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Sociedad Deportiva Ponferradina, commonly referred to as Ponferradina, is a Spanish professional football club in Castile and León, Spain. The club competes in the Segunda División, the second tier of Spanish football.

SD Ponferradina

SD Ponferradina Youth Development System

Beyond the work of SD Ponferradina SAD in the field of professional football, the club has focused its objectives on other facets. One of them is training football in its entirety, with a view on the one hand to train possible professionals of the future, but, above all, to contribute to the personal development of children and young people. Thus, in this plot the purely sporting function is intermingled, working on the training of a multitude of young athletes, with a broader facet of a social nature.

Through grassroots football, the relationship between the entity and the society of which it is a part becomes closer. That is one of the factors that are taken into account at SD Ponferradina when carrying out their youth work. Thus, the entity is committed to an education in values ​​that are transmitted in all the work fronts of the club.

It is obvious that only a few of those who are integrated each year into the club’s academy structure end up developing a professional or semi-professional career as footballers. For this reason, SD Ponferradina is aware that, beyond training elite players, it is training people and, with this, trying to contribute to improving the society that surrounds it.

The club is very clear about the relevance of this role and, for this reason, it has been pouring its efforts for years to constantly improve the resources available to its grassroots football. Thus, in the field of infrastructure, it has been carrying out a multitude of investments that at this time allow it to have facilities with a high level of quality, which allow work to be carried out in the best conditions.

The work of grassroots football is centralized in the Vicente del Bosque de Compostilla field, in Ponferrada. There is a state-of-the-art artificial grass surface that allows training to be carried out throughout the year without the weather affecting them. The work in these facilities is complemented by the work carried out by the club in other areas, through, for example, the football schools that it runs in a multitude of educational centers.

Together with the investment in infrastructure, the club has managed to set up a large team of duly qualified technicians who work every day with the young players of La Deportiva. It is a professional structure in a continuous training process that, in its work methodology, combines the promotion of the sports skills of homegrown players with the vocation of instilling much-needed values ​​such as effort, fair play, sportsmanship or camaraderie

This line of work is being endorsed with verifiable results both at a sporting and social level. Thus, the different grassroots football teams of SD Ponferradina remain as benchmarks in their various national, regional or provincial competitions and, in addition, year after year the first team is nourished by the arrival of players trained in its youth system. At the same time, it is a source of pride that the Deportiva youth teams have received numerous awards for their sporting attitude and fair play in the various competitions.

As for the purely competitive section, at the top of the club’s academy is SD Ponferradina B, which in the season returned to the military in the First Regional Amateur Division with remarkable performance. In its second season in the category, the team remained throughout the campaign fighting for promotion to the Third Division. Although he did not finally get the category jump, he ended up occupying third place in the table.

Likewise, the Juvenil A team obtained a comfortable stay in the National Juvenile League. The rest of the teams from the SD Ponferradina academy play in the highest possible categories for their different age groups, competing in the first regional divisions of Castilla y León. Likewise, the presence of young footballers from the blue and white base is constant in the calls of the different regional teams.

These have been the classifications obtained by the different SD Ponferradina SAD grassroots football teams throughout the season in the different competitions in which they have participated:


As has been said, SD Ponferradina understands its youth work as a task that goes beyond merely sporting. Thus, the social and educational aspect appears linked to all its activity, be it parallel to sports activity or as a central protagonist of some of the initiatives developed by the club.

The fact that La Deportiva brings together a multitude of children and their families around its grassroots football offers a favorable environment for collaborating successfully in different social projects. Thus, it is common for season after season to develop solidarity campaigns that allow, for example, the collection of toys or food products to help families in need.

Likewise, the club adds a social touch to its sports projects and, in fact, year after year it takes advantage of the sports events it organizes to turn them into a solidarity event in favor of social groups in the area. This is the case, for example, with the Samprón – De Castro Memorial, an already classic grassroots football tournament organized by the club.

Because, in addition to participating in official competitions, the SD Ponferradina youth teams are present every year in various friendly championships, some organized by the club itself or by surrounding entities and others in various parts of Spain. In the latter case, the prestige that Deportiva has accumulated over the last few years has allowed it to be present at international events in which its young players have been able to enjoy the experience of learning about new environments and enjoying football together. to representatives of some of the best quarries in the world.


The Manuel Samprón – Santiago de Castro Memorial has established itself as a benchmark tournament and each year is a good reflection of the SD Ponferradina grassroots football philosophy. This event arose as a tribute to the two figures that give it its name, historical collaborators of the club who themselves reflect the spirit of work and commitment to the sport for which the entity is committed.

The tournament celebrated its XIII edition, which took place in the Vicente del Bosque de Compostilla field on June 9. The competition focused on the Alevín category and included the participation of CD Morenica, CD Cuatrovientos, CD Óptico Berciano, CD Femenino Ponferradina, At. Bembibre, CD Fuentesnuevas, CD At. Templario, CD Columbrianos and CD San ​​Ignacio, as well as SD Ponferradina.


Another of the initiatives that SD Ponferradina grassroots football develops each year is the Football Technification Campus. This appointment is set for the dates around Holy Week, so that it was held on April 15, 16 and 17 at the Vicente del Bosque de Compostilla facilities.

It is common for each of the editions to be sponsored by one of the first team players, which reinforces the bond between the young players and their references in the professional field. On this occasion the chosen one was Isaac Palazón, ‘Isi’. The Murcian footballer includes in his professional career the fact of being one of the most outstanding players currently in SD Ponferradina with extensive experience of his own in the field of youth football, since in his formative period he was a member of the base of clubs such as Real Madrid.

The Deportiva Technification Campus is aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14. Soccer is the great protagonist, so that the participants can exercise basic sports skills such as speed, coordination or agility. Technical-tactical concepts are also worked on, always following the work methods that are developed in the Deportiva youth academy.

Ponferradina SUMMER CAMP

The SD Ponferradina Summer Camp activity promoted by the club brings together dozens of boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 14 summer after summer.

If the Technification Camp held at Easter gives an essential role to football, the Summer Camp has a more multidisciplinary nature. Although soccer continues to be the leitmotiv, the participating children have the opportunity to participate in very diverse activities, combining the practice of other sports with the enjoyment of leisure experiences.

In order to offer the greatest number of alternatives to users, the Deprotiva Campus takes place over several weeks. Thus, families have the option of participating in all available dates or selecting one of the specific weeks.

The edition took place between June 24 and July 19. One of the characteristics of this activity is that its calendar is designed to facilitate to families and to promote the reconciliation of family and work life. To this end, in the first week of the campus the activities were carried out continuously, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., while in the other three they were from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

As with the Modernization Campus, the Summer Campus also has the sponsorship of a representative of the first team. Unlike previous years, this time the chosen one was not one of the players, but the coach himself, Jon Pérez Bolo.


SD Ponferradina’s grassroots football work extends beyond official sports competitions. In order to expand its training proposal beyond the age limits established in these competitive tests, the club created its Soccer School at the time.

With it, SD Ponferradina offers young children the chance to become familiar with football and its values. Thus, they can get started in sports at the hands of highly qualified coaches, who propose activities adapted to their age so that, step by step, they acquire sports habits and enhance their conditions.

The Soccer School has a capacity for about 200 students and is intended for boys and girls between the ages of four and seven. His work is carried out in the Vicente del Bosque de Compostilla, whose conditions are perfectly adapted to house the smallest soccer players.

The training program at the Escuela de la Deportiva runs parallel to the school year. Thus, its activities begin in the month of September and are carried out until May.

Ponferradina Recruitment Trials

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SD Ponferradina History

1922 marked the beginning of operations for Sociedad Deportiva Ponferradina. The executive committee’s first plan for the stadium was to construct it within the Ponferrada Castle, which dates back eight centuries. This was their original proposal for the stadium. The construction of Santa Marta began on September 8, 1923, with a friendly match against Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa. The building permit had been revoked by King Alfonso XIII, which led to the construction of Santa Marta.

The great bulk of Ponferradina’s professional years were spent playing in the fourth and third levels of the league. In 1967, while the team was still competing in the previous tier, it accomplished a remarkable victory of 6–1 over the powerhouses of La Liga, Real Madrid. Eight years later, the club was forced to transfer to Fuentesnuevas as a result of financial difficulties brought on by the fact that Santa Marta had to be sold.

The new stadium, El Toraln, was officially opened for use by the club on September 5, 2000, and Celta de Vigo was the opponent for the inaugural match played there. After defeating Universidad Las Palmas and Alicante in the promotion play-offs, Ponfe played in the second level for the first time in the 2006–07 season, however they were promptly relegated back down to the first level as the third-to-last place team.

After winning the regular season with 75 points and the play-offs against Sant Andreu on penalties (after winning and losing both legs of the series 1–0), Ponferradina returned to division two for the 2009–10 season. Subsequently, the club appeared in the league final but was defeated by Granada 0–1 on aggregate.

Ponferradina participated in the second division for the second time in the 2010–11 season, and despite their best efforts, they once again finished in the 21st position. The next season, the squad finished in second place in its group and advanced to the next round of the playoffs, where they defeated Real Jaén, Lucena, and Tenerife to earn promotion.

Ponferradina were demoted to the second division in the 2015–16 campaign after finishing in 19th place and suffering a loss against Girona on the last matchday.

Ponferradina won their two-legged playoff against Hércules on June 29, 2019, to clinch promotion back to the Segunda División. This victory came after Ponferradina spent the previous three seasons competing in the third-tier Segunda B league.

SD Ponferradina Stadium

Estadio Municipal de Fútbol El Toralín is a football stadium in Ponferrada, Spain. The majority of its time is currently spent being used for football games, and SD Ponferradina calls it their home field. The stadium has a capacity of 8,400 people and was constructed in the year 2000.