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Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg e. V., commonly known as VfL Wolfsburg or Wolfsburg, is a German professional sports club based in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. The club competes in the Bundesliga, the top flight of German football.

VfL Wolfsburg Youth Development System

VfL Wolfsburg Academy

Once A, twice B, three times C, once each D and E plus the U23 on top. All right? No less than eight green and white junior teams, some of them in the highest league in the country, cavort below the VfL runner-up. They all work together under the seal of approval of the VfL Football Academy for the chance of a place in the professional squad of tomorrow. All roster and dates can be found below:

VfL Wolfsburg Football Academy

Welcome to the information pages of the VfL-Fußball.Akademie. The VfL Wolfsburg youth training center has existed at Berliner Ring 45 since 2007, from which the VfL-Fußball.Akademie emerged in 2016. Here, young talent is promoted at the highest level, VfL is way ahead of Germany with its academy. The young players are looked after holistically and not only receive the fine-tuning of football, but also attend school or do an apprenticeship at the same time.

Over 30 of them live in the boarding school or they live in one of the shared apartments in the city. The other players – from Wolfsburg or the surrounding area – use the existing transport service to come to training or a game. The young talents go through the individual junior teams on their way to a career as a footballer and can take full advantage of the excellent conditions at the VfL-Fußball.Akademie. That is what made the promotion of young talent in Wolfsburg so strong.

VfL Wolfsburg Academy Philosophy

The focus of the work of the coaches and employees of the VfL-Fußball.Akademie is the player. The optimal training and further development of the VfL youth players requires a high-quality selection of talent and their training.

The aim of VfL Wolfsburg is to continuously develop in all areas. That is why the trainers and employees are as future-oriented and innovative as possible in their work. The improvement of sighting, the commitment of gifted people as well as the differentiation and individualization of the VfL talent promotion remain the aim. The goal is the optimal promotion of young players for the professional squad of the men’s Bundesliga team. With the development of a uniform training and game concept, from basic to advanced training to performance and follow-up training, VfL Wolfsburg has defined binding training features that ensure that its talent development corresponds to training that is effective: systematic, age-appropriate, stressful, requirement-based and suitable for competitions.

VfL Wolfsburg Academy Recruitment | Trials

The road to becoming a professional footballer is long and hard. In every training session and in every competition, it is important to measure yourself against the best. In addition, great importance is attached to mastering and completing school or vocational training with discipline and diligence. All young talent teams at VfL Wolfsburg are represented in the highest German leagues. The teams train up to eight times a week. In order to attract the most talented footballers of all ages to VfL Wolfsburg, scouting (talent spotting) is very important. Scouts and coaches are constantly on the move and want to find the best footballers in Germany if possible.

VfL asks for your understanding that applications for trial training can only be considered up to U15. Exceptions are U17 players who have already played in the junior Bundesliga and who have played in the junior national teams. VfL continues to ask all applicants for trial training to contact us by email ( [email protected] ) or in writing with a photo. Only complete applications (with player profile) and in German will be answered. Therefore, please refrain from inquiries in the meantime. Applications from non-EU players will not be accepted. Since they cannot get a license to play, they cannot be used in Germany.

Registration for the U15 (C-Junior Regional League):

• At least the highest division at state level
• State selection players (squad) or DFB base players
• Applications in the German national language

Registrations for U14, U13, U12, U10 / 11:

Please send applications from U14 to U10 to [email protected] . With regard to these applications, no transport service and no boarding school places can be made available. Therefore, please consider the time required if the children are to regularly take part in training.

A guide for applying for a trial training session at VfL Wolfsburg can be downloaded here. On the second page there is a declaration of consent under data protection law, which must be signed and submitted to us together with the application. Applications that do not meet the above criteria will not be answered.

VfL Wolfsburg Football School

Are you interested in exciting training, attractive competitions or instructive coaching sessions?

Then you have come to the right place at the VfL Football School! Here you can get to know VfL Wolfsburg with a lot of fun and enjoyment and receive the best possible support in your football and social development. All offers of the VfL football school at a glance:


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VfL Wolfsburg History

The men’s professional football team competes in the Bundesliga, which is the highest level of competition in the system of football leagues that are used in Germany. In the course of their history, Wolfsburg have won the Bundesliga once, during the 2008–09 campaign. In addition, they have won the DFB-Pokal in 2015 and the DFL-Supercup in 2015.


The Volkswagen Arena is a football stadium located in the city of Wolfsburg, in the German state of Lower Saxony. Due to the sponsorship requirements of UEFA, the stadium is also known as the VfL Wolfsburg Arena. It first opened its doors in 2002 and was given its current name in honor of the car firm Volkswagen AG.

The Volkswagen Arena has a capacity of 30,000: 22,000 seats and 8,000 standing places. It is located in the Allerpark and is the home stadium of the football team VfL Wolfsburg.