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Football Club Utrecht is a Dutch professional football club based in Utrecht, Holland. The club competes in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Eredivisie football.

FC Utrecht Youth Development System

The FC Utrecht Academy is one of the best football schools in the Netherlands. Players such as Sean Klaiber, Giovanni Troupée, Bart Ramselaar, Sofyan Amrabat, Gyrano Kerk, Yassin Ayoub, Mike van der Hoorn, Edson Braafheid and Michel Vorm received their youth education at the academy of FC Utrecht.

Initiative, Forward-looking, Technical, Gutsy, Passion and Combat. Those are the characteristics that describe the FC Utrecht Academy, and in particular the way the teams play. These concepts form the DNA of the youth academy of the FC from the Dom City.


An important pillar under the FC Utrecht Academy is the so-called RAC Talent Development Central Netherlands . This is a partnership between regional amateur clubs and FC Utrecht. The project aims to identify and select talented players for FC Utrecht’s youth academy. There, the talents can develop further in a professional environment. All with the aim of later moving on to the first team of FC Utrecht. More than fifty associations have already joined and almost half of all new players in FC Utrecht’s youth academy come from RAC clubs.


RAC Talent Development Central Netherlands plays a prominent role in youth scouting within FC Utrecht. The affiliated regional amateur clubs agree that they will inform FC Utrecht about talents who play football within their youth academy. Youth Scouts watch these players and assess whether they are invited to a test match. If the technical staff thinks that the young players have the level to play football within the youth department of FC Utrecht, they are offered this opportunity. Amateur associations receive a financial compensation for every player of twelve years and older that FC Utrecht includes in its youth academy for the benefit of their own youth academy. 


Experience what it’s like to train at the FC Utrecht Academy during the FC Utrecht Football Camps, Football School and Football Clinics. You experience fun and you get to know FC Utrecht’s way of playing: dynamic, passion and struggle, persevering, forward-oriented, result-oriented. 

Under the guidance of FC Utrecht youth trainers you will be motivated to work on technique, insight, motor skills, specific qualities, mentality and team play. During the FC Utrecht Experience football camps, football school and clinics you will receive training from various good trainers. These are trainers from the FC Utrecht Academy and talented trainers from regional partner clubs, whom we provide extra training and guidance.


Experience what it’s like to train at the FC Utrecht Academy during an FC Utrecht Football Camp. An inspiring program is put together that motivates you to work on your technique, motor skills, mentality and team play. An FC Utrecht Football Camp is a football camp where you come from super enthusiastic, because you have not only learned to play football better, but also learned to play better together, so that you have even more fun in football and therefore perform better.

Every school holiday FC Utrecht organizes football camps, both in Utrecht at its own training complex Zoudenbalch, and in the region. The FC Utrecht football camps in the region take place at partner clubs of FC Utrecht.

For more information on football camps, please click here.


Experience what it is like to train like at the FC Utrecht Academy, become a member of the FC Utrecht Football School. You will then receive an hour a week of extra training that is led by trainers from the FC Utrecht Academy, the youth academy of FC Utrecht. Through an inspiring program you learn to work on improving your technique, mentality and team play. This gives you even more fun in football and you can present better.

For more information on football schools, please click here.


An FC Utrecht VoetbalClinic is a football party of more than 2 hours, which is full of the FC Utrecht experience. The training program is led by Gert Kruys, ambassador and former player of FC Utrecht, but also someone who can train very enthusiastically with children. A real FC Utrecht experience is also created with music, a quiz and question round. Finally, you will also receive an FC Utrecht goodie bag. The FC Utrecht Football Clinics are for all children, girls and boys, from 7 to 13 years old.

For more information on soccer clinics, please click here.


During the Keepers events of FC Utrecht you train like a youth keeper of the FC Utrecht Academy. You get the chance to show yourself from your best side to the goalkeeper coaches of FC Utrecht. The FC Utrecht Keepers events are for all children from 7 to 13 years old who are motivated to improve their goalkeeper skills. As many aspects of goalkeeping as possible are discussed in small groups, the groups are made on the basis of age. We not only work on your technique as a keeper, but also on your positioning in certain situations and making the right choices. To keep the 0 you must of course be able to dive, catch and shoot well, but with insight into the game and being in the right place you make it a lot easier on yourself.

For more information on goalkeeper training, please click here.


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