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DSC Arminia Bielefeld also known as Die Arminen or Die Blauen, or just Arminia, is a German sports club from Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The club competes in the Bundesliga, the top flight of German football.

Arminia Bielefeld Youth Development System

Arminia Bielefeld Academy


First-class youth work is an essential part of successful football clubs today. The DSC Arminia Bielefeld also attaches immense importance to the training of talents. In doing so, the Akademinia pursues two basic goals in accordance with a holistic education and based on and in line with the mission and vision of the association:


The Akademinia offers the talents from the region an education at the highest level and wants to stand out from other football league clubs in terms of content. The top priority is high-quality athletic training. The concept of the DSC Arminia provides for internally progressive training, which is linked in content from the U10 to the U19, continuously builds on one another and is based on scientific findings from sports medicine, developmental psychology and training science. The aim is to ensure a high level of internal communication. The Akademinia selects new players according to defined talent identification criteria. The identification with the DSC Arminia as a traditional club is particularly crucial. The philosophy of Akademinia is to offer the talents holistic training. The young players are trained and supervised at all times according to their individual level of development. There should be as trusting a relationship as possible between coaches and players and transparency about the level of development. In addition, close cooperation with the parents of the young players is very important.

In addition to the athletic training, the DSC Arminia also feels responsible for the personal and school development of its young players. The training at Akademinia is therefore based on the following three pillars:


Second, the DSC Arminia is aware of its social responsibility and its educational mission as the largest association in the region and would like to live up to this. This is done through the implementation of projects geared towards popular sport, such as the school project, the Arminia football school, trainer training and further education as well as coaching sessions. The aim of these projects is also to open up to the region and to strengthen the identification of the people from Bielefeld and the region with the DSC Arminia Bielefeld association.


At the center of our junior program is a holistic approach in which the development of particularly talented players is promoted and accompanied over the long term, systematically and, in particular, individually. The idea of ​​support is in the foreground in all youth work, short-term team success or the achievement of championships are not the primary goal. However, maintaining the highest possible league levels serves as a means to an end for training. In order to guarantee a holistic training of the players, in addition to the sporting component, the school and / or professional training as well as the training of the personality are included in the support program. The association attaches particular importance to conveying values ​​and norms such as respect, fair play, tolerance and discipline.

“We are East Westphalia! – stubborn, persistent, combative ”- This slogan can also be found in the search for talent. The scouting primarily covers the area of ​​East Westphalia / Lippe. Supraregional talents should only be brought in in exceptional cases in the basic and advanced areas.

We are convinced of the quality of our work and our projects and do not need to hide in this regard. Not only the results of the games, but rather the development of young talents to successful footballers and personalities show that we are more than the Gallic village in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our primary goal is to prepare the young players as much as possible so that they have the chance to become professionals.


  • Maintain an appreciative relationship with one another and behave loyally towards employees of the association
  • Treating other cultures, religions and lifestyles with respect
  • Effort and implementation of a sustainable way of life
  • Honesty, openness and transparency in decisions and actions
  • Feeling responsible for our social environment and acting accordingly
  • Joy of praise, but view criticism as special attention and an indication of continuous improvement
  • Identification with the DSC Arminia

We want to be the best and most successful center of excellence in East Westphalia and defend this status against the increased competitive pressure and, if possible, expand it.

This vision drives all of Akademinia’s employees and trainers and forms the basis for everyday action. Taking into account the infrastructural, personal and economic requirements, all those involved work with the utmost commitment and full of passion, analogous to the virtues set out in the club preamble: stubborn, persistent and combative.

Progress should be made in small but regular steps, so that excessive demands are avoided, taking into account the available resources. Involvement and feedback from each individual are particularly important here. Changes can only have an impact if they work together. To do this, we always encourage all employees to dialogue and communicate in order to be able to tackle problems directly. We are open to suggestions and ideas of any form. In particular, the trainers and supervisors should be trusted through constant communication. Everyone should be aware that their work is an important component in the overall structure. This is the only way to keep motivation high in the individual areas.

Dealing with one another is characterized by respect and tolerance, as well as honest and reliable behavior. We demand a high level of commitment, a lot of passion and, of course, a strong identification with the association from every single employee. We exemplify what we ask of our players.

We also want to project the above virtues onto the square. We won’t let ourselves get down. Get up when we’re on the ground. We learn from mistakes and practice and train to minimize weaknesses and optimize strengths. We want to be uncomfortable for every opponent and prove that we are rightly represented in all the top divisions. In addition, we want to convince not only through commitment and the will to fight, but also playfully, both technically and tactically.


  • we want to be the number 1 training association in OWL
  • talent scouting plays an enormously important role
  • we offer the talents holistic support
  • We ensure qualified and committed training in order to ideally introduce the next generation to the professional field
  • communicating values ​​and norms is important to us

Arminia Bielefeld Academy Recruitment & Trials


Do you want to play at DSC Arminia Bielefeld? Then apply for a trial training session with us!

Usually talented players are spotted by our scouts and coaches who have drawn attention to themselves through good performance in their clubs or in national teams. If you think you have the talent to play at the DSC, but have not yet been discovered or perhaps even overlooked, then fill out the application for a trial training session. Every day we receive numerous requests for a trial training session in one of our junior teams. Therefore, please understand that you should meet certain requirements for a trial training at Arminia:

U19 – U16:

  • Have you already had experience in the national association’s electoral teams?
  • Do you have match experience (at least) in the state or Westphalia league?
  • Do you live a maximum of 60 minutes away from the SchĂĽcoArena?

U15 – U10:

  • Many coaches or teammates say you are talented
  • You are clearly superior to most of your opponents in the games
  • You are technically good, bring a certain creativity and ball skills with you and underline this with positive personality traits such as wit, determination and assertiveness
  • You have the right journey time of max. 30 or 45 minutes to the SchĂĽcoArena

Please click here to fill out the player application form for your trial!

Arminia Bielefeld TALENT DAYS

You were born in 2012 and would like to play football for DSC Arminia Bielefeld? And don’t you live further than 45 minutes from the SchĂĽcoArena? Then apply for one of the AKADEMINIA Talent Days!

In small teams, you can put your football skills to the test in tournament mode. The best players have the opportunity to qualify for further measures as part of the talent scouting process. You have to bring everything you need to play soccer: sportswear, shin guards, soccer shoes and, if necessary, goalkeeper gloves

Due to the current pandemic, it is not yet possible to predict where the talent days will take place. The DSC therefore provides timely information as soon as specific information and processes can be planned.

To apply, all you have to do is send the completed application form (see below) to the following address:

DSC Arminia Bielefeld eV
Young Talent Center “Talent Days 2020/21”
Melanchthonstrasse 31a, 33615 Bielefeld

or by email to: [email protected]


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Arminia Bielefeld History

The club is most well-known for its professional football team, who compete in the Bundesliga. They have spent the majority of their careers playing in the first or second tier of the German football league system, including 17 seasons in the 1. Bundesliga, to which they have just recently returned. The club also has a professional basketball team that competes in the German Basketball League.

The decade of the 1920s, the early 1980s, and the middle of the 2000s were Arminia’s most prosperous years. In 1947 and the 1950s, Arminia had fallen to the level of a team that competed in the third tier of competition in a relatively limited area (later third tiers covered larger areas).

Since 1926, Arminia has made the Bielefelder Alm Stadium in Bielefeld, Germany, its primary venue for home games. Due to a sponsorship agreement, the venue has been referred to as the SchĂĽcoArena since the year 2004.


A football stadium known as Bielefelder Alm may be found in Bielefeld, Germany. The football club DSC Arminia Bielefeld owns the stadium, which is located in Bielefeld and has a capacity of 26,515, and the stadium is mostly utilized for the team’s games. It was formerly known as Stadion Alm, but it has since been rebranded as SchĂĽcoArena thanks to a sponsorship agreement with a company that manufactures windows and solar panels in the city of Bielefeld.