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Sportverein Werder Bremen von 1899 e. V., commonly known as Werder Bremen, Werder or simply Bremen, is a German professional sports club based in Bremen, Germany. The club competes in the Bundesliga, the top flight of German football.

SV Werder Bremen Youth Development System

SV Werder Bremen Youth Performance Center

SV Werder Bremen would like to support the development of the young players and offer them the chance to get a little closer to their dream. The Green-Whites’ performance center offers the talents first-class conditions for this: a perfect environment with optimal training facilities and facilities as well as a well-coordinated school environment. Werder sees it as its task to train talented young players for the future in a way that is appropriate to their performance, both in sporting and personal, school and professional areas. In order to achieve this goal, the green-whites try to create optimal framework conditions: a large number of full-time coaches with DFB soccer teacher license and employees, an extensive sporting environment with grass and artificial turf pitches, a soccer tennis and beach soccer facility,

In addition, Werder Bremen would like to live the “Werder Bremen Codex” with its players and coaches in the performance center and convey values ​​such as fair play, tolerance and respect. The identification with the club and the feeling of being allowed to accrue with the “Werder diamond” should be conscious be held up. To be able to wear the jersey with the WERDER diamond on the chest should be a privilege that should only be reserved for the best and most capable players from the region, Germany and Europe.


Over the past 30 years, over 100 players from Werder’s performance center have made the leap into paid professional football. The demands in modern football are constantly increasing and with them the demands on talent. That is why SV Werder Bremen has developed the WERDER youth concept, which not only promotes football development, but also includes psychological, sport-scientific and social development processes for children and young people. In addition to the focus on motor skills and training in the various age groups, this also includes sports medicine support, documentation of learning progress and individual support on and off the field.


SV Werder Bremen invests a lot of passion in its performance center in order to prepare a perfect sporting environment with optimal training facilities and facilities for the needs and requirements of the future. The youth work goes beyond the sporting aspect. At Werder, we have too much experience in this area not to know: Having talent is one thing, promoting and training this talent as well as possible is another. That is why this future-critical matter has been declared a top priority at Werder Bremen. The people of Bremen also benefit from the close connection between the professional department and the performance center, which was developed under Managing Director Frank Baumann. A decision from which Werder’s high-performance center has benefited to this day.


SV Werder Bremen has stood for attractive and successful adventure football for many years. An offensive style of play, safe passing, passionate combat and flexible tactical attitudes have shaped and continue to shape the game of the green-whites. The Werder Bremen performance center has also committed itself to this philosophy and would like to bring the talents up to an international level with successful youth development and thus contribute to re-establishing SV Werder Bremen in top European football.

  • Attacking, success-oriented combination football
  • Create the right balance between offensive and defensive
  • Every player should be actively involved in the game at all times
  • Act instead of react
  • Bringing individual strength into the tactical system in the best possible way
  • Have solutions in mind before the next ball action
  • High willingness to run and change of pace
  • Game-defining appearance
  • Ball-oriented shifting and space-oriented man marking

SV Werder Bremen Youth Teams


In the basic area, the technical, tactical and conditional basics as well as the basic abilities and skills are taught in a versatile and varied, but always target-oriented manner, in small, motivating forms of play and exercise (if possible in competition form). In addition, special attention is paid to coordination training and improving the speed of action in the basic area. In order to open up a wide range of ball sports to the players, Werder has been cooperating with the North Ball School for years. Patiently and without pressure, the coaches demand performance and encourage the children to keep getting better, to always give their best and to see football as a team game. All players get the same share of the game and are also used in different positions. In this way, every player can develop an understanding of the offensive and defensive behavior in football. The focus is always on the training of the players. With small forms of play and competitions under the motto “Want to win, be able to lose”, the trainers also ensure that the children play football and do sports with a lot of fun and joy.


Werder Bremen attaches great importance to the advanced area, which is also known as the “golden age of learning”. The scope of training and the intensity are increased compared to the basic area. The football training of the players is still in the foreground of the training operations Worked group tactically with the teams. The transition from 9: 9 to 11:11 is one of the central tasks in the build-up area, as well as the two-footed training is further intensified. With the build-up area, the specific training in the goalkeeper position begins. Results are still of secondary importance The focus is on the development of the players. All players are given a similar share of the game. In principle, the young people should continue to enjoy playing football. However, important values ​​such as teamwork and social skills are also taught. Werder attaches great importance to the school situation ion of the talents and intensifies the school support in the development area.


In the performance area, the scope and intensities are continuously increased. There is an increasing introduction to the requirements in the men’s area. If it is technically and tactically in the B-youth-age more group-tactical and partly individual-tactical content, in the A-youth-area almost exclusively team-tactical work is done. The skills and abilities learned in the tactical forms of training are further deepened and perfected in the competitions under steadily increasing time and opponent pressure due to different playing field sizes, number or distribution of players, taboo zones, etc. After the growth spurt, strength and endurance, as well as intensified coordination training in the direction of speed and flexibility, are trained more intensely. The conditional content is worked on in isolation. Furthermore, it is important to pay particular attention to the individual level of development at this learning age. In terms of sport, this is done through individual training as well as special advancement and support training. Away from the green turf, Werder is intensifying school and professional training and further education and trying to coordinate the increasing demands in the sporting, school and social area together with the player. In addition, SV Werder Bremen is increasingly building personal development enhancements into performance training and offers a high degree of joy, motivation and fun in the training units. In addition to individual football training, great importance is attached to teamwork and appropriate social skills. It is only with this commitment that Werder Bremen’s joy in playing develops as the basis for attractive, offensive combination football.


For many decades, SV Werder Bremen has stood for successful youth work and would like to train its own talents for the Bundesliga team. The transition area between junior and license teams plays a very important role. The high goals of the licensed team and the associated demands, especially on the young players, require individual and comprehensive support for our perspective players from the U 17. Additional “stresses” such as school, training, national team appointments, mental pressure, greater physical stress in professional football, switching between different teams (U 19 – U 23 – Bundesliga) make forward-looking and long-term planning and coordination an important part of development. to be able to play at the top level at all times. This means that the demands increase and the distractions next to and on the pitch increase, for example due to the influence of spectators in the regional league or the Bundesliga. At SV Werder Bremen in particular, the U23 team is characterized by players who train with the professionals during the week or during preparation, but who compete in the U23 competitions. However, good teamwork is very important. Only outstanding teams and therefore also outstanding players have a particularly strong ability to work in a team. At SV Werder Bremen in particular, the U23 team is characterized by players who train with the professionals during the week or during preparation, but who compete in the U23 competitions. However, good teamwork is very important. Only outstanding teams and therefore also outstanding players have a particularly strong ability to work in a team. At SV Werder Bremen in particular, the U23 team is characterized by players who train with the professionals during the week or during preparation, but who compete in the U23 competitions. However, good teamwork is very important. Only outstanding teams and therefore also outstanding players have a particularly strong ability to work in a team.


The heart of Bremen football beats in the Weser Stadium, more precisely in the east curve. In 1978 Werder Bremen was the first Bundesliga club to build its own home for its offspring. Not only did it ensure early on that foreign players can also be brought to the Weser; The boarding school is also a visible expression of the fact that Werder has always taken the promotion and support of young talent particularly seriously.

The ‘Wilhelm-Scharnow-Internat’, as the official name is, offers space for 22 young people in single and double rooms even after the renovation of the residential investment WESERSTADION. The rooms are bright and spacious, each with its own bathroom. There is also a large communal kitchen where breakfast and dinner are eaten together. Cozy lounges, in which the young players have the opportunity to watch the Bundesliga games on the big screen or to pass the time at the pool table, the ping-pong table and the table football, offer the opportunity to develop freely. And of course, the Internet access throughout the boarding school contributes to relaxation and serves for further development outside the football field.

In the boarding school, Björn Schierenbeck (director WERDER performance center), Lennart Sens (boarding school manager), Irina Hense (social pedagogue), Steffen Rose (school and education coordinator), Mathias Kleine-Möllhoff (sports psychologist) and Jutta Reichel (breakfast companion) is responsible. They know exactly what demands are made of the young talents, what problems can arise and how they can then be overcome.

This also applies to the time after life in the Ostkurve, because the older youth players and the players who have made the leap to the men’s teams, Werder Bremen in the Hastedter Heerstrasse provides a whole house with one and two-room apartments Available to make the transition to self-employment as easy as possible.

Werder Bremen has set itself the goal of training young hopes for independence and flexible rethinking. Because: no matter how much talent there is, there is no certainty of making the leap from boarding school to paid professional football. That is why the club works closely with the Obervieland school center, which has been named the ‘Elite Football School’ by the German Football Association (DFB), and provides its talented students with internal homework supervision after school has finished. In addition, Werder offers its young talent the opportunity to be trained as a sports and fitness clerk at SV Werder Bremen GmbH & Co KG aA.

Werder Bremen Academy Trials & Recruitment

The sighting of promising young talents is very important at SV Werder Bremen. Week after week, the trainers and scouts get involved on the Bremen and national sports fields. Talented players who are noticed by the coaches and scouts during the sighting are always invited to Bremen. Here you can find out how and under what conditions you have a chance to get one of the coveted places in the WERDER performance center:


If you have not yet been discovered by the SV Werder Bremen scouts and coaches, you can apply for one of the regular WERDER viewing days.

The prerequisite for participation is membership of a club in the Bremen, Lower Saxony or Hamburg football association. In addition, participation in the DFB base project is desirable in the D-Juniors area.

Please understand that capacities at the WERDER viewing days are limited and unfortunately we cannot consider all applications. Please also note that incomplete applications cannot be processed. It is also very important that the home association approves the application on the viewing day. If this confirmation is missing from the association, we unfortunately have to refrain from an invitation to the viewing day.

Viewing dates for the 2020/2021 season: 

  • All places for our sighting training are currently taken. At this point we will inform you when new dates have been set. Please come back to this page while we monitor this club or click here for up-to-date information.


In this age range, the most talented players in the region who were positively noticed by the scouts and coaches of SV Werder Bremen during their inspection measures or during a WERDER inspection day, receive an invitation to the talent measures of the green-whites.

These talent measures are intended to get to know scouting players better on and off the field and to support them in their development in the medium to long term, so that one can assess the potential of a player for the future much more precisely through the multitude of impressions gained and thus the point in time of a possible Change to the WERDER performance center. The focus of the talent measures is the WERDER talent team (U10 to U14), which meets every four weeks for various match and training measures.

You can find more information about the talent measures of the WERDER performance center and the WERDER talent team in the download area on the right.


There is no possibility for the older C-youth class to actively apply for a trial training session at the WERDER performance center. Invitations to trial training units are only issued after prior inspection by the SV Werder scouts.


If you want to apply for the girls and women teams at SV Werder Bremen, please just click here .

SV Werder Bremen Academy News

Please come back to this page while we monitor this club or click here for up-to-date information.


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SV Werder Bremen History

Werder have won the German championship four times, the DFB-Pokal six times, the DFL-Ligapokal once, the DFL-Supercup three times, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup once. In addition, Werder have won the DFL-Ligapokal one. The DFB-Pokal was the competition that the squad won for the last time in 2008–09, which was also the year that they won their first major title.

Their first German championship was won in 1964–1965, and their most recent victory was in 2003–2004, when they doubled up and won both titles. In the final match of the 1992 European Cup Winners’ Cup, Werder defeated AS Monaco to take home the trophy. They were defeated in the championship game of the UEFA Cup in 2008–2009 by Shakhtar Donetsk. As a result, they finished in second place.


The Weserstadion in Bremen, Germany is a stadium that is used for a variety of events. The name “Werder” is a regional German word that means “river peninsula,” which perfectly describes the picturesque setting of the Weserstadion, which is located on the north bank of the Weser River and is surrounded by lush green parks.

The distance to the heart of the city is only about one kilometer. The German team Werder Bremen plays their home games in this stadium in the Bundesliga. Approximately 42,000 people can be seated here.