FC Twente Tryouts

Football Club Twente is a Dutch professional football club from the city of Enschede, Holland. The club competes in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Eredivisie football.

FC Twente Youth Development System

FC Twente and Heracles Almelo have been working together within the football academy for seventeen years. In recent years, this mainly happened under the flag of FC Twente. As of July 1, 2020, both clubs will implement the youth academy on an equal basis. The training will function as a separate BV. With the new path, comes a new vision. At the beginning of 2020, Dominique Scholten, together with the management of FC Twente and Heracles, mapped out a course that should form the DNA of the FC Twente / Heracles Academy.

A plan has been drawn up where the Academy wants to be in five years’ time. The plan provides direction for the choices that the Academy will face. An enormous amount of work will have to be done, but the first steps have already been taken. The training will be further developed step by step in the coming years.


Dominique Scholten and the newly appointed Head of Development & Performance Iddo Roscher both believe in the power of people. The focus of the FC Twente/Heracles Academy will therefore be on the individual in the coming years.

The person is number one in the training, whereby we contribute to the development of successful people. This happens in the sporting field, but we consider the development that our players go through as people at least as important. After all, there is only a very small part of the talents that move on to the first team. We want to teach our players to be independent, to take responsibility for their own training, to be able to reflect, collaborate, plan and persevere. Personal development is one of the most important pillars within the training. Not only for the players, but also for the trainers and other employees.

This will be done in a safe environment with room to make mistakes. It is important for personal development that we get to know our people and their character even better. Our players have to get to know themselves better, while we also have to know what is going on at home, at school. What problems they run into. If we get to know the players and understand their behavior, we can guide them even better, which will help them develop even better.

High demands will be placed on the intensity of the training, as well as the commitment to training and playing matches. Our talents must be challenged to continuously push the limits of the maximum. By stepping outside their comfort zone, they will push their limits and develop as a result. They are in charge of their own dream, and we will teach them to take responsibility for it. Dealing with setbacks and resistance is necessary.


Football will always be the common thread. We want to train the footballer of the future here. Players with a strong personality, who are Eredivisie proof and who are flexible in different ways of playing and game principles. With the way of training that the Academy has in mind, we want to develop hard-working players. Boys who do not invest in luxury, but in their own development.

It is important that the players see the prospect of breaking through in the first teams of FC Twente and Heracles.


The ultimate ambition of the FC Twente / Heracles Academy is that the selections of FC Twente and Heracles Almelo in five years’ time will consist for twenty percent of players who come from the joint academy and that five of them have a base place at one of the two clubs.


The FC Twente/Heracles Academy wants to become a visible part of both football clubs. Partly for this reason, there is now also its own FC Twente/Heracles Academy communication platform, where all information about the academy can be found.

In the coming years, cooperation with the region will also be sought emphatically. With the business community, but especially with the amateur associations. Our talents come in through them. We want to give something in return. Think of trainers who can ask our trainers for advice, or heads of youth training programs who can call on the help of our Head of Development & Performance Iddo Roscher, in order to be able to take steps as an association.

FC Twente Academy Recruitment

The Academy has been using the Training Center in Hengelo since mid-2000. All youth teams play their matches at this location. The O21, O18, O16, O15 and O12 train here. Since 2015, youth has also been using the fields of Sportcampus Diekman.

The players of U13 and U14 train on the Diekman terrain, in the immediate vicinity of the Stedelijk Lyceum where the players follow their lessons during the day. At the time of this writing there is no official information on academy tryouts. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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