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Waasland-Beveren is a Belgian association football club located in the municipality of Beveren, East Flanders, Belgium. The club competes in the Belgian Pro League, the top flight of Belgian football.

Waasland-Beveren Youth Development System

Waasland-Beveren Academy


Waasland-Beveren is a professional football organization that fulfills the role of youth academy in its region.

Targeted detection and recruitment of individual football talent and subsequently training this at both regional / provincial and national level in order to allow it to develop to the maximum, within a high-quality framework with the aim of advancement to the 1st team of Waasland-Beveren or possibly to paid football clubs from home and abroad.

The development and professionalization of the Waasland-Beveren Youth Academy is essential in this respect, whereby the identity of the club remains central, which is realized with an extensive network of professionals.

Every youth player from the Waasland region can go to a youth academy with a pyramidal structure to do what he / she likes to do in a socially and pedagogically responsible way, namely playing football.

The youth academy of Waasland-Beveren therefore wants to fulfill an exemplary function, both for the youth players and for society.

Thanks to the partnerships with regional clubs, Waasland-Beveren is a pivot in the market to raise the level of the clubs from the region to a higher level.


National Training

  • The national youth academy is central to the club vision of Waasland-Beveren.
  • This is an individual training in which the football technical is central with clear accents to football school – lower school – middle school – upper school – position (Waasland-Beveren training plan).
  • The pursuit of quality is the starting point, namely the greatest talents (through youth scouting) are surrounded by the best people (team trainers, line trainers, technical trainers, goalkeeper trainers & support and resources (infrastructure, logistics, etc.) develop certain lines (Waasland-Beveren training plan) and values โ€‹โ€‹(Waasland-Beveren values).
  • The objective of the national training is to have 1 player from each training year move up via the post formation (Beloften & NU19) to first team Waasland-Beveren and to further evolve into a fully-fledged 1st grader.

Provincial & Regional Training

  • The provincial & regional youth training is part of the social, societal objective of Waasland-Beveren.
  • This is a high-quality youth academy in which the technical football is central with clear accents to soccer school – lower school – middle school – upper school – formation (Waasland-Beveren training plan).
  • Each player receives the same treatment with a distinction between provincial-regional.
  • Join freely with lower secondary education.
  • Every youth player plays at provincial / regional level up to the age of 16 (up to U17) in the nearest youth training center (Puyenbeke site or Freethiel site).
  • Training path:
  • Transfer to National training
  • After Provincial / Regional training, transfer to clubs from the region
  • trainer staff or employees;
  • This also makes the regional and provincial youth academy a sporting added value for Waasland-Beveren.

Waasland-Beveren SCOUTING

Head of scouting:


  • Davy Polfliet
  • Raoul De Roeck
  • Hugo De Cocke
  • Marc Vanhooimissen
  • Eddy Straetman
  • Koen De Brabander
  • Robby De Roeck
  • Jordi Cathior


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Waasland-Beveren History

The villages of Haasdonk and Sint-Niklaas can be found in the Waasland area of Belgium. Haasdonk is actually a neighborhood in the city of Beveren. KSK Beveren, a club that had previously held the title of Belgian champion and was a mainstay in the first division, had recently ended in last place in the second division and was having trouble making ends meet financially.

The team continued to compete under the name KV Red Star Waasland and preserved its matricule number, but it relocated from Sint-Niklaas to Beveren so that it could play in a larger stadium.


In the Belgian city of Beveren may be found the Freethiel Stadion, which is a stadium with multiple uses. There are ten football fields and a workout hall spread out across the entire site. At the moment, football matches take up the most of its time, and it serves as the home turf for Waasland-Beveren.

The name of the stadium, which is shortened to “Freethiel,” comes from Frederik Thielemans, the individual who owned a cycle track in the Klapperstraat but made it accessible to the football club when it was founded. The stadium can hold 8,190 people, and it can be found in Beveren near the Klapperstraat.