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Olympique de Marseille, also known as OM or simply Marseille, is a French professional football club based in Marseille, France. The club competes in Ligue 1, the top flight of French football.

Marseille Youth Development System

Marseille Training Center

Olympique de Marseille has a quality training center with modern infrastructure so that its young people are put in the best conditions to succeed. OM stimulates an educational, school and sporting dynamic for the young people of the club. Recruitment is also a strong focus of the center, as is the network of OM Next Generation partner clubs. Discover all the specificities of the training center.

Marseille Training Structure

Football school from 6 to 9 years old / Pole excellence from 10 to 13 years old / Pre-training from 14 to 15 years old / Training from 16 years old .

Work tools: the OM Campus for training from 6 to 13 years old. The Robert-Louis-Dreyfus training center for pre-training and training. The RLD center also serves as a place to live on weekends for the matches of the different teams.

Equipment available: changing rooms, grounds, medical unit, video analysis unit, sports hall, physiotherapist, nutritionist, therapist, physical trainers, doctors, osteopath … 

The OM Next Generation is a major focus of the training center. It is a network of local partner clubs intended to build the Olympique de Marseille of tomorrow.

Elite teams  : only one team per category to seek performance.

Thanks to its national and international aura, OM is regularly invited to the four corners of the world in the most prestigious and successful youth tournaments. 

Marseille Educational Project

OM is making education a strong focus of the project , just like the sports project.

The club has several partner colleges and high schools .

A shuttle service is offered.

Programs offered and possible orientation proposals .

The EETP .

Post-training (orientation and professional opportunities)

Of educational projects and cultural are conducted throughout the year.

Marseille Human Development

The club’s objective is to build men integrated into society capable of meeting the medium and long-term challenges of our future generations.

The OM promotes human exchanges and adult-to-adult behavior between educators and young people.

Rules of life: implementation of strict rules of life to empower the players and prepare them as well as possible for the requirements of the very high level.

Activities: The club promotes civic and cultural openness through the setting up of activities throughout the year, relying in particular on the FFF Open Football Club program and on the local structures already in place.

Exchange workshops: setting up of discussion workshops with the parents of the players on various educational themes (nutrition conference, mum’s day, consultation with therapists and social assistance).

Marseille Recruitment

The role of recruiters is to prospect, detect and observe young talents from the region, on French territory and abroad. The recruitment unit is completed by the staff of OM Next Generation . It provides reports on players from OM partner clubs.

Supervisory work : The recruited players are carefully supervised by the unit in their club on the basis of sporting criteria , but also and above all on their capacity for integration, listening , and their relationship with the school and the family circle. Players are invited to trainings and tournaments if they match these profiles.

The OM School program

OM School is the international football learning program of Olympique de Marseille. Open to everyone, from 5 to 16 years old, it offers high quality training, like the methodology developed at the training center in Marseille.

Training is a major pillar in the club’s sporting project. The OM School program aims to extend this desire across the world, and aims to offer optimal training to all young players who dream of it. The club also wants to export values ​​that are dear to it: respect, sharing, passion, grinta. Beyond the sporting vision, OM wishes above all to train humans, and complete the education of these children to prepare them for active life.

Marseille Africa Schools

The links between OM and Africa have always been very strong. Many players from Africa have worn, wear (and will wear) the Olympian jersey with success, which has enabled the Marseille club to increase its notoriety in the Maghreb but also in West Africa.

This is why Olympique de Marseille has created “OM Africa”, a vast program entirely dedicated to its fans from the African continent.

TunisiaOM School Tunis is the first football training school for Olympique de Marseille abroad. Located at IRIS Parc, Cité Enassr2, in the heart of Tunis, the school offers training to children aged 5 to 16 according to the methodology and philosophy specific to OM, throughout the year.
AlgeriaOM School Algiers is the first football training school for Olympique de Marseille in Algeria. The center, renowned for many years, is located in Staoueli. The school offers training to children aged 5 to 16 according to the methodology and philosophy specific to OM, throughout the year.https://omschool-alger.com
NigeriaOM School Port Harcourt is the 3rd school of the program, and the first one established in Nigeria.
The program is developed within the sports facilities of Port Harcourt University since January 2021.
Find all the information about the school on the OM School Port Harcourt social networks! 

For more general information on schools, please click here to navigate to Olympique de Marseille’s contact page to fill out their form.

OM Next Generation Schools

Ace Busserine 
ADDRESS: 52 Boulevard Jourdan 13014 Marseille
AS Gemenos
ADDRESS: Avenue Cesar Baldaccini 13420 Gemenos
AS Mazargues
ADDRESS: 47 Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 13009 Marseille
ASPTT Marseille
ADDRESS: 122 Boulevard Michelet 13008 Marseille
Aubagne FC
ADDRESS: 13 Avenue Joseph Fallen 13400 Aubagne
CA Plan De Cuques
ADDRESS: Avenue Louis Pasteur 13380 Plan-de-Cuques
Fossian Sports Star
ADDRESS: Stade Allée des Pins 13772 Fos-Sur-Mer Cedex
Euga Ardziv Marseille
ADDRESS: 36 Rue Pierre Guys 13012 Marseille
FC Rouguiere
ADDRESS: 28 Allée de la Rouguiere 13011 Marseille
FC Septemes
ADDRESS: La Gavotte Peyret 13240 Septemes-Les-Vallons
ADDRESS: 42 Avenue Saint-Paul 13013 Marseille
Luynes Sports
ADDRESS: 1A Avenue François Vidal 13080 Luynes
Marignane Gignac FC
ADDRESS: place Paul Codos 13724 Marignane
ADDRESS: 38 allée des pins 13009 Marseille
SO Caillols
ADDRESS: 8 chemin du cimetière les Caillols 13012 Marseille
JS ST Julien
ADDRESS: 10 Rue du Groupe Scolaire 13012 Marseille
EFC Beaucairois
ADDRESS: 3 Bis Impasse des Abeilles – 30300 Beaucaire
Olympique Rovenain
ADDRESS: Rove Town Hall, 4 Rue Jacques Duclos – 13740 Le Rove
ASC Vivaux Sauvagere
ADDRESS: 113 Boulevard Romain Rolland 13010 Marseille
RFC Toulon
ADDRESS: Technopole Var Matin, Route de la Seyne 83190 Ollioules


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Marseille History

The Marseille team generally wears a kit that is white with sky blue accents throughout.

Robert Louis-Dreyfus, a French-Swiss businessman, made the acquisition of the city of Marseille in 1997. After his passing away in 2009, his widow Margarita took over as the primary ownership of the club the following year in 2010. In 2016, an American entrepreneur named Frank McCourt purchased the club from her. He then chose another entrepreneur, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, to serve as the president of the club, and he chose Rudi Garcia to serve as the head coach of the club’s first squad. After Andre Villas-Boas was fired from his position as coach of the club in February 2021, Jorge Sampaoli was brought in to fill the void left by Villas-Boas.


Stade Vélodrome, located in the southern part of the city, has been Marseille’s home stadium ever since it opened in 1937. The stadium has a capacity of 67,000 people. The team has a significant following, as evidenced by the fact that their matches consistently draw the greatest average attendance in French football. The average home attendance of 52,276 fans for Marseille during the 2008–09 season was the best in all of Ligue 1.

Following the completion of renovations in 2011, the stadium’s prior capacity of 60,031 spectators was reduced to 42,000. The final capacity climbed to 67,000 once it was completed in August of 2014, just in time for France to host the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. The club’s annual revenue of €130.5 million put it at position 23 on the list of highest-grossing businesses around the world in 2015.


René Dufaure de Montmirail, the creator of the club, designed the first badge by drawing inspiration from his personal seal, which had the letters “D” and “M” interwoven with one another. The club’s motto, “Droit au but,” originates from the days when rugby was the primary sport played by the club, back when it was known as the “Football Club of Marseille.” The first version of the club’s emblem was an ornate letter “M” placed over a lowercase letter “O,” with the club motto draped across the glyph. The symbol remained in use for the next three decades, up until 1935, when it was replaced with an art deco shield featuring a single letter “M” enclosed within the letter “O.” In 1972, OM undertook a complete makeover of their emblem, opting instead to use an intricate “M” letterform. The club re-adopted its first emblem in 1986; during the course of the subsequent couple decades, the logo saw some minor changes, culminating in the addition of a star in 1993 to honor the club’s victory in the UEFA Champions League.

Credit: Logos-world.net

A variation with a golden “O” and a turquoise “M” was used to commemorate the club’s 100th anniversary in 1999; a similar logo honoring the club’s 110th anniversary was used during the 2009–10 season. The club’s 100th anniversary was in 1999. The most recent iteration was shown off to the public on February 17, 2004; the “O” and “M” are portrayed as a single unit in turquoise without shading or borders, and the logo is topped off with a golden star that represents the club’s triumph in the Champions League and sits above. The motto of the club, “Droit Au But,” which translates to “Straight to the Goal” in French, is also rendered in gold and can be found under the badge.


Frank H. McCourt Jr. is an American businessman, the chairman of McCourt LP, the chairman and CEO of McCourt Global, and the current owner of the Los Angeles Marathon and the football team Olympique de Marseille. Frank H. McCourt Jr. was born on August 14, 1953. Between the years 2004 and 2012, he was the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and served as chairman of the board for Dodger Stadium.

In 2004, he made a deal with the Fox Entertainment Group, which was then owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, to purchase a majority interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Before buying the Dodgers and relocating to Los Angeles, Frank McCourt worked as a real estate developer in Boston. His family was based in Brookline, which is also located in the state of Massachusetts.

In 2013, he made a gift of one hundred million dollars to Georgetown University in order to establish the McCourt School of Public Policy, which is the university’s ninth school. During a press conference that was held with McCourt on August 29, 2016, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, who was the owner of the French Ligue 1 club Olympique de Marseille, and Jean-Claude Gaudin, the mayor of Marseille, stated that McCourt had agreed to purchase Olympique de Marseille. McCourt was also present at the press conference. On October 17, 2016, the transaction was successfully concluded in Paris.