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Turn- und Sportgemeinschaft 1899 Hoffenheim e.V., or simply TSG 1899 Hoffenheim or just Hoffenheim is a German professional football club based in Hoffenheim, Germany. The club competes in the Bundesliga, the top flight of German football.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Youth Development System

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim TSG Academy

The TSG Academy has been recognized as a certified center of excellence for 15 years. During this time, not only did sporting successes such as the German championship titles in the A and B juniors be achieved, many talents also made the leap from youth to professional football. All academy graduates also benefited from TSG’s holistic training philosophy.


Academy Philosophy


Comprehensive, holistic training is the credo of the TSG Academy, which attaches great importance to educational support in addition to athletic training. Another important component of our philosophy is the development of social skills as part of a generally positive personality development.

  • Basic Center (KPT, U12, U13) | Basic area
    Im Städtl 13, 74939 Zuzenhausen
  • Akademie-Arena (U14, U15, U16) | Construction area
    Häuselgrundweg 21, 74939 Zuzenhausen
  • Performance center (U17, U19) | Service area
    Sinsheimer Straße 36, 74889 Sinsheim

Our philosophy is based on a close partnership and cooperation with the ” Anpfiff ins Leben ” association. With a high level of competence and experience, the employees of the youth development association under the umbrella of the TSG Academy concentrate on ensuring that all youth players not only do competitive sports but also fully develop their personal school potential and achieve a good educational qualification in order to be able to count on more than one perspective.

We have a sincere obligation to our young players. Therefore, we want to encourage them to lifelong learning and prepare them for life through qualified, holistic training. This dual training aims to develop a “Hoffenheim mentality” that leads the players to top athletic performance and at the same time trains them to master skills such as self-management and social competence at an early stage.


Anyone who completed their training at the TSG Academy should find their way around as a “real guy” with the ability to work in a team and the necessary portion of cheek – both within a team and in normal life.

The athletic development of the players from the basic area to the performance area as a preliminary stage to high-performance training is characterized in all measures by a training orientation and not, for example, by a pure result orientation. Our trainers want and should also have an educational effect here.


TSG also wants to be a club for outstanding talents from all over Germany and abroad that is an extremely reliable partner for players and parents with a high level of social and professional competence in all pillars of its training philosophy.

In order to pass on our ideas, we also want to be a committed partner in the training of their athletic employees for the bases of ” Anpfiff ins Leben” and the many small clubs in the surrounding area.



In the Basic Center (GZ) in Zuzenhausen (Im Städtl 13), our youngest children – i.e. the children’s perspective teams and the U12 and U13 – are trained to become strong personalities in an age-appropriate manner in terms of football, but also in their social skills. We are gradually preparing the GZ talents for the transition to advanced training. The TSG Academy not only takes care of the athletic training of the players, but also supports them in the school and social areas in cooperation with “Anpfiff ins Leben”.

To learn more about the foundation center, please click here.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim ACADEMY ARENA

The academy arena in Zuzenhausen’s Häuselgrund forms the intermediate stage to high-performance sport and prepares the players for the next major development step.
The skills acquired in the basic center are refined and intensified. Since the players in this age group make the biggest jump physically, we encourage them very carefully in the athletic as well as in the sport psychological area.

To learn more about the academy arena, please click here.


The performance center (LZ) is located on the former training ground of the professionals in Hoffenheim on Sinsheimer Straße. The U17 and U19 train here, who enjoy comprehensive educational and sports psychological support. Up to 18 players can live in single and double rooms in the players dormitory.
The athletic training of the LZ players takes place on a high physical level and deals, among other things, with the application of all the techniques learned under time, space and opponent pressure.
Since school-leaving qualifications usually also have to be mastered in this phase, the players can rely on the organized remedial and exam preparation lessons and thus on the direct coordination with the schools through “kick-off into life”.

To learn more about the performance center, please click here.

Hoffenheim Academy Recruitment & Trials

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim TRIAL TRAINING

Talent? Here you will find everything you need to consider for a trial training session at the TSG Academy.


In order to be accepted into one of the teams of the TSG Academy, there is the opportunity to show yourself at the basic center at the AOK Talent Day. However, this does not apply to all age groups.

At our basic center in Zuzenhausen, we regularly offer AOK talent days for players in the upcoming age groups U9 to U11, who can recommend themselves for a place in one of the children’s perspective teams (KPT). At our next Talent Day, where we will screen for the coming season.

Registrations are generally accepted by email to [email protected] . To complete the registration of a child, it is absolutely necessary to fill in the two documents ” Player Info ” and ” Club Confirmation ” and send them back.

In addition, there will be another day to get to know each other at FSV Waiblingen, the date will be announced here soon.

There is no possibility for older age groups to actively register for a trial training session, because from the U12 onwards, talent detection is carried out exclusively by our scouts.

Source: https://www.tsg-hoffenheim.de/teams/tsg-akademie/service/probetraining/


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TSG 1899 Hoffenheim History

Hoffenheim was initially established in 1899 as a gymnastics club; however, the current iteration of the club did not come into existence until 1945. The team was playing in the fifth division in the year 2000, but with the financial assistance of an alumnus and software tycoon named Dietmar Hopp, Hoffenheim quickly rose in the German football league system, and in 2008, they were promoted to the top tier Bundesliga.

Hoffenheim achieved its best-ever finish in the Bundesliga during the 2017–18 campaign, placing third overall. As a result, the club was invited to participate in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for the first time.


The Rhein-Neckar-Arena is a multi-purpose stadium that is located in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is presently known as the PreZero Arena, however it was formerly known as the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena due to sponsorship reasons. The majority of its time is spent hosting football games, including those played at home by 1899 Hoffenheim.

The stadium is able to accommodate 30,150 guests at once. It took the place of the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion, which had previously been used by TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.