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Cercle Brugge Koninklijke Sportvereniging is a Belgian professional football club based in Bruges, Belgium. The club competes in the Belgian Pro League, the top flight of Belgian football.

Cercle Brugge Youth Development System

Cercle Brugge Youth Academy

It is the mission of the Youth Academy of KSV Cercle Bruges to offer young people a solid and sporty responsible training in an atmosphere of healthy sporting ambition.

The promotion of self-trained youth players to the first team remains a priority. We offer the possibility to those who, due to a delay in maturity on a physical level, have difficulty in comparing themselves with peers who are normal or early maturity.

The Youth Academy of KSV Cercle Bruges strives for the full development of young people and thereby wants to create a positive climate in which youthful creativity can develop.

We want to educate smart, thinking, creative players rather than obedient ones and teach them a learning-oriented attitude in order to meet the high demands placed on modern football. Talent is the foundation in which the training and competition matches serve as a means to achieve the predetermined goals. The youth coaches are given the message that in case of equal quality between a scouted player and someone from their own Youth Academy, the latter is preferred when compiling future player cores.

We also strive for optimal medical support and follow-up of injuries by making use of the recovery program “Return To Play”.

From the superstructure, the players are mentally screened by means of an Action Type questionnaire.

All data of every player is kept in a digital folder, which makes transparent monitoring possible and of course complies with the rules of the GDPR.

The studies are also never considered to be negligible. On the contrary, the study obligations are always taken into account and the aim is good cooperation with the schools.

We also want to provide our young people with the necessary human values ​​as capital for the future, in particular honesty, justice and respect for others in general.

We don’t want to achieve this by putting the fire on them, but by starting the fire in the player. We therefore aim to maximize the chances of the youth player to ultimately end up at the highest possible level as a football player.

The knowledge and expertise of our youth trainers is essential. They all have a football diploma recognized by the Flemish Trainer School. Practically all youth trainers also have a pedagogical diploma at the Lower School.

All employees of the Youth Academy (team coaches, physiotherapists and support staff) provide the best possible guidance to our youth players through their high effort and commitment.

Formal or non-formal partnerships are formulated with associations from lower divisions where an exchange of players, internships and the like is pursued.

The Youth Academy must radiate the dignity of KSV Cercle Brugge in all contacts with other associations and always strive for a good relationship.

This requires good organization, flexibility and consultation. This is organized in an effective manner by the Youth Management, which creates the necessary consultation moments and information dissemination. This will help create an environment where people value and find each other satisfying.

Cercle Brugge Youth Academy Teams


No academy recruitment information is available on their website. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to stay up-to-date on their academy news for future trials.


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Cercle Brugge History

The first national championship for Cercle Brugge was won in 1911, and the club went on to win two more championships (in 1927 and 1930) before the Second World War. In addition, they triumphed in the Belgian Cup competition in both 1927 and 1985, and they have been the Belgian representatives in other European competitions. They were purchased by the French club AS Monaco in 2017, and they have held them since since.


Jan Breydel Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Sint-Andries, Bruges, Belgium. Both Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge, two of the most successful association football clubs in Belgium, call the stadium that is owned by the city their home field. The majority of its use is for football events, which can range in price from €5 to €60 per seat every game.

In 1975, construction began on the stadium. There are presently 29,042 seats available. It was named after Jan Breydel, who was a leader in the uprising known as the Bruges Matins, which eventually resulted in the Battle of the Golden Spurs.