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Club Santos Laguna commonly known as Santos Laguna or Santos, is a Mexican professional football club. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top-flight of Mexican football.

Club Santos Laguna Youth Development System

Club Santos Laguna Academy – Mexico

Santos’ football academies became a part of the institution in September of 2010, and since then, have attracted hungry and talented young players from across Mexico. Our network of academies is aimed at helping prospective players to develop their soccer skillset in a formative environment where each one learns what it means to work hard on and off the field.

Our objectives are well established: it’s very important to find a productive integration of our players by adopting a clear learning path based on the methodology used by our professional youth teams. We always strive to demonstrate our values and clarify our objectives with a team of highly trained coaches.

Currently, our network consists of training centers in Torreón and Mexico City, and as of 2019 we have 46 academies in Mexico with 4,000 players ranging from 4-17 years old. 11 of those academies have been formed in part with our founding sponsor Peñoles, which is committed to the development of communities.

We work hard forge warriors who understand that belonging to Club Santos Laguna is a privilege and that serving others is fundamental, as demonstrated through our philosophy “Ganar Sirviendo” or “To win by serving is the only option.”

For a complete list of contact information for specific academies in Mexico, please click here.

Club Santos Laguna Academy – USA

Derived from the club’s internationalization project, in 2020 the program expanded its focus to the United States where there is a very large community of soccer fans and followers of Santos Laguna, making it a priority for our institution.

The main objective is to help young soccer players develop their skills in a 100% educational environment, providing growth platforms for each one of them and tools for their parents.

It should be noted that the methodology used in our Academies and Training Centers is based on that used by the professional categories of the club itself, which allows us to productively integrate the players through our “Winning by Serving” philosophy. Because we believe in developing human beings before athletes, this allows for us to foster important values and a sense of social responsibility among all young athletes.

We enthusiastically open the doors to the more than four thousand registered players in the United States and to the community in general, to whom we extend our purpose of excellence in training on and off the field.

For a complete list of contact information for specific academies in the USA, please click here.

Club Santos Laguna Formation Centers

The Santos Lala Formation Center began its operations in January 2010 at the High-Performance Center at Territorio Santos Modelo and uses the same methodology developed by Club Santos Laguna.

Its aim is developing young men and women which live up to the the club’s values through soccer. They understand that wearing Santos colors has a clear meaning: “Ganar sirviendo es la única opción” (winning by serving is the only option).


Belonging to the Santos Lala Formation Center has many advantages: training and games at TSM, the home of Santos Laguna;  national and international tournaments;  preferential treatment at Copa Santos Peñoles and Copa InterSantos; opportunities to take part in Liga MX protocols, and close proximity to the young professional divisions of Santos Laguna.

Ages and schedules

We work through various stages, from 4 years old to 15 years old.

Trainings are scheduled from Monday to Tuesday in the afternoon. Please feel free to contact us.

For further information please contact:

Phone number: 871 2939163
E-mail: [email protected] 
Facebook: Centro de formación Santos Lala (in spanish)

Or visit their official site by clicking here.

Santos Laguna Reserves

Club Santos Laguna S.A. de C.V. Reserves and Academy are the under-20, under-17 and under-15, under-14, under-13 teams of Mexican Liga MX club Santos Laguna.

To learn more about the youth divisions at Santos Laguna and all of their educational processes, goals, training, personal development, and vision, please click here.


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Club Santos Laguna History

Santos Laguna was established in 1983, and after purchasing the ngeles de Puebla club, the team advanced to the highest level of competition in Mexico. The club made its debut in Mexico’s top level during the campaign that took place in 1988–1989. They have triumphed in the Invierno 1996 tournament, the Verano 2001 tournament, the Clausura 2008 tournament, the Clausura 2012 tournament, the Clausura 2015 tournament, and the Clausura 2018 tournament.

The club competed in the finals of the 1993–1994 season, the Verano 2000 tournament, the Bicentenario 2010 tournament, the Apertura 2010 tournament, and the Apertura 2011 tournament. The Apertura 2014 Copa MX championship was won by Santos Laguna. Santos is the third football club to be established in the Laguna region, following in the footsteps of the doomed Laguna Football Club and the Football Club Torreon (which formed the Black Lions of the University Deportivo Guadalajara and Neza, respectively).

A new club logo was introduced in 2018 as part of the celebrations commemorating the organization’s 35th anniversary. According to a poll conducted by Consulta Mitofsky on February 17, 2013, it ranked as the fifth-most popular team in Mexico.


Estadio Corona, which cost $100 million and has a capacity of 30,050, is where Santos Laguna plays their home games. The first stone was laid on February 22, 2008, and the stadium officially opened for business on November 11, 2009, with a friendly match between Santos Laguna and Santos FC, both of whom played in the Brazilian Série A. The event was sold out, and attendees included President Felipe Calderón of Mexico and Pelé, a Brazilian great. Santos Laguna won, 2–1.


The colors green and white make up the Santos Laguna school colors. In 1983, when Santos Laguna was first established, the company chose to have its crest be white with green stripes and inscriptions (similar to that of Santos FC). When Grupo Modelo purchased the club in 1991, the emblem changed to become more comparable to the one that is used today. After claiming their first championship in the Invierno 1996 competition in 1996, a star was placed to the badge to commemorate their achievement. After they had won their second championship in 2001, an additional star was added to the logo, and the color of the star was changed to a darker shade of green with a black outline. The stars have been moved to the outside of the badge as of the year 2012. In honor of the club’s 35th anniversary, which took place in 2018, a unique badge was created that featured the number ’35.’ After claiming victory in the Clausura 2018 tournament, a sixth star was added to the roster.


Santos Laguna is owned by Grupo Orlegi to a much greater extent than any other single entity. Grupo Orlegi was established by Alejandro Irarragorri, who also serves as the company’s current Chairman of the Board of Directors. Grupo Orlegi is a diversified commercial conglomerate that currently operates in thirteen of the Mexican Republic’s states in addition to a number of other nations, including the United States of America, Belize, Cuba, Colombia, and Scotland. It has a total of 377 direct collaborators, 570 temporary collaborators, and 1800 indirect collaborators, and it also has a diverse cultural makeup due to the fact that its collaborators come from 11 different countries.

Alejandro Irarragorri

Orlegi Sports & Entertainment, which focuses on the sports market, and Orlegi Negocios, which is committed to the creation and development of commercial ventures, are the two business lines that make up the company.