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Football Club Internazionale Milano, simply known as Inter Milan, is an Italian professional football club based in Milan, Italy. The club competes in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.


Inter Milan Youth Development System

Inter Milan Youth Sector is the youth set-up of Italian professional football club Inter Milan. The under-19 team plays in the Campionato Primavera 1. They have been Italian champions eight times and Coppa Italia Primavera winners five times. They also participate in the annual Torneo di Viareggio, an international tournament which they have won six times.

On 25 March 2012, the under-19 team were champions in the inaugural edition of the NextGen Series, an association football tournament which involved the under-19 teams from 16 different clubs from across Europe.

Campionato Primavera 1

Campionato Primavera 1, known also as Campionato Primavera 1 TIM – Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti due to sponsorship and posthumous honour, is an Italian football youth competition. It was created in 2017–18 season by splitting Campionato Nazionale Primavera into two leagues: Campionato Primavera 1 and Campionato Primavera 2, and organized by Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A and Lega Nazionale Professionisti B respectively.

Inter Milan Elite Academy

Inter Milan Elite Academy is a youth division in the academy ranks that contains 7 teams. These youth teams include: U19 Primavera, U18 Berretti, U17 Serie A/B, U16 Serie A/B, U14 Giovanissimi Regional, and U13 Giovanissimi Regional B.

For more information on the Inter Elite Academy, please click here.

Suning Youth Development Centre

The heart of Inter’s youth academy is the Suning Youth Development Centre in memory of Giacinto Facchetti. It consists of around 30,000 square metres in the large ” Parco Nord di Milano “.

Its location offers easy access to public transport and the motorways and is ideal for the inhabitants of Niguarda and Bresso. It consists of:

  • The college
  • One grass match pitch
  • Two training and match pitches made of artificial turf
  • Two artificial turf training pitches
  • One artificial seven-a-side pitch
  • One grass nine-a-side training pitch
  • One fully equipped gym
  • One medical room
  • 10 spogliatoi
  • One club house with a restaurant and bar
  • Offices
  • Storage/ Laundry room

For additional news information on the academy, please click here.

Inter Milan Academy

Inter Academy places FC Internazionale Milano’s knowledge, innovation and excellence in training at the disposal of anyone wishing to start out, progress or establish themselves in the world of football and sport in general, with the objective of creating a new generation of talent both on and off the field. Our success is based on one core concept: in our Academies, we develop Men first and then Champions.

Inter Milan Soccer School & Youth Academy

Inter Milan offers based on long term approach through Academy programs as well as short term through Camp and Experience. All of them provided by our Inter Academy Coaches.

Inter Milan Academy

Inter Academy is a medium-long term program, based on a technical know-how transfer process.

Inter Academy is a direct, global extension of the Club’s youth academy, which is renowned both for its on-field achievements and the ability of its Coaches to develop professional footballers. All the activities in our Academies adhere to the rules and regulations of the Inter Corporate Policy for Children, which was drawn up in accordance with international principles for the protection of children.

Program Detail:

Inter Academy is a medium-long term program, based on a technical know-how transfer process. It is designed to create high-level specific training for young players (boys and girls from 3 to 17 years old, with a dedicated Pre-School Program: Early Learning).
All the programs are directly managed by Inter Academy Staff. Our Inter Academy Coaches are selected from our Youth Academy network in Italy following a dedicated training path in Inter. By using technical, digital and marketing supports, Inter Academy offers to the partners a unique, cutting edge experience.

How to join?

Information, wide view on the programs, everything you need to know is available and ready to be shared with you. Click here to send your request for more information.

Inter Milan Camps

Live one Summer week with our values, methodology and Official Inter Coaches.

Inter Academy Camp is at least one week program for youth players (from 6 to 17 years old). All the sessions are held by Inter Academy Coaches, who are selected from Our network. We also send a technical syllabus before the start of the activities to the local assistant coaches.

For more information, please click here.

Inter Milan Experience

Train like a pro and enjoy an immersive Nerazzurri Experience in Milan.

Inter Academy Experience is one-week program for youth players (boys and girls from 8 to 17 years old) who want to receive high-level specific training in our facilities in Milan and live a Nerazzurri Experience. The weekly program also includes a behind the scenes tour of the Stadium, Matchday Experience and many other surprises.

For more information, please click here.

Inter Milan Early Learning Program

Coaching the Physical Educators, in Kindergarten through a three-year process to undertake whilst developing children. Focus on paying extra attention to their sensory-cognitive-kinetic development. The latter permits children to start soccer school activity, to play sports, to learn with excellent results, reducing the learning time to create an excellent foundation to nurture and develop talent.

This approach has been created to help the kids in the development of the coordinative skills, social skills and cognitive learning. Inter Academy created a fun and playful program that involves parents and their children in order to give them useful indications on how games may be a constructive and efficient educational tool. As the nutrition habits develop between 3 and 5 years old, Inter Academy provides to the Early Learning Program Healthy Dietary tips address to the schools and the parents.

To learn more about the early learning program, please click here.

Inter Milan International Academies

Inter Academy Toronto

Inter Academy Philadelphia USA

Inter Academy Guatemala

Inter Academy Santa Marta Colombia

Inter Academy Brazil

Inter Academy Uruguay

Inter Academy Argentina

Inter Academy Wales

Inter Academy Belgium

Inter Academy Czech Republic

Inter Academy Czech Republic 2

Inter Academy Bratislava

Inter Academy Camp Slovakia

Inter Academy Szent Pál- Hungary

Inter Academy Camp Hungary

Inter Academy Camp Bulgaria

Inter Academy Turkey

Inter Academy St. Petersburg

Inter Academy Moscow

Inter Academy Novosibirsk

Inter Academy WER KSA

Inter Academy Indonesia

Inter Academy Hong Kong

Inter Academy Sichuan

Inter Academy Yihai Beijing

Inter Academy Jiangsu

Inter Academy Japan

For any more questions you may have, you can reach out to Inter Milan Academy contact by clicking here and filling out their form on their website.


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Inter Milan History

Inter was established in 1908 after a rift occurred inside the Milan Cricket and Football Club, which would later become A.C. Milan. The club won its first championship in 1910. Since it was founded, the club has been successful on the domestic front, garnering a total of 30 trophies, including 18 league championships, 7 Coppa Italia trophies, and 5 Supercoppa Italiana trophies. The team won five consecutive league titles between 2006 and 2010, which at the time tied the all-time record for most titles won in a row.

They have triumphed in the Champions League on three separate occasions, first in 1964 and 1965, then again in 2010, and most recently in 2010. Their most recent victory capped off a historic Italian seasonal treble, as it came after Inter won both the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia in the same calendar year. In addition, the club has triumphed at the UEFA Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup levels on multiple occasions.

They have a long-standing rivalry with A.C. Milan, with whom they compete in the Derby della Madonnina, and Juventus, with whom they compete in the Derby d’Italia. Their rivalry with A.C. Milan is one of the most followed derbies in all of football, and their rivalry with Juventus is one of the most followed derbies in all of Italy. Inter currently has the biggest home game attendance in Italy and the sixth highest attendance in all of Europe as of the year 2019. The club is considered to be among the most valuable in all of football, both in Italy and around the world.


Officially named the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza after the former footballer who played for both Milan and Inter, the San Siro is the team’s home stadium. It has a capacity of 75,923 spectators. San Siro is the name of the neighborhood in which it is situated, and this is the term that is most usually used. Since it was privately built in 1926 with finance from Milan’s chairman at the time, Piero Pirelli, San Siro has served as Milan’s home stadium. San Siro has been the home of Milan ever since. The building was put up by one hundred and twenty different employees over the course of thirteen and a half months. The stadium belonged to the club until it was sold to the city in 1935, and ever since 1947, when Inter was recognized as a joint tenant, it has been shared with them. Before that, it was owned by the club.

The first game ever played at the stadium was on September 19, 1926, and it was a friendly match between Inter and Milan. Inter won the game 6–3. On September 19, 1926, Milan played their first league game at San Siro, which was a loss to Sampierdarenese by a score of 1-2. The stadium had an initial capacity of 35,000 spectators, but it has since had numerous significant modifications, the most recent of which was in preparation for the 1990 FIFA World Cup, when its capacity was adjusted to 85,700 and it was given a polycarbonate roof. Its capacity was lowered to 80,018 during the summer of 2008 in order to conform to the new guidelines established by UEFA.


In 1908, a painter named Giorgio Muggiani, who was also one of the original founders of Inter, was the one who was responsible for the design of the first Inter emblem. The initial concept for the club’s insignia consisted of a series of concentric rings with the initials “FCIM” centered in the middle of the composition. Even though minor adjustments have been made to the design’s finer aspects throughout the years, the structure’s fundamental components have stayed unchanged. In the 1999–2000 season, the original club crest was shrunk down in order to make room for the insertion of the club’s name and the year it was founded in the upper and lower parts of the logo, respectively. This change took effect at the beginning of the next season.

In 2007, the logo was altered to reflect the time period before 1999–2000. It was updated to have a more contemporary appearance by having a more muted color scheme and a smaller Scudetto star. This particular iteration remained in use up until July 2014, when the club made the decision to change its branding. The absence of the star on all other forms of media, with the exception of match kits, is the feature that stands out as the most notable change between the former and present versions of the emblem.


The Suning Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is a privately held firm that is located in China. Suning Holdings was the unlisted portion of Zhang’s unincorporated Suning Group and shared the same founder, Zhang Jindong, as the publicly traded firm However, Suning Holdings was not publicly traded. The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce placed Suning Holdings Group as the second largest civilian-run enterprise in Mainland China in 2018. This ranking was based on the company’s performance in 2018.

Zhang Jindong is a Chinese businessman who is worth a billion dollars. He was born in March 1963. Since he is one of the founders of Suning Holdings Group Co and the company’s top shareholder at the present time, Inter Milan is owned by him to a greater extent than any other stakeholder (68.55 percent). Also, the Indonesian businessman and former owner of Inter Milan, Erick Thohir, sold the club to the Chinese private-equity group LionRock Capital, which then purchased a 31.05 percent share in Inter Milan.