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Club de F√ļtbol Monterrey, often known simply as Monterrey, is a Mexican professional football club based in Monterrey, Nuevo Le√≥n, Mexico. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

CF Monterrey Youth Development System

CF Monterrey Academy

Club de F√ļtbol Monterrey Reserves and Academy are the under-20, under-17 and under-15 teams of Mexican Liga MX club Monterrey.

Striped In Site Program

Sign up to Striped in sight and fulfill your dream of being a soccer player!

Striped in sight it is a viewing program to detect talent early and you can be part of it.

What do I have to do?
If you live in Nuevo León and you were born, REGISTER NOW!

Once you register, you will be able to participate in the first filter and the second filter, which will be in one of the following venues:

  1. Nova Sports Center, in San Nicol√°s (see map)
  2. Rayados Escobedo Official School (see map)
  3. Fields Fut7 San Miguel, in Guadalupe (see map)

For more information on this Striped In Site program, please click here.

Official CF Monterrey Youth Schools

The Monterrey Soccer Club currently has 130 official schools in 25 states of Mexico and 14 in the United States, where thousands of young soccer players are trained.

These are a tool to promote sport and discipline in society, in addition to providing quality players for the First Team.

If you want information about licenses of the Official School Rayados, contact our representatives by mail [email protected]

CF Monterrey Schools in USA

Here is the list of Official CF Monterrey Schools in the United States:

Laredo-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible parties: Miguel Angel Ortega Jr. and Enrique De La Cruz
Address: 244 Vintage Ln. Field: 1701 San Isidrio Parkway, Texas
Phones: 956.206.6965, 9569490833
Email:[email protected]
McAllen-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Jorge Nelther Mu√Īoz
Address: 29st. and Daffodil in McAllen Texas. 78501 USA
Telephone: 956-331-3981
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Waller-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Jorge Alvarado
Address: 2702 Orange Street, Waller, Texas 77484 USA
Telephone: (713) 417-7485
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Austin-Rayados Soccer Academy
Person in charge: Arturo Mendoza
Address: 5300, Navarro Creek Rd, Del Valle, Texas. 78617
Phone: 1-512-825-2968
Email:[email protected]
Bexar-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Jorge Cruz.
Address: 6900 McCullough, San Antonio, Texas. 78216
Phones: (210) 529-6782
Email:[email protected]
Houston-Rayados Soccer Academy
Person in charge: Julio César Hernández
Address: 6231 Langham Way Dr, Houston, TX 77084/2243 Baker Cypress Rd, Houston, TX 77084
Phones: (832) -661-9470
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Houston Rayados
East Texas-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Alejandro Gauna
Address: Hayes Soccer Field, 12923 Old Noonday Rd, Tyler, Texas 75703
Phones: 903-343-9689
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: EastTexasRayados
Arizona-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Ing. Victor Perez
Address: 3450 N Fairview Ave. Tucson, Arizona. 85705, “Ochoa and Jacobs Park”
Phone: (520) 628-0166
Email: [email protected]
Internet page:
Facebook: Rayados Arizona
Yuba City-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible: Salvador Arévalo
Address: 2088 N Beale Rd, Marysville, California. 95901
Phone: (530) 632-5992
Email: [email protected]
Internet page:
Richmond-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible parties: Sergio García Romero, Joel Martínez and Rudy Zeller
Address: 960 S 47th St. Richmond, California. 94804 “BTA / Booker T. Anderson Park”
Phone: (925) 214-1192 AND (510) 734-2269
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Facebook: @richmondrayados
Miami-Rayados Soccer Academy
Responsible party: Carlos Marcelo Masanti
Address: 3508 NW 114th Ave, Doral, Florida 33178
Telephone: 7683572441
Email: [email protected]

CF Monterrey Schools in Mexico

Here is the list of Official CF Monterrey Schools in the Mexico:


San Nicol√°s-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Prof. Eliseo Aceves
Address: Old Road to Santo Domingo S / N Cruz with Arturo B. de la Garza, San Nicol√°s de los Garza
Address: Zacatecas # 215 Cruz with Santo Domingo, Col. Nicol√°s Bravo, San Nicol√°s de los Garza “Campos Forca”
Phones: (044) -811-212-6687, Nextel: 1476-8822, ID: 72 * 8 * 33609
Email:[email protected]
Guadalupe-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Cesar Santiago Guerrero Morales
Address: Rep√ļblica Rayada, La Quinta, 67170 Guadalupe, NL
Telephone: 8124768605 and 8115123049
Email:[email protected]
Official Master-Rayados School
Responsible: Nicol√°s Carlos Lara Cepeda.
Address: Calle Benito Ju√°rez # 1505a, Col. Guadalupe Victoria, Gudalupe, Nuevo Le√≥n “Canchas Live Soccer MTY”
Phones: 8186550392; 8115169093; 8180162734.
Email:[email protected]
Valle-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Mr. Roberto Medina Arellano
Address: Prolongación Padre Mier # 1300, Col. Misión del Valle, San Pedro Garza García
Telephone: 11-338939
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Cumbres-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Lic. L√°zaro Castellanos Morales
Address: Paseo de las Olimpiadas, # 2006, Col. Cumbres 3er. Sector. Monterrey, NL
Telephone: 8300-4000, Ext. 114
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Escobedo-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Lic. Rafael Rodr√≠guez √Āvila
Address: Calle Siete # 561 A, Cruz con Av. Las Torres, Col. Praderas de los Girasoles Escobedo NL
Telephone: 1873-7280, 2230-7313
E-mail:[email protected]
Social Networks: Official Rayados Escobedo Facebook
Lomas Soccer-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Ernesto Martínez
Address: Ave. Jardín de las Lomas No 100 Fracc. Las Lomas Sec. Jardines
Phones: 4444-0133
Email:[email protected]
Internet page:
Concordia-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Lic. Jessica Ayala Martínez
Address: Ave. Concordia # 300 Col. Nueva las Puentes, Apodaca, NL “Canchas Futregio”
Telephone: 8131033651
Email:[email protected]
San Roque-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Juan Enrique Rodríguez
Address: Av. Acueducto # 115, Residencial Santa Mónica, Juárez, NL
Telephone: Cel. 8127722378
Email:[email protected]
Francisco Avil√°n-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Francisco Avil√°n Cruz
Address: Gonzalitos and Ruiz Cortines (In front of the NL Gymnasium) Monterrey, NL
CEL Phones: 811-010-7538
Email:[email protected]
Valle Oriente-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Rodrigo Barrag√°n Salinas.
Address: Camino al Mirador # 5800, Fracc. Club Sonoma Col. Paseo Residencial, Monterrey, NL
Phones: 818-660-5700
Email:[email protected]
University-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Juan Alberto Navarro
Address: Av. Universidad 1000, Col. Nuevo Laredo, San Nicol√°s de los Garza, NL ‘LIGA EURO’ (In front of Clinic 6)
Telephone: (81) 8202-4377
Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Official School Rayados University
VADU-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Rom√°n Vargas
School Address: Av. Cuauhtemoc, # 102-A, Col. Unidad Nacional, Santa Catarina, NL
Telephones: cel. 811-902-9261 and 1772-5515
Email:[email protected]
Official School Mty. North-Striped
Responsible party: Enrique Daniel Pérez
School Address: Luis Donaldo Colosio and Av. No Reelección, Col. Solidaridad, Monterrey, NL
Cell Phones: 818-287-7416
Email: [email protected]
Elite-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Prof. Arturo Guerrero Salinas and Edson Yair Guerrero Moreno
School Address: Av. La Luz, León XIII, Guadalupe, NL.
Phones: 8126129792, 8110296750
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Escuela Rayados Elite
Huasteca-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Prof. Juventino Ruíz González.
School Address: Virgilio C. Guerra # 216 Col. La Fama, Santa Catarina, NL “Canchas Rep√ļblica Verde”
Phones: Cell: 8112557569
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Rayados Huasteca
Nuevo León JM-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Alma Alicia Martinez Rodriguez.
School Address: Av. San Roque # 600, Col. Coahuila, CP 67257, Ju√°rez NL (Cancha Kalcho)
Phones: Cell: 8125059610 and 8125226622
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Rayados JM Training School
Loma Linda-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Prof. Daniel Pérez Quiroga.
School Address: Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean Col. Loma Linda, Monterrey, NL
Phones: Cell: 8182877416
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Soccer Rayados-Loma Linda
Santa María-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Héctor Alonso Cavazos Pérez and Diego Armando Cavazos Pérez.
School Address: Av. Israel Cavazos # 1005 Col. Ni√Īos H√©roes, Guadalupe NL (fields 4-4-2 M√©xico)
Phones: 82824262, cel 8118009749
Email: [email protected]
Enlace-Rayados Official School
Responsible: DT Martín Garza Wong.
School Address: Av. Ignacio Sep√ļlveda # 341 between Carretera Miguel Alem√°n and Av. H√©ctor Caballero, Apodaca, NL
Telephone: Cel. 818-028-1112
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Rayados Official Link
San Carlos-Rayados Official School
Responsible: √Āngel Gonz√°lez.
School Address: Rodesia s / n, Col. Villas de San Carlos 2nd.Sector, “Unidad Deportiva Villas de San Carlos, Apodaca, NL
Telephone: Cel. 8111745450
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: scratched sc
Official School 7 Dos-Rayados
Person in charge: Francisco Medina
School Address: Valle de Cumbres # 971, Fracc. Valle de Cumbres, Garc√≠a, Nuevo Le√≥n, CP 66035 “Club Deportivo Valle de Cumbres”
Telephone: 811-866-3980
Email:[email protected]
Madero-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Juan Navarro
School Address: Jes√ļs M. Garza # 3721 cruz with Antonio L. Villarreal, Col. Madero, Monterrey, NL “Kalcho Fundidora” 5 min from the station “Y” Griega
Telephone: (81) 2619-2184
Email Electronic:[email protected]
Iguaneros-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: MCE Doris Giovanna Contreras Dur√°n
School Directorate: Free Trade Agreement # 140, Stiva Industrial Park, Apodaca, Nuevo León. Sports Cosmoplus.
Telephone: 8115732331
Email: [email protected]
Berain-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Fernando Sepulveda
Address: Paseo de las Américas 2460 col. Contry La Silla, Guadalupe, NL CP 67173
Telephone: 8117784865
Email:[email protected]
Facebook / Instagram: Rayados Berain Oficial
Apodaca-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Eliseo Aceves Salazar, Eduardo Aguilar García.
School Address: “Canchas Liga Copa del Mundo” Av. Miguel Alem√°n 510 NTE in front of Parque Altiva and Centro Zapatero, Apodaca, Nuevo Le√≥n
Telephone: Cel. 8112126687
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Official School Rayados Apodaca
Official School Pheasants-Striped
Responsible: Romario Guerrero Díaz.
School Address: Plutarco Elias Calles cross with Santa Fé, Guadalupe Municipality, Nuevo León
Telephone: Cel. 8116860431
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Striped Pheasants
Poniente-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Eliseo Aceves Salazar.
School Address: Prolongación Ruiz Cortínez # 2000, Colonia Cumbres San Agustín, Monterrey, Nuevo León, CP 64346
Telephone: Cel. 8132686550
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Arroyo-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Eduardo Gutiérrez
Address: Narciso Mendoza S / N, Col. Martinez Dominguez, Dr Arroyo NL.
Telephone: 8122236005
Email:[email protected]
Official School Santa Rosa-Rayados
Responsible: Juan Navarro
School Address: Av Benito Cant√ļ Garza and calle de la Montura. Col. Portal de Santa Rosa, Apodaca NL
Telephone: Cel. 8127315107
Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Rayados Santa Rosa School
Linares-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Joel Gómez Ramos
School Address: Food Industry, North Termination, Linares, NL
Telephone: Cel. 8211231392, 8129399964
Email:[email protected]
Social Networks: Rayados Linares Academy
Fisheries Official School-Rayados
Person in charge: √Āngel Gonz√°lez and Claudia Romero
Address: Centro de Pesquería Sports Unit, Calle Escobedo and Ruperto Martinez SN
Telephone: 8111745450
Email:[email protected]
Social Networks: Facebook Rayados Pesquería


Escuela Oficial Aguascalientes-Rayados
Responsable: MES. Ad√°n Yosafath Cuevas Flores.
Direcciones: Av. Eugenio Garza Sada (Antiguo camino a San Ignacio) Km.1 , Rancho Los Gavilanes // Martes y Jueves
Av. Constitución #610, Loma Bonita // Lunes y Miércoles
Teléfonos: (449)153-23-60, Celular: 044-449-188-79-04 // 044-449-294-48-02
Correo Electr√≥nico: [email protected]
Facebook: RayadosAgs Club


Tijuana-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Carlos Sanchez.
Address: Blvd. Pacífico # 14536 Parque Ind. Pacífico Tijuana BC CP 22643
Phones: Office 6644955033
Email: [email protected]
Facebook page: stripeddetijuana
Web page:
CEFFO-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Alejandro Ram√≠rez Address: Calle Von Humbolt # 17501, Garita de Otay, Tijuana, Baja California “Centro de Formaci√≥n Infantil Femenil y Hombre de Baja California”
Telephone: 6643511940
Email: [email protected]
Ensenada-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Edwin Ramón Morales Sandoval
Address: Calle Obregón # 464 between 4ta y 5ta, Zona Centro, Ensenada, Baja California, CP 22880
Phones: 6461379968
Email: [email protected]
Los Cabos-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Juan José Coronado.
Address: Juez Ernesto Aramburu Saavedra Street, between Forjadores and Prof. Flavio Olachea Monejano streets, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur.
Phones: (624) 129-1534
Email: [email protected]
Official School La Paz-Rayados
Responsible: Carlos Carballo Natera and Jes√ļs Triste Silva.
Address: Carretera al sur km. 8, Col. El Mezquitito, La Paz, BCS CP. 23080 “Universidad de Tijuana”
Phones: 6121555403
Email: [email protected]
Facebook page: Subsidiary Rayados La Paz BCS


Goliat Official School Cd. Del Carmen-Rayados
Responsible: Gerardo Pimienta Barajas.
Address: Av. Nardos esq. Dzalan Street, Fracc. Maderas – Maderas Sports Unit Cd Del Carmen, Camp.
Phones: (045) 9384059463 and 01 (938) 1182506
Email: [email protected]


Chihuahua-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Javier Quintana Castro
Address: Vialidad Sacramento y Dostoyevski, Chihuahua, Chihuahua.
Phones: 6141906377
Email:[email protected]
San Patricio-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Hugo Ricardo Dur√°n G.
Address: Prof. Aguirre Laredo No. 6142, Col. Villa Alegre, Cd. Ju√°rez, Chihuahua
Telephone numbers: 656-207-7989 and 656-282-3374
E-mail:[email protected] ; [email protected]
Official School of Santiago-Rayados
Person in charge: José De Santiago
Address: Av. Juan Pablo II # 868, Ciudad Ju√°rez, Chihuahua “Border Soccer”
Telephone: 8122086714
Email:[email protected]
Northwest-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Carlos Venzor Varela
Address: Carretera Panamericana, km 24, Col. Riberas del Sacramento, Chihuahua, Chihuahua CP 31184
Phones: 614-256-9187
Email:[email protected] [email protected]


CEFOR Coyoac√°n-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Faustino García Hernández
Address: Londres No 123 Esq. Abasolo, Col. Del Carmen Coyoac√°n, ‘Deportivo La Fragata’ M√©xico, DF
Telephone: 4753-91-68, 5637-05-87, Cel. 04455-29-09- 56-54
Email:[email protected]
CARSAF-Rayados Official School
Responsible: DT Alejandro Serrano López
Address: Congress of the Union s / n Col. El Parque, CP 15960 Venustiano Carranza Delegation, CDMX. “Deportivo L√°zaro C√°rdenas”
Telephones: Cell. 5544507903 and 5544507903
E-mail:[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
CARSAF Linda Vista-Rayados Official School
Responsible: DT Alejandro Serrano López and CP Anabel Camacho S.
Address: Av. Lindavista S / N between Matanzas and Lima, Col. Lindavista, Deleg. Gustavo A. Madero, CDMX, “Deportivo Miguel Alem√°n”
Telephone numbers: Cell. 5544507903 and 5544507903
E-mail:[email protected], [email protected]
Villacoapa-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Lic. Gustavo Herrera Gutierrez
Address: Calzada del Hueso, # 381, Col. Girasoles III, Delg. Coyoac√°n, Deportivo de los Electricistas, Mexico City, DF, CP04920
Telephone: Office 01 (55) 56 79 34 22 Cellular 044 55 18 55 12 83 and 044 55 13 78 03 89
Email: [email protected]
Facebook page: Monterrey Villacoapa
Twitter page: @MVillacoapa
Official Renaissance-Rayados School
Responsible: Osvaldo Miramontes.
Address: Deportivo Batall√≥n San Patricio Cancha # 1, Av. Calle 10 between Av. Escuadr√≥n 201 and Canario, Colonia Primera Victoria, Bosques Section, √Ālvaro Obreg√≥n Delegation, DF
Phones: 5617105858, 5583680759
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Facebook: Official School of Soccer Rayados Renacimiento
Xochimilco-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Prof. Víctor Hugo López López.
Address: Avenida Nuevo Le√≥n s / n, Deportivo “San Gregorio”, Town of San Gregorio, Xochimilco, DF
Telephone: 5591689154 and 5513889624
Email: [email protected]
Social Networks: Facebook Official School of Monterrey Rayados Xochimilco
Aragon-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Sergio Méndez
Address: Av. José Loreto Fabela S / N, Col. San Juan de Aragón 7a. Secc., Gustavo A. Madero Delegation, Mexico City (Deportivo los Galeana)
Telephone: 5611241121
Email:[email protected]


Saltillo-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Carlos Mesta
Address: Perif√©rico Lu√≠s Echeverr√≠a √Ālvarez # 731 Zona Dorada next to the Elit Tower
Telephone: 01-844-4309-419, (045) -844-179-2588 ID: 62 * 196119 * 27
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
CEFOR Saltillo-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Jose Ezequiel Lopez Morin
Address: Boulevar Eulalio Gutierrez Trevi√Īo, Km 4.5, Fracc. Los Gonzalez, CP 25204, Saltillo, Coahuila.
Phones: 01-844-415-8942
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: AcademiaFutbolSaltillo
Monclova-Rayados Official School
Responsible: José Gilberto González
Address: Calle Tezozomoc S / N between calle primera and Av. Depo vo, within the Depo va Unit “Nora Le cia Rocha ‘
Telephone: 866-130-2818
Email:[email protected]
Sabinas-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Lic. Bertha Alicia Hern√°ndez Villarreal
Address: Carretera 57, Col. Flores Mag√≥n, Sabinas, Coahuila. “Campo Deportivo Bilbao”
Telephone: (861) 619-1513
Email:[email protected]
Piedras Negras-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Néstor Osvaldo López Gómez.
Address: Boulevard Eliseo Mendoza Berrueto S / N, Col. Nueva americana Between Severo Calderón and Río Grande, Piedras Negras, Coahuila CP 26050
Phones: 878-159-1876, 878-159-1842
Email:[email protected] , [email protected]
Official School Cd. Acu√Īa-Rayados
Person in charge: Lic. Jose Antonio Sifuentes Esquivel
Address: Calle Heroico Colegio Militar, # 1170, Colonia Las Alamedas, Cd. Acu√Īa, Coah.
Telephone: 8777703064 and 8771122658
Email:[email protected]
Official School 5 Manantiales-Rayados
Responsible: Xicotencatl Zapata Flores.
Address: Carretera 57, Nava, Coahuila. “Municipal Sports Unit of Nava Coahuila”
Telephone: 862- 100-17-29, Cel. 862-62-102-16
Email: [email protected]


Official School Campus Manzanillo-Rayados
Responsible parties: Tomás Miguel Enríquez Flores.
Address: Calle 30 de Diciembre, # 28 Lomas de Santiago, Col. Santiago, CP 28860, Manzanillo, Colima.
Phone: 314-337-1526
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Rayados De Monterrey Campus Manzanillo


Durango-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Manuel Alejandro Renteria Gutierrez
Address: Calle San Miguel de Cruces, s / n, Fracc. Forestal, Durango, Durango.
Telephone: 6186900621 and 6181005952
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: club de Futbool rayados montessori durango


Tecamachalco-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Víctor Chaires Marchand
Address: Fuente de Diana # 272 Lomas de Tecamachalco, CP 53950, Huixquilucan, Edo. Mexico.
Phones: 5527244781
Email:[email protected]
Tlalnepantla-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Jean Arrivillaga, Miguel Hern√°ndez
Address: Calle Filiberto Gomez # 46, Tlalnepantla Centro, State of Mexico, CP 54030
Phones: (55) 12494698
Email: [email protected]
Anda-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Rafael De Anda García.
Address: April 2 S / N between Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez and José María Morelos, Col. Sta. Ana Tlapaltitlán Toluca, Edo. from Mexico.
Phones: (722) 11 64972 and 8186874330
Email: [email protected]
Tianguistenco-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Luis Fernando Ocampo Cuervo.
Address: Prolongaci√≥n Adolfo Lopez Mateos s / n, Santiago Tianguistenco, State of Mexico, CP 52600. ‚ÄúCarlos Hank Gonz√°lez Sports Unit‚ÄĚ
Telephone: (722) 1688991 CEL (713) 1160286
Email: [email protected]
Izcalli-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Prof. Mario César Silva Rodríguez.
Address: Calle Juan N. Alvarez esq. With Michoac√°n, Col. San Juan Atlamica, CP 54729 Cuautitl√°n Izcalli, Edo. from Mexico.
Phones: 5518154255, 5514477123
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Cefor Rayados Izcalli
MS-Rayados Official School
e parties: Prof. Mario César Silva Rodríguez.
Address: Camino a la Trinidad s / n, Colonia La Trinidad, Cuautitl√°n, Edo. from Mexico. CP 54850
Phones: 5518154255, 5532322046
Email: [email protected]
Texcoco-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Alejandro Molina Rivera, Denisse Molina Lozano.
Address: San Mateo IV 56110 Texcoco de Mora, State of Mexico. Silverio Pérez Sports Unit.
Phones: 5959572742
Email: [email protected]
Facebook / Instagram: Monterrey Rayados Texcoco
Web page:
Tultitl√°n-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Alfonso Cante Corona and Héctor Rodríguez Vega.
Address: Camino a la Pur√≠sima 192B, Fuentes del Valle, Edo. de M√©xico 54910. “Los Angeles football fields”.
Phones: 5569170190, 5562991184
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]
Facebook Page: Official School Tultitl√°n Rayados
Neza-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Sergio Méndez, Daniel Verde
School Address: Plaza Jardín, Campo 4, Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico.
Telephone: Cel. 5535285774
Email:[email protected]
Chimalhuac√°n-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Alejandro Molina Rivera and Denisse Molina Lozano
Address: Avenida Chopo, Av. Nezahualcóyotl Chimalhuacán, 56335 Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico. Deportivo La Lagunilla ..
Telephone numbers: 5959572742
Email:[email protected]
Social Networks: Facebook Monterrey Rayados Chimalhuac√°n


León-Rayados Official School
Responsible: LEF. Alan Olivares
Address: “Pro-Soccer de Davino” Dir. Juan de la Barrera # 421, Col. H√©roes de Chapultepec, Le√≥n, Guanajuato
Telephone: 4771324116- 4771353738
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Club Monterrey soccer school
Celaya-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Humberto Rodrigo Cortés Olivier.
Address: Eje Juan Pablo Segundo, # 125 canchas de Moya, Celaya, Gto.
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Irapuato-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Lic. In Physical Education David Rizo Nu√Īez.
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Phones: 4622527719
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Tlapa Guerrero-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Ramiro Garza Garza and José Luis Vergara Romano
Address: Carretera Tlapa-Chilapa S / N, Col. Aviación, Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero CP 41304
Telephone: 75-7476-2708 CEL. 75-7101-3006
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Miravalle-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Cristian Palomares Ocegueda.
Address: C. Leocares and Av. Paseo Cerro del 4 (Inside the Tlaquepaque Metropolitan Park), San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
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Vallarta-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Salomón Huerta and Héctor Rolando Matus
Address: Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio s / n, Col. L√°zaro C√°rdenas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Telephone: 322-306-6190 and 322-175-7167
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Zamora-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Arturo Cervantes, Soledad Elizalde and Francisco Guillén.
Address: Campos El Chamizal Sports Unit, Las Delicias # 675 Col. 20 de Noviembre.
Telephone: (351) 160 18 47 and (351) 160 18 47
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Morelos-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Luis Rojas Vilchis
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Tlaxiaco-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Wiliam Velasquez Silva.
Address: Centro S / N, Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca
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Puerto Escondido-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Jes√ļs Triste Silva, Marco Chi√Īias Espinoza, Benedicto Barragan Triste
Address: Puerto Escondido Oaxaca next to CBTIS # 240. “UNIDAD DEPORTIVA SOLIDARIDAD”
Telephone: 954-123-4363, 954-133-1693, 612-155-5403
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Puebla-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Oswaldo Del Valle Gonzalez, Maximiliano Del Valle Gonzalez and Ra√ļl Balc√°zar Armenta.
Address: Calzada Zavaleta # 3909 CP 72150.
Telephone: (222) 890 4662
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Cozumel-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Cleofas Ríos
Address: Unidad Deportiva Independencia 11 Av. Between 40 and 45 Col. Independencia Cozumel Quintana Roo.
Phones: 9871038354
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Official School Taxi Drivers Cancun-Rayados
Responsible: Manuel Manrique Solís
Address: Reg. 98 manz. 5 Lot 5 Juan de la Barrera Street, Canc√ļn, Q.
Roo Office Telephone 9988420091
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Chetumal-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Russbel Mosqueda Canepa
Address: Avenida Antonio Handall corner Toledo subdivision Siankaan 3
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San Luis Potosí-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Prof. Pablo Andrés Vega Delgado
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Tamazunchale-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: Servando Vizuet Sanchez
Address: Jerusalem Street, # 0, Ejido Zacatipan, Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí, CP 79960
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Official School Mazatl√°n-Rayados
Responsible party: José Luis Silva Beltrán
Address: Blvd. Antonio Toledo Corro, Esmeralda, 82164 Mazatl√°n, Sinaloa
Telephone numbers: 6694466390
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Nogales-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Rafael García.
Address: C. Paseo Don Bosco # 70, Col. Fovissste I, CP84062 Nogales, Sonora.
Phones: 631-112-3067
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Huatabampo-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: René Valdez del Pardo
Address: Av. Tecnológico, s / n, Huatabampo, Sonora.
Phones: 647-108-0905
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Hermosillo-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Victor Pérez Morales
School Address: Blvd. J. Navarrete, Montebello, Hermosillo, Sonora CP 83210. Unidad Deportiva UNISON.
Telephone: Cel. 6621530134
Email:[email protected]
Inter-Striped Official School
Responsible: Graciela Ramírez Sánchez
Address: Blvd. Totoaba s / n Final Col. La Autora, Guaymas, Sonora.
Phones: 6228559128, 6221119280
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Obregón-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Aaron Santi Avenda√Īo, Victor Perez
Address: Universidad La Salle Noroeste, Calle Veracruz s / n, Norte, Cajeme, 85019, Cd. Obregón, Sonora.
Phones: 64 42 364518
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Champal-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Ing. Rafael Villase√Īor Escuder
Address: Camino a Sabina No. 20, Colonia Sabina, Villahermosa, Centro, Tabasco. CP 86150
Phones: 993-3516869, 993-3513250, 993-3515478
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Reynosa-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Mr. Carlos Alem√°n
Address: Jaime Nu√Īo S / N Expansion Rancho Grande, “Depo vo Bancario”, Reynosa, Tamps.
Telephone: Cel. 899-164-8785
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Official School Cd. Victoria-Rayados
Responsible: Ramón Cedillo Olmeda.
Address: Calzada Gral. Luis Caballero, Tamatan Olympic Village, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
Phones: Cel. 834-116-2561
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Altamira-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Sergio Alvarez Tijerina and Lucero Vazquez Rivera.
Address: Puerto Industrial, S \ N Zona Centro Altamira, Tamps.
Telephone: Cel: 8333129463
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Nuevo Laredo-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Claudia González and Dante Rodríguez
Address: Prolongación Guerrero y 5 de Mayo (Back of HEB), Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. CP 88240
Phones: 8672178436
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San Rom√°n-Rayados Official School
Responsible: Artemio San Román García.
Field Address: Municipal Auditorium and Obregon Extension s / n, Cd. Mante, Tamps.
Phones: 831-113-2256
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Official School BARTAM-Rayados
Responsible: Miguel √Āngel Espinosa Padilla and H√©ctor David Trejo Flores.
Field Address: Cto. University s / n Universidad Sur CP 89000 (FADU), Tampico, Tamps.
Phones: 8332186617 and 8331408792
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HL-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Hugo Enrique Limón Domínguez
Address: Ave Francisco I Madero # 3020, Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas.
Telephone: 8331509555
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Poza Rica-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: LEF Pabel Osiris V√°zquez Garcia
Address: C. Luis Donaldo Colosio S / N Col. Arroyo del Maíz, Campo 3 Amigos, Poza Rica, Veracruz.
Phones: 7821058111, 7821287662
Email:[email protected] ; [email protected]
Web page.
Veracruz-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Citlalli Vásquez Morales, Gustavo Méndez Cisneros
Address: San Jos√© Novillero s / n Boca del R√≠o, Veracruz. “Centro Deportivo E1 ISSSTE.
Phones: 2294108019 and 2295070466
Email: [email protected]
Coatepec-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: LED Rafael de Jes√ļs Blasquez S.
Address: Calle Ignacio Zaragoza s / n, Col. Centro, CP 91500, Coatepec, Ver. “Roberto Amoros Guiot Sports Unit”
Phones: 2281276508
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Rayados Subsidiary Coatepec – Veracruz
Youtube: Rayados Subsidiary Coatepec
Orizaba-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: Rodolfo Guzm√°n Cabrera, Salvador Galicia Leynes, Arturo Tejeda Arellano.
Address: North 10 between Oriente. 21 and 15 CP 94326, Orizaba, Ver.
Telephone: 0442721702850
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Socum Rayados Orizaba
Tierra Blanca-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: LEF Jonathan Mahomet Castillo Galindo
Address: Unidad Deportiva, Blvd. Juan Malpica Mimendi, Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.
Phones: 2293979509
Email: [email protected]
Xico-Rayados Official School
Responsible party: LED Rafael de Jes√ļs Blasquez S.
Address: Calle Netzahualcóyotl s / n, Col. Benito Juárez, Xico, Veracruz. Benito Juárez Sports Unit
Phones: 2281276508
Email:[email protected]
Facebook :: Rayados Subsidiary Xico Oficial
Xalapa-Rayados Official School
Responsible parties: LEF. Luis Fernando Castillo Ortega and LC. Leticia Espinosa Clemente
Address: Cayetano Rodriguez Beltran s / n. Col. Centro, Xalapa, Veracruz. “Omega Complex”
Telephone numbers: 22 81 60 78 04 and 22 82 22 68 82.
Email: [email protected]
Facebook / Twitter: Xalapa Rayados Official School Instagram: xalaparayados
Tuxtilla-Rayados Official School
Person in charge: Josué Reyes Herrera Address: Unidad Deportiva Azamar Reyes, Street: Ramón N Vaca s / n. Col. Centro, Tuxtilla, Veracruz, CP 95540.
Telephone numbers: 2881143010 and 28870401.
Email:[email protected]
Social Networks: Facebook Rayados Subsidiary Tuxtilla


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CF Monterrey History

Monterrey has been victorious in five different leagues, two different domestic cup competitions, and four different CONCACAF Champions League competitions (notably, three consecutive tournaments in 2011, 2012 and 2013). Due to the club’s original clothing, which is striped in navy blue and white, the team is generally known as the Rayados, which literally translates to “the striped ones.” The club’s current crest features the uniform, and it is also ornamented with stars above the crest to represent the club’s league titles and stars below the crest to signify the club’s continental trophies.

The stars above the crest indicate the club’s success in the league. With a third-place ranking in the all-time chart, it is the most successful club to represent Mexico or any other CONCACAF nation at the FIFA Club World Cup. It also holds the top spot in the all-time table for overall performance. The Tigres UANL of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Le√≥n are the club’s longest-standing competition. People in the city of Monterrey consider the Cl√°sico Regiomontano, the local derby, to be the most important derby in Mexico because of its reputation as one of the derbies in Mexican football with the most fierce competition. It is known as one of the most intensely competed derbies in Mexico.


The stadium was opened on July 17, 1950 by the Mexican president Miguel Alemán Valdés, and it was the second oldest football stadium in Mexico, after Estadio Azul. Monterrey played their home matches at the Estadio Tecnológico from 1950 until 2015, though for a period of time from 1973 until 1980 they played at the Estadio Universitario.

The stadium was used during the 1986 Mexico FIFA World Cup. It had a capacity of 38,000 spectators and hosted four matches during the tournament. However, the stadium began to be demolished in July of 2017, and it is no longer standing.

Estadio Tecnológico

Both Tigres and Rayados played at the Estadio Tecnol√≥gico during the 1977‚Äď1978 season, including the first Cl√°sico Regio derby held in the stadium; it would be the first of 42 meetings between the two clubs venue, with the final fixture being a 2‚Äď2 draw in October 2014. In 1977‚Äď1978, while preparations for the 1977 CONCACAF Championship were underway at the Estadio Universitario, both Tigres and Rayados played at In this stadium, Monterrey won the league championship in 1986 (Mexico 1986) and the Apertura championship in 2010, in addition to the Copa MX in 1991 and the CONCACAF Champions League in 2012‚Äď13. Monterrey transferred its home games to the Estadio BBVA in Guadalupe, Nuevo Le√≥n, in Greater Monterrey in July of 2015.

The new stadium is located in Greater Monterrey. The new stadium can accommodate up to 53,500 people at its maximum capacity. The Wembley Stadium in England and the Aviva Stadium in Ireland both have design elements that are similar to those that were integrated into the construction of this stadium. On August 2, 2015, the stadium was officially opened with a friendly match for the eighth edition of the Eusébio Cup. Hosted in front of a crowd that was completely sold out, Monterrey defeated Benfica 3-0 to celebrate the occasion.

The construction of the Estadio BBVA, which was designed by Christopher Lee of Populous and began in October 2011, featured ideas for reforestation and environmental healing for the deteriorating area that surrounds the construction site. Christopher Lee is the designer of the Estadio BBVA. FEMSA was responsible for the construction of the stadium, which came in at a cost of approximately US$200 million. It is considered to be one of the most stunning stadiums in Mexico, and it has the fourth highest capacity crowd in all of Mexico.

It features a high-end interior and exterior design, as well as an actual grass playing area, suites, a restaurant with a club motif, and a club lounge. The angle of the grandstand is 34 degrees, and it is located the least distance away from the action that is permitted by FIFA. This enables spectators to get an unparalleled view of the game.

In front of 50,000 fans on May 29, 2016, Monterrey played their first final in their new stadium against Pachuca for the Clausura 2016 championship. The game ended in a 1‚Äď1 stalemate, however Monterrey was ultimately victorious by a score of 2‚Äď1 on aggregate.


Since the club’s inception in 1945, the colors white and blue have been utilized by the organization, albeit in a manner that deviates from the customary use of stripes. The color of the blue has been shifting all the time, going from dark tones like navy and cobalt to shades that are just a little bit lighter. The identity of the third color has likewise been elusive, having been variously described as red, orange, and cyan in the past, and more recently as violet, purple, or green.


FEMSA is the trade name of Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V., which is a multinational beverage and retail firm with its headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. It is the largest convenience store chain in Mexico as well as the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling organization in the entire world. Additionally, it is the second largest shareholder in Heineken N.V. after the Heineken family themselves.

It is well known in Mexico for its convenience store chain Oxxo, for having formerly controlled Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery (which it traded in 2010 for a 20 percent investment in Heineken), and for being the owner of the C.F. Monterrey, a football team that competes in the Mexican First Division.