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El Paso Locomotive FC is an American professional soccer team based in El Paso, Texas. Founded in 2018, the team made its debut in the USL Championship in 2019.

El Paso Locomotive FC Youth Development System

Soon after the launch of El Paso Locomotive FC in 2019, Locomotive Youth Soccer was created to provide unrivaled opportunities for youth soccer players in the Borderplex region.

Leading the charge is Bob Bigney, who serves as the full-time Director of Youth Soccer for Locomotive FC.  Bigney, who holds his US Soccer ‘A’ License, has more than 30 years of experience coaching all levels of soccer in the US.  

Many different programs, events and services fall under the Locomotive Youth Soccer umbrella.  Operating youth teams, soccer camps, coach development events and a wide variety of other programs for boys & girls age 4 – 18, Locomotive Youth Soccer strives for excellence and to inspire children to develop and reach their full potential both on and off the soccer field.

Players interested in joining a Locomotive Youth Soccer Team should send an email, with the player’s name, date of birth, former teams and other experience, to: [email protected] or visit their official tryout web page for more information.


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Clubs and Badge

Runners-up Lagartos, Estrellas, Stars, and Tejanos were beaten out by Locomotive on October 4, 2018. As with many Mission-style structures, the crest features three primary colors: West Texas Sky blue, Desert Dusk blue, and High Noon Sun. 11 vertical stripes on the crest represent the eleven players and look like a locomotive’s headlights. The Star on the Mountain, a city symbol, adorns the crest’s peak, which is shaped like the Franklin Mountains in silhouette.


In addition to hosting the El Paso Chihuahuas of the Pacific Coast League, Southwest University Park is home to the club.


El Paso’s primary rivals are New Mexico United and FC Juárez.