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San Diego Loyal Soccer Club is an American professional soccer team based in San Diego, California. The team was founded by Warren Smith and Landon Donovan. San Diego Loyal made its debut in 2020 as an expansion team in the USL Championship.

San Diego Loyal SC Youth Development System


Yes! San Diego is bursting with amazing homegrown soccer talent. A series of tryouts will be hosted at a date to be announced to identify both local talent and beyond. In addition, the Club may acquire players through loans or affiliations with other clubs. Click here for San Diego Loyal SC official news or come back to this page at a later date.


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USL Championship expansion was announced on June 20th, 2019, and San Diego will have a team debuting in 2020 or 2021. Co-founder of Sacramento Republic FC Warren Smith was named president of the newly formed team. Landon Donovan, formerly of the United States Men’s National Team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, and the San Jose Earthquakes, has been appointed Executive Vice President of Soccer Operations. On November 14, he was chosen the club’s first manager. In order to reflect the city’s interests, the team’s name and crest were designed by fan participation.

The team’s first competitive encounter was a 1โ€“1 tie with Las Vegas Lights FC on March 7, 2020. Los Angeles Galaxy II’s Omar Ontiveros is accused of using a racial slur against Loyal’s Elijah Martin, one of the team’s Black players, in a league match on September 25, 2020. The game resulted in a 1โ€“1 draw, and the USL Championship then suspended Ontiveros for seven games. Against Phoenix Rising FC a week later, the players walked out after halftime because Junior Flemmings allegedly used a homophobic insult against an openly gay player named Collin Martin. The Loyal were unable to make the USL playoffs as a result of the two forfeits they were forced to accept.


They agreed to play at Torero Stadium for the next three years by signing a three-year contract. For the next four years, you have the option of renewing your contract for additional terms of one year each. Torero Stadium, which has a potential capacity of 8,000, will be the starting point for the team’s fan base and brand development.

For future years, if they can build fan support, the team mentioned the possibility of sharing the 35,000-capacity San Diego State University West stadium, which is now under construction.