, thanks to the sporting model.

Within an expansion plan, Levante UD is working and collaborating with associations, clubs, companies and organisations from 5 continents, through new and innovative programmes tailored to all needs, to achieve a comprehensive education in accordance with their identity as a Club.

The area directed by Daniel Pastor is aiming to become a reference within the sector of international sports training.

Levante UD Projects

Levante UD’s Department of International Training offers 6 different international projects that meet all needs and that have in common, integral training through the values of sport, and the utmost professionalism in each and every one of the processes carried out by a highly qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

Projects, in which we provide to players appropriate concepts adapted to each stage, so that they can cope with the sporting challenges they face in the future with guaranteed success, whilst enjoying what they like: FOOTBALL.


The Levante UD Clinics are aimed at players and technical staff from any international club, who wished to enjoy a 100% football experience: training sessions, friendly matches, training meetings, exchange of experiences.


The LEVANTE UD Camps offer the possibility for all participants to perfect, improve and enjoy playing football, catering for all different stages of learning for each player and putting emphasis on learning and developing values.

The Levante UD Campus can be carried out at Levante UD’s facilities or in other countries.


The LEVANTE UD INTEGRAL TRAINING PROJECT offers the possibility to live a unique footballing experience.

If you meet certain minimum requirements and after an evaluation by our coaches, you can carry out a training project with us.

We will place you in one of our Training football teams, according to your age and football level, and you will experience the day to day in the team, and feel like a real LEVANTE UD player.


In the project LEVANTE UD SOCCER + SCHOOL we offer you the possibility to have a unique football experience and continue your academic studies in one of the most prestigious schools in Spain.

We will place you in one of our Training football teams or in one of our associate training schools, according to your age and footballing level, and you will experience the day to day in the team, and feel like a real football player.


We organize international friendly matches with our training football teams, so that you can have a top level football experience at our training facilities at Buñol.


We organize player selection tests all over the world. We select the best players and offer them the opportunity to receive football training at our Club for a period of between 1 to 3 months.


The INTEGRAL program TRAINING COACHES of the LEVANT U.D., it is destined to technical staff of any part of the world, who with a profile certain and previously established by our club, want to enjoy, learn and form for 1, 3,6 or 10 months.
Classes of Spanish for the morning and technical formation in soccer in the evenings, feeling trainer of our Club to 100 %.
He lives every day in a team of our formative soccer and Spanish learns with an official certification.
At the end of the program, you will obtain a certification where your attitudes will be valued, and will have possibilities of being able to be part of a technical staff of our Club if you qualification is excellent.


For further information on our programmes or projects, please contact the Levante UD International Training Department by email: [email protected]


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The Levante UD football matches are played at Estadio Ciutat de Valencia, which is a football stadium located in Valencia. It is the 23rd largest stadium in Spain and the 4th largest stadium in the Valencian Community. It was built in 1969 and has a capacity of up to 26,354 spectators.

The arena was the setting for Spain’s first qualifying match for the UEFA Euro 2016, which took place on September 8, 2014 and resulted in a 5–1 victory over North Macedonia.


Both Valencian clubs have chosen to include the bat that appears on the city’s coat of arms into their crests because the animal has a long history in Valencia. Levante UD is the product of a merger that took place in 1939 between two different clubs, namely Levante FC and Gymnastic FC. This combination gave rise to Levante UD. At the time, the bat was already incorporated into the crests of both clubs. As a result, the club’s initials have been inscribed on the bat for more than a century.


The Fundación del Levante Cent Anys, which was established with the intention of preserving the assets of the entity, currently holds 54.71 percent of the club’s capital stock, making it the owner of the majority share in the club.