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Deportivo Toluca FĂştbol Club commonly known as Deportivo Toluca or just Toluca, is a Mexican football club based in Toluca, Mexico. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

Deportivo Toluca FC Youth Development System

Deportivo Toluca FC Academy

Deportivo Toluca F.C. Reserves and Academy, also known as thier “fuerzas basicas”, are the current reserves and academy systems including the Toluca Premier team and the AtlĂ©tico Mexiquense U20 and U17 sides that act to develop young footballers on behalf of Deportivo Toluca F.C.

Atlético Mexiquense was founded in 1997 and acted as a farm team for Toluca and played in the Primera División A until 2009 when a large restructuring took place that dissolved the team as well as many other first division farm teams to their current state.

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Toluca FC Trails

Deportivo Toluca FC aims to expand opportunities for young people to demonstrate their capabilities in the tryouts that take place throughout the Mexican Republic, mainly in the State of Mexico. In this way, we contribute to the development of the sport in Mexico by increasing the recruitment of new promises. ALL OUR VIEWINGS ARE COMPLETELY FREE.

Metepec: Calle Besana S / N, Col. Barrio del Espiritu Santo,
52140 Metepec, Mex

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Toluca FC Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there is no official publishing’s on Toluca FC trials. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official news section.


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Toluca Stadium

The Estadio Nemesio Dez, often known as “La Bombonera,” is one of the football stadiums in Mexico that is the oldest still in use. It first opened its doors on August 8, 1954, and now has a capacity of 30,000 seats. It can be found in the Mexican city of Toluca, which is close to Mexico City. The Deportivo Toluca Football Club calls this their home field. This stadium, thanks to its location, has been the site of two World Cup matches (1970 and 1986). It is one of the stadiums in North America that sits at an elevation of around 2,670 meters (8,750 feet), making it one of the highest altitude stadiums in the region. Because this stadium did not have a lighting system in the past, the local team had no choice but to play their games during the middle of the day as a matter of tradition.

The stadium was originally known as: Estadio Toluca 70-86, Estadio Toluca 70, Estadio Luis Gutiérrez Dosal and Estadio Héctor Barraza.



The majority of the ownership stake in Deportivo Toluca FC is held by Valentn Diez Morodo. In the year 2019, his family has been in command of the squad for 60 years, following a number of significant moments that have occurred during their history. Fransico Suinaga is serving as the team’s chairman at the present time.

ValentĂ­n Diez Morodo