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Club Atlético de San Luis, commonly known as Atlético San Luis, is a Mexican professional football club based in San Luis Potosí, replacing San Luis Potosí’s Liga MX team San Luis FC after its relocation. The club competes in the Liga MX, the top flight of Mexican football.

Atlético San Luis Youth Development System

Atlético San Luis Reserves

Club Atlético de San Luis Reserves and Academy are the under-20, under-17 and under-15 teams of Mexican Liga MX club Atlético San Luis.

For more news on the reserves, please visit their official Facebook profile by clicking here.

Atlético San Luis Premier

Reserve team that plays in the Liga Premier in the third level of the Mexican league system.

Atlético San Luis Academy

As of this writing, Atletico San Luis currently do not have an official website where they post information about their academy. The only available resource is their official Facebook page dedicated for all new on the academy. If you would like to check their Facebook page for upcoming events or news, please click here.


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Atlético San Luis History

After the Clausura 2013 season, San Luis F.C., the city of San Luis Potos’s first division franchise, moved to Tuxtla Gutiérrez and changed their name to Chiapas F.C., leaving the city without a first division team. Chiapas F.C. is now known as San Luis F.C. Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz was previously owned by Ascenso MX. Jacobo Payán, owner of Estadio Alfonso Lastras and one of the most significant employers in this state, purchased the team from Ascenso MX and moved it to the city.

This sale took place after La Piedad moved to Veracruz after she was recently promoted and received an award. Despite the fact that there is some misunderstanding regarding the club’s name, Atlético is essentially a rebirth of San Luis F.C. in terms of both its location and its design. This is clearly represented in the new shield of the state of San Luis Potosi, which maintains the historic blue and gold colors of the state, albeit in darker tints of each color.

They competed in the Ascenso MX for the first time in the Apertura 2013 tournament, which gave them entry into their first league play. They finished seventh in the overall standings and were ousted by Club Necaxa in the semifinals of the tournament. Atletico San Luis was knocked out of the competition after the first leg, which took place at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras Ramrez and ended with a score of 2–0 in favor of Necaxa, and the second leg, which took place at the Victoria Stadium (Aguascalientes) and also ended with a score of 2–0 in favor of Necaxa. The aggregate score was 4–0 in favor of Necaxa.


The matches that Atlético San Luis play at home are held in the Estadio Alfonso Lastras in San Luis Potos City, which is located in the state of San Luis Potos. The number of people who can fit inside the stadium is 25,111. Jacobo Payán Latuff and Atletico de Madrid are the proud owners of the facility, which features natural grass across its playing field. May of 1999 saw the opening of the stadium.


The Potosinos crest depicts the union of the Colchoneros (Atletico Madrid) and the Potosinos as an one entity (San Luis). The end product is a round image with the colors of Madrid, blue, white, and red, which leave behind the navy blue and yellow or gold that San Luis still possessed in its final campaigns in the silver division. This results in the image having a circular appearance.


Atlético Madrid made the announcement on March 16, 2017, that the state of San Luis and other minority investors will each own a half share of the club, joining Atlético Madrid in this ownership arrangement. The intention was for Atlético Madrid to bring some of their club’s best players to San Luis. In order to bolster his team’s roster for the upcoming season, Atletico Madrid manager Salvador Reyes Jr. plans to call upon young players from the club’s youth system.