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Hellas Verona Football Club, commonly referred to as Hellas Verona or simply Verona, is an Italian football club based in Verona, Veneto, Italy. The club competes in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.

Hellas Verona Youth Development System


Hellas Verona Academy is a project that aims to combine the skills and passion of the entire Club, with the aim of making companies from all over the world grow and help, promoting the improvement of sports culture and beyond. Through training and dialogue with technicians, managers, parents and the institutions involved.

Hellas Verona represents and embodies the values ​​of the city of Verona, which is known throughout the world for the most famous love story of all, that of Romeo and Juliet. A city that lives and cultivates culture, music and wine.


Hellas Verona philosophy starts from a fundamental hinge: human relations. It tries to ensure that each component of the project can grow, through a continuous dialogue, with constant online meetings, on-site meetings or the possibility of being hosted at the Hellas Verona facilities. These moments of contact touch and will touch all the issues concerning the growth of a company or a player, from the Technical – Tactical, Athletic – Motor, Psychological – Relational,
Management – Managerial and Socio – Cultural components.

This working method must adapt and respect the cultural differences of each of our Academy, in order to better understand what our mission is and to be able to convey it in the best way.

This methodology is based on a fundamental concept of sharing and respect, which will also allow Hellas Verona to progress and find new educational paths and develop together with the Academies.


Are you interested or would you like more information about our Academies, the Mondo Hellas Verona project or do you want to become one of us?
Write to us at: [email protected]


Sport, passion and fun. These are the ingredients of Hellas Summer Camp! The activities will be reserved for young boys and girls. There are many initiatives dedicated to those who want to experience a carefree summer together with the qualified staff of coaches / instructors from the Youth Sector and the School Yellow and blue football. The daily program will be varied and stimulating, including sports, recreational, educational and recreational activities. Limited seats! Maximum 40 subscribers per location per week!

To learn more about the Hellas Camp, please click here.


The initiative aims to bring the history and values ​​of Hellas Verona FC into the classrooms throughout the province of Verona, to bring the yellow and blue colors closer to the extraordinary heritage represented by the young people and fans of tomorrow, in close contact with qualified realities such as the Department of Neuroscience, Biomedicine and Movement and the Verona School Office.

The numbers of the last edition are impressive: over 70 schools visited, more than 200 classes involved for thousands and thousands of students who have had and will have the opportunity to experience special hours with the recreational activities and testimonials of the Hellas Verona world.

An important recognition of the work done so far is the ‘Best Practice 2017/18’ award, delivered by the FIGC in Rome last spring, within the ‘Football and teaching hours’ initiative, confirming the project’s ability to involve pupils of all school levels, from infancy to upper secondary school.

The School Project, which will kick off in these weeks, will end as always with the parade of the children participating in the ‘Bentegodi’ stadium, in an end-of-season game of the yellow and blue, making use of the precious collaboration of the partners My English School and Banco BPM .

To learn more about the school project, please click here.


The Hellas Verona Soccer School restarts, ready more than ever, to continue the training and technical path that has always distinguished it.

It starts from the important growth of recent years that has led many children to embrace an activity strongly desired by the company, to grow, not only as players, but above all as men of the future.

The possibility of accessing the Soccer School is reserved for young children. Subscribers will have the opportunity to participate during the sporting season in championships and tournaments that will take place throughout the provincial territory, while the little ones will take part in friendlies and tournaments, in the second half of the year. The activity will take place from September to May / June with a break during the Christmas period.

To learn more about the soccer school, please click here.


The Affiliations Project is an ambitious idea, promoted by Hellas Verona FC, through which it aims to strengthen the link with the Veronese territory and in the neighboring provinces. But the Project does not stop there, in addition to being the main point of reference for the teams of Verona and its province, the Affiliations aim to go beyond the borders and ‘conquer’ new frontiers: in fact, there are many realities from all over Italy who already in recent years have chosen to join the GialloblĂą, to take advantage of the great competence of the Verona Youth Sector in the name of constant growth.

There are many activities planned, where we will not only look at the sporting side but also at a common educational and cultural growth together with the affiliated companies. These are the objectives: to structure the links with the football realities, with an eye to the Veronese realities, but without setting territorial limits, all to grow together and discover the yellow and blue champions of the future.


[email protected]
Tel. 044 21900105
via delligianato 143
37040 Santo Stefano di Zimella (VR)

ASD Napoleonica

[email protected]
Tel. 347 9775415
Via Nogarole
37040 Arcole (VR)

ASD Priverno Antonio Palluzzi

[email protected]
Tel. 338 4967041
Via G. di Vittorio
04015 Priverno (LT)

Sporting Scaligero Verona ASD
[email protected]
Tel. 345 3280668
Via 1 ^ Traversa SpianĂ  28
37138 Verona (VR)

ASD Polisportiva 2V Villanova-Villabella
[email protected]
Tel. 045 6104842
Via Villanova 62 / N
37047 San Bonifacio (VR)

GS Solteri San Giorgio ASD
[email protected]
Tel. 0461 823497
Via Solteri 66
38121 Trento (TN)

USD Alense 1921

[email protected]
Tel. 0464 670144
Largo Italia 8
38061 Ala (TN)

AC Zevio 1925

[email protected]
Tel. 045 606 9266
Via Roma, 4
37059 Zevio VR

Villorba Football SSDARL

[email protected]
Tel. 349 0909481
Via Marconi, 10 / A
31020 Villorba TV

ASD Aurora Cavalponica 2009

[email protected]
Via Lavagnoli, 6
37040 Veronella (VR)


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The Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi is a stadium in Verona, Italy. Both Hellas Verona and Chievo Verona, two teams that compete in Serie A and Serie B, call it their home stadium. In addition to that, it plays host to the matches that Bardolino Verona plays in the Women’s Champions League, as well as some matches for youth teams, rugby matches, athletics events, and even musical performances on occasion.

It is the eighth-largest stadium in Italy in terms of capacity, with a total seating capacity of 39,211 seats, of which only 31,045 are approved. In honor of Marcantonio Bentegodi, an important benefactor to the sports community in Veronese history, the stadium bears his name.


Yellow and blue are the colors that represent this team. Because of this, the most common nickname for the club is gialloblu, which literally translates to “yellow-blue” in Italian.

The colors are meant to be a representation of the city of Verona, and the city’s crest—a white cross on a yellow shield—can be found on much of the team’s equipment. Mastini, which means “the mastiffs,” and Scaligeri are two more nicknames for the team. Both of these nicknames refer to Mastino I della Scala, a member of the Della Scala princely family that dominated the city in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Since 1995, the team’s trademark insignia, which is a stylized image of two huge and muscular mastiffs facing in opposite directions, has been used on the team’s jersey. This representation of the Scala family coat of arms was introduced in 1995.

For all intents and purposes, the name “scaligeri” is identical with Veronese, and as a result, it may be used to denote anything or everyone from Verona (for example, Chievo Verona, a different squad that also links itself to the Scala family – more specifically, to Cangrande I della Scala).