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Koninklijke Voetbalclub Oostende, also called KV Oostende or KVO, is a Belgian football club from the city of Ostend, West Flanders in Belgium. The club competes in the Belgian Pro League, the top flight of Belgian football.

Oostende Youth Development System

K.V. Oostende has a large academy strcuture with multiple youth teams. These include:


Those who want to take their first steps on a football field have come to the right place at the KVO STARt ACADEMY . We have our own logo and as the name reveals, we hope to deliver as many players (stars) as possible for the competitive teams of KVO SE’ACADEMY. Through the collaboration with Vamos Zandvoorde we will succeed in getting more players to play football in Ostend at their own level. Moreover, we have raised the age again to U12. So one can attend the entire primary school at the STARt ACADEMY.

In the STARt ACADEMY we intend to apply the basics of football, namely technique and especially fun to play. We take the little ones a step further and try to promote their general (sports) development.

Our concept, in which we work in two shifts, allows us to work in even smaller groups. As a result, we can guide the boys and girls of the STARt ACADEMY even better. In addition, matches are regularly organized on Sundays among each other and against teams from the neighborhood.

Not all players (or parents) have the ambition to play matches on a regular basis. The STARt ACADEMY offers the ideal alternative here with an hour of relaxing football on Wednesdays.

For more sporting information, please contact the STARt ACADEMY coordinator, Hans Vanborm via [email protected] . 

For questions regarding registrations or payments , please contact [email protected] .

Or click here to visit their official page for up-to-date scheduling and costs..


After a successful start two seasons ago, KVO Se’Academy is once again organizing extra goalkeeper training sessions on Wednesday in the KEEPERACADEMY. Players of the provincial teams of KVO will again have regular training from the club. 

They must register and pay for the KEEPERACADEMY. Field players or goalkeepers from other teams are welcome to attend these training sessions. An ideal addition to become an even better goalkeeper or to learn the tricks of a goalkeeper! We rely on certified trainers for this. 

For more sporting information, please contact the TVJO of KVO, Nils Vanneste via [email protected] .

For questions regarding registrations or payments , please contact [email protected] .

Or click here to visit their official link for up-to-date scheduling and costs.

Oostende Technical Academy

This season, KVO Se’Academy will be organizing extra indoor training sessions for the second time after a successful first season. All training is based on technique. 

One hour is worked on the basic technique of the players and this at different levels according to what the participants can handle. The training sessions will take place in Ostend on Friday evening. These trainings are open to players from both KVO and other teams!

For more sports information you can contact the responsible TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY, Frédéricq Taelman through [email protected].

For questions regarding registrations or payments , please contact [email protected] .

Or click here to visit their official link for up-to-date scheduling and costs.

Oostende Academy Recruitment | Trials

Anyone who thinks they can handle elite football at KVO can request a test by clicking on one of the links below. IF we would need players, we will get in touch if the player’s profile would suit us. Good luck and thank you!





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Diaz Arena is a multi-use stadium in Ostend, Belgium. The majority of its time is spent being used for football matches, and K.V. Oostende calls it their home turf. The stadium can accommodate up to 8,400 people at once. Before, it was known as Albertpark; however, after the most recent makeover, which was completed in 2016, the name was changed to what it is now.