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Deportivo Lake Mary FC is a semi-professional soccer team based in Lake Mary, Florida. The club competes in the Florida Region of the NISA Nation, the fourth tier of American soccer.


Deportivo Lake Mary FC Youth Development System

Deportivo Lake Mary FC Recruitment Trials

Be part of something special! Our Mission as a club is to provide an outstanding development program in Seminole county and to contribute to the expansion of soccer in the United States. Our programs are designed in an age-appropriate model to work on all aspects of a soccer player’s abilities, such as technique, creativity, superior skills, finesse, and improvisation. In addition to teaching soccer specific skills, we also work to improve our player’s game understanding, cognitive skills, and physical literacy, including balance, coordination, running technique, mechanics, etc.

Open Tryouts Information: If you are interested in playing for the Deportivo Lake Mary FC Premier team that will participate in NISA Nation, please register by clicking here if you want to participate. Players can be 16 years old and up.

For the youth teams we don’t have tryouts, we will place the kids in their respective teams according to their age. Our club got affiliated with US Club soccer and We are allowed to participate in youth tournaments, We can set up scrimmages against other US club soccer teams and we will be participating in a league next spring.

Our goal is to set up a team of 10-12 kids per team, Train them once or twice a week and play tournaments or scrimmages to prepare for our 2022 spring season. This will be a great opportunity to be part of your local club and represent the area we all love. Help us represent our club across the state and be part of our family!

Please Register by clicking here.

We only accept kids from 5 years old to 10 years old.

It is free, We are trying to give back to our community by providing free training. We will only have 20 spots available.


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Deportivo Lake Mary FC History

A new member of NISA Nation, Deportivo Lake Mary Soccer Club is an American soccer organization that is presently located in Lake Mary, Florida. The NISA Nation’s Florida Conference is where Deportivo Lake Mary will start their season of competition. In addition to that, they take part in a variety of soccer leagues all around central Florida, including the Central Florida Soccer League and the International Soccer League.

Alfredo Forero, a laser engineer with roots in Colombia who currently works in the field of industrial manufacturing, launched the company in 2017. Because of its affiliation and membership with NISA Nation, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and the United States Adult Soccer Association, Deportivo Lake Mary is eligible to compete in the qualifying rounds for the Hunt U.S. Open Cup. The Hunt U.S. Open Cup is an invitation-only tournament (USASA).

Deportivo Lake Mary FC Stadium

In addition to a lit baseball field, two outdoor basketball courts, four outdoor concrete tennis courts, and a brand new artificial turf stadium, Lake Mary High School also features a practice field with Bermuda 419 turf, two outdoor basketball courts, and four outdoor concrete tennis courts.

Lake Mary High School Deportivo Lake Mary FC