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Angers Sporting Club de l’Ouest, commonly referred to as Angers SCO or simply Angers, is a French professional football club based in Angers in Pays de la Loire in western France. The club competes in Ligue 1, the top flight of French football.

Angers SCO Youth Development System

Angers SCO Academy Training Center

Created in July 2013, the training center welcomes 83 young people for a training of excellence which combines a sports and educational project. Joining the training center means evolving in an optimal setting thanks to close support. The young person is placed at the heart of the training system and is supported by a multidisciplinary team recognized for its expertise.


83 children in school in total:

  • 30 accommodated:
    • 27 students (aged 15 to 18)
    • 3 people who pass the CFF1-2-3-4 (educator diploma)
  • 53 children in day school (+18 years old)


  • State-qualified staff: 1 director, 4 trainers, 1 physiotherapist, 1 physical trainer, 1 goalkeeper trainer, 1 doctor, 6 managers
  • Qualified staff: 1 cook, 1 supervisor, 1 secretary, 2 housekeepers and 1 animator


A wide choice of training … all branches of general, technological and vocational education accessible through privileged partnerships with the secondary schools of Sacré Coeur, Chevrollier and Wresinski. Angers SCO has also just signed a partnership agreement with IFEPSA (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities of Angers) for 5 undergraduate students.


According to their official website, Angers SCO has a couple academy teams that consists of National 2, U19, U17, and U17 Regional.

Angers SCO Academy Recruitment | Trials/Tryouts

Like any professional club, Angers SCO relies on its recruitment unit made up of Philippe Leclerc and Xavier Dudoit, to strengthen its workforce at the start of each season. Whether it is among young people or professionals, recruiting is a long-term job, observation, carried out behind the scenes, in all discretion,

At the level of the Training Center, the only goal is to choose the player who potentially, one day – maybe !!! – will become a professional player.

Since President Saïd Chabane took control of the SCO, in December 2011 he has never ceased to insist that his project for the “Black & White” club will be based on training. And it is clear that he kept his word with the exit from the ground in February 2014 of the superb La Baumette Training & Training Center!

There is no further information on how to join any of the academy teams listed above for Angers SCO. Please click here to stay up-to-date on news posted by the club or come back to this page at a later date while we monitor for any more news.


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Football matches are played at Stade Raymond Kopa, which is located in Angers, France. Angers SCO plays their home games at this stadium, which has a capacity of 18,752 spectators.

Raymond Kopa, a legendary figure in French football, was a member of the club when he made his first appearance at the professional level.


Throughout its existence, the French football club has maintained a visual identity that is mostly in line with what is expected of it. The team’s moniker is “The Black and Gold,” so naturally, its logo had to incorporate some vertical black stripes at some point.


Another characteristic shared by all iterations of the club’s emblem is a robust and pointed geometry, which has always been present but has evolved in terms of its outline.