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Atlas F√ļtbol Club is a Mexican football club based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

Atlas FC Youth Development System

Atlas are renowned for having a successful youth academy setup. In the last few decades, Atlas have developed many players who have gone on to have professional careers domestically and internationally. Many young players enter the Atlas youth academy knowing that they’ll have a strong possibility to play with the first team due to the club philosophy of allowing youth players the opportunity to be promoted to the first team.

Although Atlas has only won the league championship once, their academy has been famous for developing players for the Mexico national football team in the past few decades like Jared Borgetti, Daniel Osorno, Jos√© de Jes√ļs Corona, P√°vel Pardo, Oswaldo S√°nchez, Rafael M√°rquez, Juan Carlos Medina, Jorge Hern√°ndez, Mario M√©ndez, Miguel Zepeda, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Juan Pablo Garcia, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, Edgar Ivan Pacheco, Andr√©s Guardado and many more. The club’s lower youth divisions have achieved many titles domestically as well as internationally.

Atlas FC Academy

The Official Schools and Atlas Academies began in 2014 as a fundamental part of the philosophy The Academy of Mexican Soccer. From the beginning, the mission of this project was to attract players across the country who seek to belong and represent the colors of Atlas FC.

In 2019, hand in hand with Orlegi Sports, the Academies project was turned around, resuming the Club’s foundations, focusing on developing in all our students the values ‚Äč‚Äčand soccer skills that represent the institution, in a 100% educational environment . Hand in hand with the entire team of Academies, Basic Forces and Human Development, we will provide the necessary tools to enhance their growth.

Within our work methodology in the Atlas Academies project, there is a direct link with the First Team and Basic Forces sports areas, so it is clear for the Club that we are an important source of talent.

With the banner of being the best quarry in Mexico and having a unique methodology, it is that it seeks to influence and align all our Academies, both in Mexico, as in the United States and Latin America, and thus develop the excellence of our students, not only in the sports field, but also human, always backed by our motto: Winning by Serving is the Only Option.

Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Piedras Negras
Direcci√≥n:  Calle Ray√≥n # 403, Colonia, Piedras Negras, Coahuila
Contacto: Idolina Maciel Ram√≠rez
Tel√©fono: 878133 2457
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  39071702
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Texcoco
Direcci√≥n: Calle Emiliano Zapata s / n, Colonia Santa √örsula, Texcoco, Estado de M√©xico.
Contacto: Profesor Sixto Pineda N√ļ√Īez
Tel√©fono: 55 3324 8277
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 37071706
Academia   de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Oaxaca
Direcci√≥n: Norte 1 con oriente # 11, Col. V√≠ctor Bravo Ahuja, Oaxaca, Polideportivo Venustiano Carranza
Contacto: Ver√≥nica Magali Vel√°squez Ricardez
Tel√©fono: (951) 395 9109
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 33031707
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC CEFORD
Direcci√≥n: Unidad Deportiva CECADI. 
Calle Jaltomate 301, Fracc. 
Ojocaliente I, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.
Contacto: Lucy Guerra
Tel√©fono: 449 272 0955
Cel: 449 285 8904
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 09031605
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Zamora
Direcci√≥n:  Estadio Zamora. 
Calle 20 de Noviembre 751 Col.20 de Noviembre, Zamora, Michoac√°n
Contacto:  Andr√©s Navarro
Tel√©fono: 351102 8550
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 05111503
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Arboledas
Direcci√≥n: Av. 
Juárez # 67, Colonia San Mateo, Tecoloapan Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de México.
Contacto:  Karina √Āvila Mart√≠nez y Francisco Hern√°ndez
Tel√©fono:  01554320 2545 y 63 55 23 48
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  29091606
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Mexicali
Direcci√≥n: Blvd. 
An√°huac s / n, Centro Recreativo Juventud 2000
Contacto: Ing. 
Leonardo Licón Dowling
Tel√©fono: 686175 0038
Correo electr√≥nico:  [email protected]
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 27061701
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Temo Morelos
Direcci√≥n: Carretera Cuernavaca S / N, Unidad Deportiva San Carlos, San Carlos, Municipio de Yautepec, CP 62737
Contacto: Cuauht√©moc Mart√≠nez Torres
Tel√©fono: 551260 9127
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 22061606
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Le√≥n
Direcci√≥n: Unidad Deportiva Luis I Rodr√≠guez (Deportiva la Coecilla), Congreso de Chilpancingo, CP 37232, Le√≥n, Gto.
Contacto: Rafael Fuentes
Tel√©fono: 462222 2945
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 10111605
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC San Nicol√°s
Direcci√≥n:  Av. 
R√≥mulo Garza, Col. Antiguo Corral Piedra; 
San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León
Contacto:  Jaqueline Fernanda Felix Pi√Īa
Tel√©fono:  818162 8034 y 618144 8590
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  43031802
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC CEFAR
Direcci√≥n:  Allende # 157 Colonia centro Tonal√° Jalisco CP 45400
Contacto:  Christian Jonathan Correa Gal√°n y Eduardo Castillo Gonz√°lez
Tel√©fono:  331564 8462 y 332 378 3190
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  42111703
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Ruso San Rafael
Direcci√≥n:  Km. 
17.6 de la carretera a Chapala, Tlajomulco de Zu√Īiga, Jalisco; 
Club Social y Deportivo de Caja Popular San Rafael.
Contacto:  Prisiliano Ocegueda
Tel√©fono:  33 12 42 13 74
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  41091703
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Juniors Cuautepec
Direcci√≥n:  Deportivo Juventino Rosas Cuautepec, Delegaci√≥n Gustavo A. Madero, Ciudad de M√©xico.
Contacto:  Profesor Antonio Miranda
Tel√©fono: 55 5503 3341 y 55 3596 7883
Facebook:  Atlas JR
Registro  √önico de Franquicia:  31111606
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Laurel Tultepec
Direcci√≥n:  Calle Matamoros # 10, Col. Teyahualco, Tultepec. 
Estado de México
Contacto: Roberto L√≥pez Taba y Karen L√≥pez L√≥pez
Tel√©fono:  55 20 22 43 55
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 08021606
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Ruso
Direcci√≥n:  Camino a San Isidro Mezatepec # 1540 Col. Rancho Santa Anita, Tlajomulco de Zu√Īiga, Jalisco.
Contacto:  Prisiliano Ocegueda
Tel√©fono:  33 31 98 06 64
Registro  √önico de Franquicia: 12111503
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Chaires DF
Direcci√≥n:  Vel√≥dromo Ol√≠mpico Calle Agust√≠n Melgar s / n Col. Jard√≠n Balbuena Delegaci√≥n Venustiano Carranza, CDMX.
Tel√©fono: 55 2456 4959 y 55 2014 0089
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  03101506
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Zurdo Cortes
Direcci√≥n:  Santa Cruz del Valle # 396, Col. Valle de la Misericordia, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
Contacto: Jazm√≠n Cortes Y Lety Vega 
Tel√©fono: 33 1648 1594
Whatsapp: 33 1161 2735
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 44061803
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Proyectarte
Direcci√≥n:  Perif√©rico Norte # 616, Colonia Lomas de Zapopan
Director:  Carlos Curiel
Contacto: Hern√°n Mart√≠nez 
Tel√©fono:  3321551182 y 3318116177
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 45081803
Academia  de f√ļtbol Atlas FC EFAR
Direcci√≥n: Deportivo Sao Paulo: Prol Av. 
8 de julio, Jes√ļs Michel Gonz√°lez # 52, Tlajomulco de Zu√Īiga, Jalisco.
Contacto:  Ing. 
Miguel √Āngel N√ļ√Īez Zambrano y Rub√©n Dar√≠o Rodr√≠guez L√≥pez
Tel√©fono: 33 3956 5023 y 33 1063 0243
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  46101803
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Club Atlas Chapalita
Direcci√≥n: Av. 
Nicolás Copérnico # 943, Colonia Residencial Plaza Guadalupe, Zapopan, Jalisco.
Contacto: Antonio Guzm√°n Almaral
Tel√©fono: 01 33 1002 1700 ext. 
2200 y 2201
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 48121803
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Club Atlas Colomos
Direcci√≥n: Calle Paseo Atlas Colomos # 2000, Colonia Lomas del Bosque, Zapopan, Jalisco.
Contacto:  M√≥nica Arreola Anguiano
Tel√©fono:  01 33 36480120 ext. 
1123 y 1145
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 47121803
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC San Luis
Direcci√≥n: Parque Tangamanga 1, campos 11 y 13, Av. 
Salvador Nava S / N, San Luis Potosí
Contacto: Jes√ļs Mel√©ndez. 
444 238 6041
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  49011905
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Selectivo
Direcci√≥n: Campos Wembley. 
Calle Prolongación Vicente Guerrero en cruce con Adolf Horn, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
Informes: Oscar S√°nchez. 
33 1270 8458
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 50011903
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Centenario
Direcci√≥n: Unidad deportiva Cadete Vicente Su√°rez. 
De la Cruz 1950, col. 
San Marcos, Ud. 
Contacto: Eduardo Mart√≠nez
Tel√©fono: 33 1469 8601
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  51280203
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC SUTERM
Direcci√≥n: Carretera libre a Zapotlanejo # 3500
Tel√©fono:  333 400 2907
Contactos:  Javier Mu√Īoz Pulido y Luis Enrique Mu√Īoz Pulido
Registro √önico de Franquicia:  52051903
Academia  de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Cd. 

Direcci√≥n:  Av. 
Carlos P√°ez s / n. 
Estadio Olímpico, Ciudad Guzmán
Contacto: Jos√© Antonio Bautista Ramos y Jos√© Antonio Ch√°vez Solano
Tel√©fono:  341119 5626 y 33 1845 2770
Registro √önico de Franquicia: 53051903
Academia de F√ļtbol  Atlas FC Tampico
Direcci√≥n: Sporting 7. Av. 
Valles S / N, Fraccionamiento Arc√°ngeles Tampico.
Contacto:  Lic. 
Martín Méndez Badillo
Tel√©fono: Oficina: 833511 11 65 y 833511 11 86
Celular:  833327 91 83
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Piamonte
Direcci√≥n: POBOX # 30072 Portland, OR 97294
Contacto: Heladio Cruz
Tel√©fono:  971 3134236
Correo electr√≥nico:  [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC Omoa
Direcci√≥n:  Local dentro de municipalidad de Omoa, Cortes, frente a carretera CA-13
Contacto:  Ra√ļl Sevilla
Tel√©fono:  903 8191 435
Correo electr√≥nico:  [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC FUTSAT San Lucas
Direcci√≥n:  Autopista Quer√©taro # 1007-G, calle S. Marqu√©s, colonia San Lucas Tepetlacalco, Tlalnepantla, Edo. 
Contacto:  Rom√°n Garc√≠a L√≥pez
Tel√©fono:  55 1388 6911
Correo electr√≥nico:   [email protected],   [email protected] 
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC FUTSAT Ojo de Agua
Direcci√≥n:  Paseo de las Carretas s / n. 
Fraccionamiento Ojo de Agua, Tecámac, Estado de México, CP 55760
Contacto:  Edgar Gustavo Lara Lozano
Tel√©fono:  55 4984 8337
Correo electr√≥nico:    [email protected]   ,
 [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC FUTSAT Coacalco
Direcci√≥n:   Av. 
Eje 3 No. 60, Coronel San Pablo de las Salinas, Tultitlán, Estado de México, CP 54930
Contacto:   Jos√© David Berrones Rubio
Tel√©fono:   55 1196 5807
Correo electr√≥nico:    [email protected],    [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas FC FUTSAT Sat√©lite
Direcci√≥n:   Cto. 
M√©dicos s / n, Cd. 
Sat√©lite, Naucalpan, Edo. 
Contacto:   Joaqu√≠n Vivanco del Castillo
Tel√©fono:   55 5562 3367, 777215 5136
Correo electr√≥nico: [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas M√©rida
Direcci√≥n:   Calle 40 por 15 y 13, Colonia San Pedro Uxmal Chuburn√° y Calle 59J por 106 y 108, Colonia Bojorquez.
Contacto:  Fernando Tovar Razo / Mario A Rodr√≠guez Monroy
Tel√©fono:  9984119882
Correo electr√≥nico:    [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas Xalapa
Direcci√≥n:  Cayetano Rodr√≠guez S/N
Contacto: Aldo Mateoly Flores Irala
Tel√©fono:  2289798230
Correo electr√≥nico: [email protected] | [email protected]
Academia de F√ļtbol Atlas CD Ju√°rez
Direcci√≥n:   Paseo de la victoria #2118, Partido Senecu. CP. 32470, Ciudad Ju√°rez.
Contacto:  Rafael Guzm√°n
Tel√©fono:  6561257698
Correo electr√≥nico:  [email protected]


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Atlas FC History

The technical abilities that the “Atlistas” utilized, such as triangle passing and skilled dribbling to escape tackles from opponents, was astounding, and as a result, they rose to the top of the Mexican football elite very quickly. As a consequence of this, Atlas and Chivas, another team from Guadalajara, have a lengthy history in the first division, and the game that they play against one another is known as the “Cl√°sico Tapato.” Club Atlas enjoyed a golden age in the late 1990s under the management of Ricardo La Volpe, with promising players such as Rafael M√°rquez, Daniel Osorno, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Pavel Pardo, Mario M√©ndez, Omar Briceo, Miguel Zepeda, and Cesar Andrade. However, despite having a team with enormous talent and reaching the Verano 1999 final, they were unable to conquer the title and were defeated by Deportivo Toluca.


The Estadio Jalisco, which is the third largest stadium in Mexico and was built on the 31st of January in 1960, is where Atlas plays its home games at the moment. It is a stadium that has hosted historic matches and teams, such as Pel√©’s Brazil in 1970. Among the other teams who have competed there.

It hosted a total of eight games during the 1970 FIFA World Cup, six of which were matches played during the group stage, and the other two were quarterfinal and semifinal matches. After then, the stadium was used as a venue for nine games during the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Six of the games were played during the group stage, one was played during the round of sixteen, and the final two games were played during the quarterfinals and the semi-finals.


Juan José Cortina, the creator of the Rojinegro squad, persuaded a friend to construct the shield for them. Throughout their entire history, the shield has remained largely unchanged and has only had a small number of minor adjustments.


Grupo Orlegi is a diversified commercial conglomerate that currently operates in thirteen of the Mexican Republic’s states in addition to a number of other nations, including the United States of America, Belize, Cuba, Colombia, and Scotland. It has a total of 377 direct collaborators, 570 temporary collaborators, and 1800 indirect collaborators, and it also has cultural diversity due to the fact that its collaborators come from 11 different countries.

Grupo Orlegi President Alejandro Irarragorri

Orlegi Sports & Entertainment, which focuses on the sports market, and Orlegi Negocios, which is committed to the creation and development of commercial ventures, are the company’s two distinct business lines. Its flag consists of the letters O and E, which correspond to the Basque word “Orlegi,” which means green. When the word “Orlegi” is divided, it leaves the word “Egi,” which comes from the same origin and implies reality. The phrase “Green Reality” describes what the company stands for.

He got his start in the sports industry as the owner of the Santos Laguna Club, a professional soccer team that competes in the MX League. He also owns the sports, social, and cultural complex known as Santos Modelo Territory, which is home to the Corona Stadium. It started diversifying its company by founding the Impulso TSM firms and incorporating Jalser as a corporation. This was the beginning of its expansion into other markets. In 2016, Orlegi launched the project for TM Ftbol Club in Tamaulipas, which competes in the Liga de Ascenso MX. Additionally, in 2016, Orlegi launched Grupo Inmobiliario Orlegi, a building business that works on projects at the national and international levels.