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Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, commonly known as Tijuana, or simply as Xolos, is a Mexican professional football club based in Tijuana, Mexico. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

Club Tijuana Youth Development System

Club Tijuana Reserves

Since its inception, the Club Tijuana project has laid solid foundations. Proof of this was the creation of the reserve teams and the construction of the Caliente Stadium, since in its beginnings the CREA Sports Unit of Tijuana was the battlefield of our Red-black Warriors.

Today, the Xoloitzcuintle Territory maintains its growth and the Xoloitzcuintles youth divisions have an encouraging outlook with participation in U13, U15, U17 and U20 National Tournaments, as well as the Second Premier Division competition.

The opening of the Xoloitzcuintles Initiation Center has been significant for Club Tijuana. Currently, the enrollment of students in the Club Tijuana Children’s Soccer School has more than 600 registered, a situation that led to the opening of new schools in the Border, as well as in the municipalities of Rosarito, Ensenada, as well as in Chula Vista and Temecula, already in the territory of California in which there are more than a thousand students developing their talent under the tutelage of the Xoloitzcuintle Technical Staff.

For more news on the reserve teams, please click here.

Club Tijuana United States Xolos Academy

The Xolos Academy FC is a youth soccer developmental and competitive organization that serves athletes of various ages throughout the region. The academy carries the name of the Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente professional Mexican First Division team in the LIGA Bancomer MX.

Our academy and teams reflect the strategies and planning that the Mexican First Division team practices, giving our athletes the opportunity to be part of the Xoloitzcuintles family. Coaches from the academies teach the same or similar ideas used in the senior team for competition and development.

The Xolos Academy FC is the stepping stone to what could be a bright soccer career as our athletes have the chance to move through our farm system and eventually having the possibility to be part of our professional teams.

The academy teaches tactical, athletic and critical thinking skills along the way and our athletes have fun doing it. Tryouts are held throughout different categories. Most of our teams participate in highly competitive leagues, the Presidio and Coast Leagues are two of those. Our teams strive to allow our players the opportunity to gain a college scholarship or make a professional career out of their experience. The academy training not only focuses on the learning athletic skill to be a well rounded soccer player but also an outstanding citizen off the field. It introduces young athletes to hard work, the ability to work in a group, to be dedicates and to be a responsible person.

The Xolos Academy FC is the only program in the United States operating under the Club Tijuana brand.

Club Tijuana California Academy

Xolos Academy FC practices at The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. This is home base for our academy and its teams. Training sessions vary depending on the team and age category.

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
2800 Olympic Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91915

Check out our categories for training times and more information:  

Club Tijuana Goalkeeper Training

CHULA VISTA –Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente encourages those who want to be standout goalkeepers and some day reach the professional level to attend the professional goalkeeper school.

Classes are held at Hilltop High School in Chula Vista, Calif. where students will be taken through a curriculum that best fits their skills and sets them on a path to success as a goalkeeper at all levels of play. The idea behind the program is to help boys and girls develop the necessary skills to become a great goalkeeper.

Goalkeeepr coaches bring rich backgrounds and experience in goalkeeping. Coaches provide programs designed to help goalkeepers with their overall game. That includes field positioning, angles, ball striking and reading an offense while directing a defense.

The program is designed to help players of all ages develop into a goalkeeper that can possibly become part of Club Tijuana’s youth reserves teams known as “Fuerzas Basicas.” 

Classes and training sessions are held Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Southwestern College. 

For more information call (619) 600-3792 or click here.

Club Tijuana XOLOS ACADEMY FC Groups

The academy host various age groups ranging from minixolos, U-8, U-9, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, and U-19

To learn more about these categories, please click here.

If you have further questions, you can directly send them a message by visiting their official site by clicking here.

(Photo by Manuel Guadarrama/Getty Images)


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On November 11, 2007, the official opening of the Estadio Caliente, a multi-use stadium in Tijuana, Baja California, took place during a match between Club Tijuana and Pumas Morelos. The number of people who showed up was 13,333, which was more than the capacity of the stadium. In July of 2009, an expansion brought the total capacity up to 16,000.

The desire of stadium owner Jorge Hank Rhon to see the city become home to a professional football club was the primary motivation for the construction of the stadium. When the capacity was increased, Club Tijuana became officially qualified for promotion to the Primera División de México, as required by the Mexican Football Federation, which states that teams competing in the First Division must have a stadium with a capacity of above 15,000.

There were two distinct phases envisioned for the construction of the stadium. The initial stage of construction saw the completion of the stadium’s ground and lower levels. The capacity of the stadium was raised during the second phase of construction. According to the management of Club Xoloitzcuintles, the home stadium of Estadio Caliente was expanded by 4,000 seats in order to bring the total number of available seats up to 20,000.

In addition, the team renovated the locker rooms for the players and repaved the parking lot with stone to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The installation of stadium lights is one of the building projects, and there shouldn’t be any problems associated with it.


Hermoso, the owner Jorge Hank’s cherished red xoloitzcuintle, sometimes known as a xolo for short, is a hairless breed of dog. When Jorge Hank created the club, he requested that the face of Hermoso be included in the center of the badge. The story goes that in the 1950s, Diego Rivera presented Hank’s grandfather with their very first xolo. Because the Hank family fell so much in love with the xolo breed, they decided to start a xolo kennel club not long after.

Within the breed, a red xoloitzcuintle is extremely rare of only one in one hundred – most are black or gray. Credit.

This dog, named Xolotl after the Aztec god of lightning and death, was said to have been created by Xolotl with the purpose of protecting the living and assisting the spirits of the deceased in navigating the perils of the underworld. The xolo was once in danger of extinction, but now it is revered as a national symbol in Mexico.


Grupo Caliente, a Mexican business that specializes in wagering on sports, owns 100% of Club Tijuana. Grupo Caliente and the dog racing track that is located right next door to the team’s stadium are both owned by Jorge Hank Rhon, who served as mayor of Tijuana previously.

(left) Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunza

Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunsa, Jorge Hank Rhon’s son, has taken over management of the team when his father, Jorge Hank Rhon, passed away. Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunza, who was just in the middle of his 20s when he became president of Club Tijuana, is Hank’s son.