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Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, commonly referred to as Atalanta, is a professional football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy. The club competes in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.

Atalanta Youth Development System

The Atalanta youth system not only continued to increase the production of players for the first team, but began to win several honours in the most important national leagues. From 1991 to 2014, the various youth teams have won 17 national titles.

CESENA, ITALY – JUNE 21: Rilind Nivokazi of Atalanta BC celebrates after scoring goal 1-1 during the U17 Serie A Final match between Atalanta BC and FC Internazionale on June 21, 2017 in Cesena, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Atalanta Academy

Apart from successes at youth level, the Atalanta youth system is also one of the most highly regarded in Europe: according to a ranking by the study centre in Coverciano, Atalanta have the top youth system in Italy and the sixth in Europe, behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and three French teams. The parameters used were the number of first division players produced by the club. In the 2007–08 season, 22 players from Atalanta’s youth played in Serie A, 32 in Serie B and 3 abroad.

Atalanta Football Camps

The Atalanta Football Camp are the summer proposal conceived by Atalanta which makes the coaches of its Youth Sector available in many Italian locations. A unique experience that gives registered girls and boys the opportunity to train with the Nerazzurri instructors, touching and experiencing firsthand the methodologies of a youth sector of excellence.
A wide and rich proposal of solutions suited to the needs of families, who can choose from many different locations, not only in Bergamo and Lombardy, but in many areas of Italy.

Not only that: camp with overnight stay for a full-time experience, but also camps dedicated to the role of the goalkeeper, camp for women’s football or camp in the Bortolotti Center in Zingonia, to train on the fields of the Nerazzurri youth.
Atalanta Football Camps are a 360-degree experience, not only football, but also educational and training for those who dream of trying the training methods of the Nerazzurri youth sector.

Further information can be found by clicking here:

Atalanta Football Schools

Atalanta BC renews and strengthens its interest in the youngest by offering the opportunity to train for an entire season with its instructors, allowing children and families to learn about the method that has made the Youth Sector of the Company one of the most important, of Europe.


The Atalanta Football School is a real football school where children are followed and trained by Atalanta BC instructors and includes:

  • two workouts per week
  • a few sporting events per month on weekends (tournaments, friendly matches, etc.)


Subject to the authorization of the competent bodies on the resumption of youth activity, the Soccer School starts towards the end of September / beginning of October and ends at the end of May, with an indicative winter break from mid-December to the end of January / beginning of February.


Registrations are made online on this site by clicking on the “SIGN UP” button. To sign up or simply to learn more about the football school, please click here.

Junior Cup Tournament


The Atalanta Junior Cup is the first youth tournament organized by Atalanta and reserved for affiliated clubs. An event designed and conceived to bring together all those realities from all over Italy who have married the Atalanta project and who are precious friends and reference points for growing together. But above all to be a great party for many children, the real protagonists of a tournament where the important thing is not to win, but to have fun.

And there have been so many children who have participated in the three editions held so far since the tournament was founded in 2017. In three years, a total of 96 youth teams from all over Italy have been involved, for a total of over 200 games played in the Brembana Valley , venue of the event, with San Pellegrino Terme as the main course, to which San Giovanni Bianco and finally Zogno have been added over the years.

A tournament realized thanks to the precious help of the Quarenghi Cup committee has always supported Atalanta in organizing the tournament on site and the overnight stays of the participating affiliated teams.

The Junior Cup has grown year by year, both in terms of the number of participants and in importance. From the 16 teams involved in the first edition, the 48 teams of the 2019 edition were reached, the last one played before the forced stop due to the Covid-19 emergency. An important organizational effort, but rewarded by the satisfaction of seeing happy and enthusiastic so many children who during the days of the tournament can live a formative experience, not only from a football point of view, make new friends, grow, learn and above all have fun.

Atalanta Affiliated Clubs


From Bergamo to Sicily, the Atalanta World has no borders and can count on many territorial realities scattered throughout Italy that with their precious contribution help to grow an ambitious and stimulating project. The Atalanta Soccer Schools Project, coordinated by the Nerazzurri manager Loris Margotto and for the methodological part by Stefano Bonaccorso with the involvement of the youth sector coaches from the Soccer School to the Primavera, reaches and involves many clubs from all over the country every year. At the moment, 87 clubs have decided to marry the project and join the big Nerazzurri family to share ideas, passion, skills (for information and details on how to join, write to  [email protected] ).

Starting with the four Training Centers: Ponte San Pietro to which the twin clubs in the Bergamo area refer, the Scarioni of Milan, the Dreaming Football Academy in the province of Rome and the RG Siracusa in Sicily. Important points of reference in the area to share and export a common philosophy for the development and growth of the youth sector. And then the twin companies of Bergamo and the affiliates of Lombardy and, going further and further away, of all of Italy. The goal is to get to know each other and establish ever closer collaboration relationships to grow and improve together, looking for a continuous comparison on methodologies, programs, strategies, also through dedicated initiatives, such as training and teaching courses ( even at a distance,

Below is a detailed overview with the contact links of all the companies that have joined the project.


ASD Dreaming Football Academy

AC Ponte San Pietro SSD

ASD San ​​Giuliano Football Club

SSD Scarioni 1925

RG Syracuse


Aurora Seriate 1967 ASD

US Barianese 1963

BOCA. Boltiere Oratorio Calcio

Ghisalbese Football

US Monvico ASD

ASD Nova Montello

ASD Academy Pozzo D’Adda


BRESCIA:  USD Breno  A.SD Cortefranca Calcio ; ASD Virtus Aurora Travagliato

COMO:  ASDGSO Castle City of Cantù ; SC Rovellasca 1910 VBASD

CREMONA:  Esperia Calcio ASD ; GSD Louisiana

LECCO:  USD Missaglia Maresso ; Sala al Barro Sports Group

PRIZES:  US Somaglia ; USD Vidardese


MILAN:  ASD Atletico Bussero ; US Bollatese ; FC Milanese SSD ; ASDOSA.L. Novate ; APD Paullese Calcio ; CS Romano Banco ; SSD Sempione Half ; ASDUS Vighignolo


PAVIA:  ASD Athletic Pavia ; FBC Casteggio ; ASD Siziano Lantern ; ASD Union Low Football Pavese

SONDRIO:  Albosaggia Ponchiera ASD

VARESE:  US Bosto ; ASCD Torino Club


ABRUZZO:  ASD Penne 1920

CALABRIA:  ASD Sporting Club Corigliano ; ASD Academy Crotone

EMILIA ROMAGNA:  US Gossolengo Pittolo ; ASD Meldola ; US Montecchio ASD ; ASD Municipal Pol. Riccione ; Virtus Polisportiva Union


LAZIO:  ASD Ariccia Football Academy ; ASD Calcio Flaminia ; ASD R11 Simonetta

MARCHES:  ASD Young Ancona Calcio ; US Marotta ASD ; ASD Real Metauro 2018

PIEDMONT:  ASD Arona Calcio ; Borgosesia Calcio ASD ; ASD Bulè Bellinzago ; USD Cannobiese 1906 ; ASD Crescentinese ; ASD Fulvius 1908 ; USD Gassino San Raffaele

PUGLIA:  ASD Football Academy Andria ; SSD Lecce Soccer Academy ; ASD Nitor ; ASD Virtus Palese

SICILY:  ASD Athena ; ASD Bagheria City of villas ; FC Enna ; ASD Fair Play Messina ; ASD Ispica Academy ; ASD Lentini Soccer School ; ASD Lercara ; ASD Spring Marsala ; ASD Masterpro Football ; Mediterranean ASD ; ASD Meridiana Etna Soccer ; ASD Monreale Calcio ; ASD Life Simeri Crichi

TUSCANY:  USD Don Bosco Fossone ; SSD Academy Livorno Calcio ; GSD Montecatinimurialdo ; ASD Police Polisportiva Union ;

UMBRIA:  ASD Agape 2000 ; ASD Pol. CSI Don Bosco Oratory ; ASD San ​​Giovanni Bosco Terni

VALLE D’AOSTA:  USD Pontdonnaz – Hone Arnad Evancon

VENETO:  Baldo Junior Team ; ASD Vittorio Falmec SM Colle


During the season, the Atalanta Youth Sector organizes training courses for coaches and professionals working in the world of football. A unique and interesting opportunity to explore specific issues, training techniques and group management with the Nerazzurri nursery professionals.

During the 2018-2019 season there were several meetings proposed by Atalanta and aimed not only at affiliated companies, but open to all interested parties (there is a registration fee). Meetings that saw protagonists and teachers for one day the coaches of the agonistic activity of the Nerazzurri Youth Sector, such as Massimo Brambilla, the coach who won the Primavera championship, who made their knowledge and professional experience available to the participants.

The courses are a useful tool to learn about the training methodologies of the Atalanta Youth Sector, develop new ideas, perfect your teaching technique. In each match through slides, video clips and practical examples on the field, exercises on specific topics such as ball reception, unmarking, one-on-one, themed matches are proposed, illustrated and explained in detail.

The courses are not just about training techniques: also in the 2018-2019 season a high-level training course was organized with the athletic trainers of Atalanta.

The goal is to provide coaches with more useful tools for teaching and developing young players.

To learn more about these courses, please click here.


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Atalanta History

Atalanta is also known as La Dea, the Nerazzurri, and the Orobici. It was established in 1907 by students who were enrolled in the Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi. The members of the club wear shirts with blue and black vertical stripes, black shorts, and black socks when they compete. The Gewiss Stadium in Switzerland, which has a capacity of 21,300, is where the team plays their matches at home. Atalanta is known as the Regina delle provinciali (queen of the provincial clubs) in Italy.

This is a reference to the fact that the club has maintained the highest level of consistency out of all Italian clubs that are not based in a regional capital. Atalanta has competed in Serie A for 60 seasons, Serie B for 28 seasons, and Serie C for only one season. The local team Atalanta has a long-standing rivalry with the club Brescia, which is located nearby. The club is also renowned for its Youth Academy, which is responsible for the development of a number of prominent players who have gone on to play in the top leagues across Europe.

While it was still playing in Serie B in 1988, the team achieved success by winning the Coppa Italia in 1963 and advancing to the semi-finals of the Cup Winners’ Cup that same year. This is remains the best ever showing in a major UEFA competition by a club that competes in a lower league than the top (together with Cardiff City). Additionally, Atalanta competed in the UEFA Europa League (formerly known as the UEFA Cup) for a total of four seasons, with their best performance coming in the 1990–1991 campaign when they advanced to the quarterfinals. Additionally, Atalanta competed in the UEFA Champions League over the course of two seasons, advancing as far as the quarterfinals in the 2019–20 campaign.


The Stadio di Bergamo is a stadium located in Bergamo, Italy. As of July 2019, the stadium is also known as the Gewiss Stadium due to sponsorship reasons. It is the primary venue for Atalanta and can accommodate up to 21,000 spectators.

The field is 120 m (130 yd) long, and 70 m (77 yd) wide.