FC Golden State Tryouts

FC Golden State is a semi-professional soccer team based in Pomona, California. The club competes in the Southwest Region of the NISA Nation, an American soccer league.

FC Golden State Logo

FC Golden State Youth Development System

FCGS Force believes that every child should have the opportunity to receive the best training from quality coaches at a superb value. FCGS Force believes each child should have the opportunity to compete at their highest level. Their success and enjoyment comes when children and young adults develop into highly talented soccer players with a strong passion for the game. If you are currently playing or looking to join a club that will enhance your soccer skills, then please contact FCGS Force. They are certain that their family-orientated atmosphere will be a great place for your child to develop their skills as well as their competitive edge. Serious soccer for serious soccer players!

FCGS Force’s goals are for all FCGS players to either pursue a career in professional soccer or successfully attend a university.

FC Golden State Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, FC Golden State has a tryout link on its website. Please click here to visit their official tryout section for more information or come back here for future updates while we monitor this club.


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