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Mazatlán Futbol Club is a Mexican professional football team based in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

Mazatlán FC Youth Development System

Mazatlán FC Academy

Official visors of Mazatlan F.C.

*Alonso Salcido, Sebastián Rivera and Ángel González will recruit Mazatleco talent.

The vision process of our institution is getting closer, that’s why we formally present Carlos Alonso Salcido, Juan Sebastián Rivera and Ángel González Monter as the official viewers of Mazatlan F.C.

In addition to being a Mazatleco and knowing perfectly the potential of the local soccer player, Alonso Salcido has a long career at the youth level in Mexican soccer, being his last experience with Club Necaxa, where he worked with the U-13, U-15, U-17, U-20 and Femenil categories; Rivera Gómez joined the team after having participated as Technical Assistant of the Cuauhtémoc University of the Third Division; while González Monter has an extensive career of talent detection at the national level.

The three elements are already working on the project that can be initiated once the authorities and the “new normal” indicate it and allow it.

We invite young people interested in being part of this story to stay tuned to the information officially broadcast on our different platforms and ignore ads and viewers outside the organization.

Our visor system is in the best hands and we trust that we will soon meet on the court.

As of this writing, Mazatlan FC post their open tryouts in their news section of their official website. To keep up to date, please continue to check out the news section by clicking here.


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Mazatlán FC History

The Sinaloan state government made the decision in 2017 to construct a brand new football stadium in the city of Mazatlán as part of a larger project that aimed to construct and upgrade a number of other sporting venues around the state. The establishment of a professional football team that would compete in Mazatlán was one of the objectives of this initiative.

The construction of the stadium was sped up in the year 2020 in order to have it finished by the 30th of June and ahead of the start of the 2020–21 season. This was done with the intention of luring a professional team to relocate to the newly constructed stadium. According to reports, the stadium came in at a total cost of 1.45 billion pesos and was given the temporary name Estadio de Mazatlán (Mazatlán Stadium).

Lobbying efforts were undertaken with many Liga MX clubs by the government of Sinaloa, together with a group of businessmen from Mazatlán. Morelia, Puebla, and Querétaro were the teams that were said to be considering a move to Mazatlán for the 2020–21 season as potential candidates for relocation. The news that Monarcas Morelia would be relocating to Mazatlán and changing its name to Mazatlán Futbol Club was made public on June 2nd, and the announcement was made official. On June 8th, Mazatlán revealed its official colors and crest to the world. Purple, black, and white are the colors that represent the squad.

The club introduced Francisco Palencia as their new manager on June 11th, 2020, for the next season of 2020–2021. César Huerta scored the club’s first official goal on July 27 during Mazatlán’s first official match, which was played against Puebla and resulted in a loss by a score of 1–4. The match marked the club’s first ever competition.


In 2017, work began on a football stadium in the city of Mazatlán as part of a project to develop and renovate various sports venues in the state of Sinaloa. This project is part of a larger project to build and modernize numerous sports venues around the state. Since that year, the objective has been to lure a football club to the city so that it can use the new stadium.

At the same time, the Pacific F.C. was established; it was owned by the Faharo Group, which also owned the Murciélagos F.C.; however, when the team was competing in its first tournaments, the city of Los Mochis served as its temporary headquarters. This baseball club would only play for a few months in the city of Mazatlán, playing in the Estadio Teodoro Mariscal, which is a baseball stadium. The Pacific would not arrive in Mazatlán until January 2019, when they would play there.

The building work on the stadium was sped up in 2020 in order to meet the deadline of having it finished in time for the beginning of the football season in 2020–2021. Finally, on June 2nd, the entrance of a new team was revealed for the venue. Previously known as Monarcas Morelia, the squad is now known as Mazatlán Ftbol Club after relocating from Michoacán. It was decided to call the venue the Estadio de Mazatlán for the time being. Mazatlán F.C. made the announcement that the stadium would henceforth be referred to as El Kraken both internally and publicly on July 7, 2020; nevertheless, the stadium still retains its old name on an official level.

The first game ever played at the stadium took place on July 27, 2020, and it was a matchup between Mazatlán and Puebla. This matchup corresponded to Week 1 of the Torneo Guardianes 2020 tournament. Puebla emerged victorious with a final score of 1-4, and one of its own players, Santiago Ormeo, was responsible for the venue’s very first goal in its long history. Puebla won the match.


The circle, the anchor, the cannon, and the lighthouse are the emblems that are used to represent Mazatlan FC. The power and vitality that come from the sun are what the circle is supposed to represent. The anchor is a symbol of how the city of Mazatlan stays connected to its past and its traditions.

The guns stand for the city of Mazatlan and their struggle to maintain control of their land. In conclusion, the lighthouse symbolizes the direction and guidance that is provided by their lighthouse to their mariners while they are at sea.


Grupo Salinas is the club’s primary shareholder and principal owner. The vibrant and forward-thinking businesses that make up Grupo Salinas are committed to providing value to customers and enhancing society via a relentless pursuit of excellence. They are expanding quickly and are at the forefront of technological innovation. Grupo Salinas contributes to the economic growth of the nations in which it operates by improving people’s lives on all societal levels.

TV Azteca, Azteca America, and Grupo Elektra are just a few of the well-known businesses that Grupo Salinas has under its umbrella. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who serves as President of Grupo Salinas, is in charge of all of the company’s operations.