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Albion SC Delaware is a semi-professional soccer team based in Frederica, Delaware. The club competes in the Northeast Region of the NISA Nation, an American soccer league.

Albion SC Delaware

Albion SC Delaware Youth Development System

The Mission of Albion SC Delaware is to develop successful, well-rounded individuals who exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical and moral behavior, and good citizenship. Albion SC Delaware aims to leverage the challenges and life lessons of striving for excellence in competitive soccer into molding young people to understand the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and hard work while fostering an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and love for the game.

The Albion SC Delaware believes in player development as the approach to building the soccer club and individual teams, while always maintaining a club atmosphere. Albion SC Delaware uses a standardized curriculum that keeps the entire program operating together and developing the players in the same fashion. Albion SC Delaware’s entire coaching staff gets trained on the “ALBION Way”; a system geared to train and develop the player and teams in the most progressive manner.

Albion SC Delaware expects every player in the club to master the “Core Curriculum” of ALBION SC allowing all of their players to have the best foundation to play the game and exhibit some of the best technical skills in Southern California.

As Albion SC Delaware develops their younger players and teams with a concentration on technical training and possession, the players will eventually graduate through the program year by year to a greater level of tactical training, where movement off the ball and decisions on the ball become extremely important. Albion SC Delaware believes in out-of-state travel and competitions to develop the players and teams to compete with other Regional and National soccer powerhouses. The players learn how to travel and prepare for competition away from home and they will face different playing conditions and styles of play. Albion SC Delaware’s focus has always been on player development and through their own curriculum, they seek to advance ALBION SC player’s onto the college and professional level. The structure of ALBION SC allows the philosophy and curriculum to be fully executed giving the players the best environment to develop and succeed.

With the heavy influence of US Soccer and the US Development Academy the staff and the curriculum being built there will also heavily influence the methods, the approach, and the overall direction of the ALBION SC curriculum.

Albion SC Delaware Recruitment Trials

Albion Delaware welcomes you to their tryouts. They are hosting two tryout sessions this coming January and February. Please see the requirements for the registration process link on their official website by clicking here. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club for future updates or click here to visit their official Facebook page section for more information.


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Albion SC Delaware History

Founded in 2015, the Delaware Revolution has been the home of youth soccer in Middletown, Delaware and the surrounding communities.

Since it’s inception our goal has always been to provide quality training to the young athletes in the area while fostering the love of the game in each player as they trained.

We have always used licensed/trained coaches to provide optimal training opportunities for both recreational and competitive players and have proudly provided these opportunities to any child regardless of background or financial circumstances.

As our program has grown, we have been fortunate enough to say so has our family. 

Now that we are Albion SC Delaware we will now have an even stronger foundation and will be able to provide a multitude of new opportunities for the players and families both locally and internationally.

ALBION SC was formed under the Peninsula Soccer League in 1981. ALBION SC was one of the first competitive clubs in San Diego and the top program in San Diego. In the late 80’s early 1990’s many competitive clubs in the area started emerging and heavily competing. In 1998 ALBION SC hired Technical Director, Noah Gins to take over and professionalize the club, develop a clubwide curriculum and develop players and teams to play at the highest level in the US. At the time, the club consisted of 6 ALBION SC teams and a large recreational program within PSL.

Looking at the present… The club has 150 plus teams, 800 plus players representing the ALBION Junior Program, a full blown Recreational program and has played in 20 National Championship games and being crowned National Champion in 2019, 2021, and 2022, won almost every major event in the US, developed over 36 National Team players, many MLS Player and put hundreds and hundreds of players into College on over 51 million dollars in Soccer Scholarships to date. The club represents some of the best soccer in the country and has one of the most prolific coaching staffs within youth soccer. The club is progressively looking at ways to advance the club and the players and will continue to push to higher levels moving forward.  The standards of excellence that the club has set is a bar that only few can achieve in this country.  ALBION SC will continue to make history as it paves the way in youth soccer.