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Sporting ID 11 is a semi-professional soccer team based in Lake Forest, California. The club competes in the Southwest Region of the NISA Nation, an American soccer league.

Sporting ID 11

Sporting ID 11 Youth Development System

Sporting ID 11 is the future of sports pathways for both players and staff providing current pathways while creating future career opportunities in global sport. Their mission is to make soccer the most accessible sport in the America’s. Sporting ID 11 embraces diversity, technology and global connections to drive the growth of the sport and serve their athletes and fans.

Sporting ID11 is the first community/supporter owned Sporting Club in North America. (SGP) partnered with the ScoreUSAfoundation is a not-for-profit registered 501(c)3 Inc. SGP has 20 years of success in international and domestic business, sport and philanthropy. Sporting ID11 is the first community/supporter owned Sporting Club in North America.

Sporting ID 11 Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, Sporting ID 11 has a tryout link on its website. Please click here to visit their official tryout section for more information or come back here for future updates while we monitor this club.


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