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Dijon Football CĂ´te d’Or, commonly referred to as Dijon FCO or simply as Dijon, is a French association football club based in Dijon, France. The club competes in Ligue 1, the top flight of French football.

Dijon FCO Youth Development System

Training is investing for the future. Among the club’s priorities, the training center, inaugurated on January 17, 2014, is an essential development tool to guide the DFCO on the path to excellence and success. This structure strengthens the foundations of the club and its attractiveness.

Already renowned in terms of post-training recruitment – many young players unearthed within the amateur world have emerged in Dijon (Baptiste Reynet, Benjamin Corgnet, Romain Philippoteaux, LoĂŻs Diony, Pierre Lees-Melou etc …) – the DFCO now wishes to train and integrate the best young people in the Bourgogne Franche-ComtĂ© region. Our club will thus contribute to the development of Burgundy-Franco football and give its professional workforce a strong regional identity. Our players must be attached to their club, their jersey, their city, their region!

Our educators defend the “double excellence” project and therefore put education at the forefront. Thanks to its collaboration with the Lentillères college, the Les Arcades high school and the University of Bourgogne Franche-ComtĂ©, the DFCO offers a very wide range of training courses to its young people. From a sporting point of view, the objective is to promote their development. At DFCO, the doors to the professional world are not locked. Several promising young people train regularly under the orders of Olivier Dall’Oglio. It is up to them, then, to seize the opportunities to prove their potential.

Like Théo Barbet, Lévi Ntumba and Thomas Roche, the DFCO has more and more young internationals. Further proof that Dijon training continues to grow!


Inaugurated on January 17, 2014, the training center building offers optimal reception conditions to the 22 residents who live daily at the Poussots training center. Family club, the well-being of young graduates and the professionalism of the education offered are the foundations of the DFCO training program.


22 residents live daily in this building of more than 800 m² which includes 11 spacious and fully furnished rooms (bed, wardrobe, desk, bedside table). The building is maintained every week by a maintenance agent, and secured day and night due to the daily presence of a supervisor and a video surveillance system. For moments of relaxation, a rest room (TV room, armchairs, table football, game console, etc.) and a study room are on the ground floor.


Balanced meals, advised by a dietitian, are served at lunchtime and in the evening at the foyer, located within the Poussots stadium. Our players are regularly made aware of diet and the right actions to adopt to maintain a good nutritional balance. In the morning, a breakfast room is located inside the training center.


The training center has four changing rooms, complementary to the historical premises of the club, and adjoining a physiotherapy room. A weight room, dedicated to young players, is also located on the site.


Every day, sports equipment is washed by a steward, as are city affairs once a week.


The Poussots stadium is constantly evolving to offer its young people and women’s teams optimal training conditions. Thus, the training center now has three artificial turf pitches. The Honor field, where all the teams playing at the national level play, is bordered by a covered stand. The professional group trains on a large playground, near one of the fields reserved for young people. There is therefore a real proximity.



When presenting the DFCO project, the recruitment unit naturally insists on the sports component, but also on the educational component. Our recruitment is based on respect for the child and his family. We will never jeopardize the structuring of the child to recruit him at all costs. Pre-training should be the basis of our recruitment at regional and interregional level.


Dijon FCO is a young club, its history remains to be written. For this, the club wishes to develop a strong local and regional identity, values ​​and a positive state of mind. In order to strengthen its image and identity, it is necessary to share this philosophy of play, this functioning, this educational work with solid partner clubs where exchange and cooperation are possible.

To achieve this, the DFCO wishes to rely on a network of clubs where the degree of commitment of the two parties must vary to correspond to the expectations of the structures concerned.


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Dijon FCO Academy News

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The club earned promotion back to Ligue 1 at the end of the 2015–16 season. The club president is Olivier Delcourt.


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In the city of Dijon in France is located the multi-purpose Stade Gaston GĂ©rard. The majority of its time is spent hosting football games, and Dijon FCO calls it their home field. The stadium has a capacity of twenty thousand people.

The Gaston-Gerard stadium is pictured in Dijon, central-eastern France, prior to the French L1 football match between Dijon (DFCO) and Troyes (ESTAC) on November 18, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / ROMAIN LAFABREGUE (Photo credit should read ROMAIN LAFABREGUE/AFP via Getty Images)