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Königliche Allgemeine Sportvereinigung Eupen (often simply known as Eupen) is a Belgian association football club based in the city of Eupen in the German-speaking Community of Belgium. The club competes in the Belgian Pro League, the top flight of Belgian football.

Eupen Youth Development System

Eupen Academy

FC and KAS Eupen set up a syndicate to promote regional football for all youth teams up to U19. By filling the team support team and the coaches, German and French language training is aimed for. The quality of football and pedagogical training is increasingly being further developed with internal training for coaches and employees.

A joint youth management of both clubs ensures the administrative and organizational processes for training and match operations. By participating in and organizing youth tournaments ourselves, we promote national and international exchange.

The formation of networks with schools, regional companies, educational institutions, cultural and health-promoting institutions is part of the mandate of those responsible and serves a training characterized by openness and independence under the idea of ​​fair play and a high level of commitment.

FC Eupen and KAS Eupen share responsibility for the education of children and young people from Eupen and the region. We would like to offer you the opportunity to find your way in recreational and popular sports and / or in competitive football with joy and performance orientation.

Laughing, learning and performing are our guiding principles in dealing with coaches, players, parents and employees. Our training follows a holistic approach and supports athletic, personal and school development.

Eupen Base training

Since September 2014, KAS Eupen, in cooperation with “FuĂźball Ostbelgien” (umbrella organization of the East Belgian football clubs), has set up a project that is unique in Belgium. After the cooperation agreements with all German-speaking associations in Belgium had been signed, the two partners initiated their base training project. This is an additional training session for the best talents from all clubs in the region. The base training is given at two different locations of the DG. The base for the south of the DG is located in Amel, the base training for the north of the DG takes place in Kelmis.

In Amel and Kelmis, the region’s most talented U9 – U14 young players are offered additional weekly training. Technique, coordination and speed of action are particularly improved under professional guidance. Performance comparisons with other selection teams or with higher-class clubs are organized on a regular basis. By participating in the base training and in the performance comparisons, the children are given the opportunity to develop at a high level without having to spend a lot of time traveling. The base training of KAS Eupen and “FuĂźball Ostbelgien” thus makes a significant contribution to the continuous promotion of regional football. Participation in the base training is free for the young players and their clubs.

The project is under the direction of base coordinator Bernd Rauw. The training units each last 75-90 minutes and are given by the qualified youth trainers Bernd Rauw, Sascha Sarlette, Zoran Horvath, Simon Lambertz and Torsten Gäbel.

Eupen Academy Teams

All junior teams at a glance.

Eupen Trial Training

More information and forms to fill out can be found by clicking here.


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Eupen History

In 1945, K.A.S. Eupen came into being as a result of the amalgamation of Jugend Eupen and FC Eupen 1920. They were promoted to the Belgian Pro League for the first time in the 2010–11 campaign. The club was acquired by the government of Qatar and its Aspire Zone Foundation in June of 2012. Qatari investors are also the owners of Paris Saint-Germain. Aspire Academy has declared their intention to utilize the club as a stepping stone into European football for graduates of their academies hailing from Africa, South America, and Asia.


In the Belgian city of Eupen, there is a multi-use stadium known as the Kehrwegstadion. Football matches are played there most frequently, and K.A.S. Eupen, which competes in the Belgian First Division, plays their home games there. The stadium has a total capacity of 8,363, with 5,603 seating positions and 2,760 standing room only spots available.