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The Philips Sport Vereniging, abbreviated as PSV and internationally known as PSV Eindhoven is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands. The club competes in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Eredivisie football.

PSV Eindhoven Youth Development System

PSV Campus

PSV’s own sports complex, PSV Campus De Herdgang, is located barely five kilometers north of the Philips Stadium. It is the training location for the first team and the training and playing location for Jong PSV, PSV Women and PSV O19 to PSV O10. The training and matches of the youth at PSV Academy are usually freely accessible.

The complex is located on the Oirschotsedijk in Eindhoven, in a wooded area. The site is divided into First team and PSV Academy. The Academy side has recently been thoroughly renovated into a multi-million dollar complex. The PSV Academy consists of a main building, four football pitches, three synthetic turf pitches and the Mark van Bommel field. At the main field where Jong PSV, PSV Women and PSV U19 play their matches, there is a covered grandstand that can accommodate a thousand spectators, in addition, the blue stands are accessible to the public.

Jong PSV

Jong PSV is the reserve team of PSV Eindhoven and plays in the Eerste Divisie since the 2013–14 season. At the time of this writing there is no official statements on recruitment or trials. Please come back to this page while we monitor Jong PSV for upcoming recruitment and trials or click here to visit their official news sections for the latest up-to-date information.

PSV Academy

In order to realize PSV’s sporting ambitions, its own youth academy is extremely important, especially in view of the European financial relations between the major football countries and the Netherlands. The objectives of the youth policy, which has been tightened up since 1 July 2013, are mainly aimed at the promotion of youth players to the A-selection of PSV.

Of this new policy, Gakpo, Madueke and Ihattaren are the most recent examples of success who have made the switch to the first team. The development of individual talent is paramount within the PSV Academy through six development pillars, with intensive personal guidance and making use of innovations in all possible areas. It is a goal for every player to achieve his personal football ceiling in a top sports environment, where the PSV culture is safeguarded within the playing method and a unique way of working.

The trajectory that a player goes through within the PSV Academy can be divided into three phases: the talent plan (FUNdament) up to and including O12, middle school (O13 to O16) and the professional plan from O17. Each phase has its own accents in which the development of the player is central, aimed at the eventual progression to the A-selection of PSV.

Academy teams at PSV include:


What is PSV FUNdament?
The PSV FUNdament starts with O10 and continues to the O12 at various strategic locations with Eindhoven as the center. At the locations in Rosmalen, Nijmegen, Gilze and Eindhoven, children can be helped closer to home and for a longer period in realizing their dream: playing in PSV 1. During this preliminary training, the children are a member of PSV and receive a well-considered training. after which a selection is made for PSV O13. From that moment on, the chosen players train fully on PSV Campus De Herdgang and also go to school in Eindhoven.

How are the players chosen for the FUNdament?
The children who qualify for the FUNdament are viewed by the PSV youth scouts at various times or have participated in the various scouting activities organized by PSV. These children are then invited to pre-FUNdament activities on Sunday morning and / or Wednesday afternoon. From there it is determined whether a child can do an internship with the existing teams and then eventually join the PSV FUNdament. 

When do you qualify for the FUNdament?
We are looking for children with outstanding ability for the FUNdament. What excels the child compared to his fellow players and opponents? This can be dribbling, passing or scoring, but there are also many other possibilities; every child with a unique talent and in addition a number of important conditions has a chance.

We are looking for players with the right character that fits the requirements of our PSV Academy. For PSV, for example, these are children who of course have fun playing football, but the following criteria are also part of it: unperturbed, discipline, doing everything possible, ownership and adaptability.

In the FUNdament we work with a development book, the child is in charge of his own development (ownership) with the help of mentors and specialists. On the one hand, we get to know the child through the development book, because we believe that a good relationship between mentor and players leads to better development and performance. On the other hand, the outstanding ability and individual focus points are described and incorporated into a plan to develop this. In addition, players receive feedback and help with reflection in various ways.

By “adaptability” we mean that children can perform in any situation with the help of individuality in character and excellence. We constantly challenge the individual in changing circumstances. Differentiation is applied in age, trainers, fellow players, opponents, resistance, formats, etc.   

In addition, important characteristics for a professional football player are: speed, coordination and explosiveness. We periodically test our players using the expertise and professional equipment of the Performance Staff.

What happens after three years?
The purpose of the FUNdament is to get the most out of every player. Each player has his own unique plan with individual route to his personal top. The youth players who do not qualify for PSV O13 after three years will enter another BVO (professional football organization) or possibly an amateur club. PSV also guides these players for a suitable route after the FUNdament.

PSV Academy Education

Top-class sport requires a lot of time for youth players in training, competitions and traveling. However, PSV believes it is important that youth players invest in a study in addition to their football and are well prepared for a successful social career. The combination of top sport and education requires adjustments. The youth academy therefore has an intensive collaboration with Scholengroep Het Plein, so that the youth players can also develop optimally outside the field in the field of education.

There is almost daily contact between PSV and the schools Sint Joriscollege, Vakcollege and Antoon Schellens College, with an important role for the study coordinator Hanneke Paauw. Hanneke is the contact person for parents and schools of the youth players and can be reached [email protected].

It is a fact that players are getting younger and younger ready for the first team, which means that the pressure in training is increasing. Through good cooperation and joint innovation, we ensure that our youth players are ready for society and the first team.

PSV Academy Scouting

Scouting is a spearhead within PSV policy and youth scouting is an important part of this. The PSV scouts are active regionally, nationally and internationally. PSV has a good basis for discovering talents through an extensive network of informants and excellent contacts with internationally operating football agents. Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink is head of the scouting department within PSV, Rini de Groot is responsible within the youth academy as head of youth scouting.

(Photo by Pro Shots/Sipa USA)

The youth scouting department regularly receives the following questions:

Can you register yourself as a PSV youth player?
This is not possible. All PSV youth players have been approached by the club. They were scouted, invited and eventually selected by us on the basis of their football qualities.

What is the best chance of being scouted?
Let your son play football at a local club of your preference with sufficient resistance. If he adds value there, he certainly stands out, also with our network of regional scouts. If your son is scouted, PSV will contact you.

Source: PSV.nil

PSV Soccer School


Register for one of the many clinics


Show yourself to the PSV scouts during the PSV Soccer School Talent Day! New, now on location at vv Linne. Please note, this is only intended for boys from the year of birth 2012 and 2013 with a maximum travel distance of 45 minutes from this location. Read more…


Train one day at PSV Campus De Herdgang according to the training methods of PSV, where our talents have grown. A unique and unforgettable experience for every young football player! There are special clinics for boys, girls and keepers. Read more…


Experience what it is like to be trained as a goalkeeper according to PSV training methods. A unique experience full of goalkeeper exercises that PSV youth keepers also receive. Especially for the fanatic keeper! Read more…


During the summer holidays, train for three days at PSV Campus De Herdgang. In addition, the participants get a tour of the Philips Stadium and they visit the PSV Museum where they can admire the greatest prizes in club history. Read more…


In a group of up to four players you train for six weeks with a PSV Soccer School trainer to become an even better football player. Thanks to the small group, the trainer has extra individual attention for the participants. Read more…


The Soccer School offers a PSV experience for the very youngest (2 to 5 years old)! A football playing concept developed for children in these age categories. The development of motor skills is central. Read more…


Train for 10 weeks at PSV Campus De Herdgang, where our talents have grown. Experience what it is like to be trained as a youth player at PSV according to the training method of the youth academy. Especially for the fanatic football player. Read more…


Follow one training at PSV Campus De Herdgang, where our talents have grown. Certified PSV Soccer School trainers take the participants into the training methods of the youth academy. A unique and unforgettable experience! Read more…


PSV Soccer School is coming to you! Train one day according to PSV training methods at a sports park near you. Read more…

More information?

Please contact PSV or take a look at the frequently asked questions.


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PSV Eindhoven History

In 1913, the club was initially established as a sports organization for Philips employees. PSV’s history includes two golden eras that revolved on the club’s victories in the UEFA Cup in 1978 and the European Cup in 1987–88 as part of the club’s seasonal treble in 1988. Both of these victories helped PSV win the UEFA Cup. The club has taken home the Johan Cruyff Shield eleven times, as well as the KNVB Cup nine times, and the Eredivisie twenty-four times.

The PSV club is now ranked 39th in the UEFA club coefficients table (as of November 2018). PSV has established itself as a stepping stone for future players of the highest level over the course of its history, producing names such as Ruud Gullit, Ronald Koeman, Romário, Ronaldo, Phillip Cocu, Jaap Stam, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Arjen Robben, Georginio Wijnaldum, Memphis Depay, and Hirving Lozano, among others.

It has maintained its club colors and has played all of its games at the Philips Stadion from the club’s inception (red and white). Its extensive link with Philips can be seen in the fact that they support one other’s events, share technologies, and have board members in common. Fans have taken to calling themselves “boeren,” which is a Dutch word that may mean either peasants or farmers. They do this out of pride in Eindhoven’s status as a provincial city as well as their Brabantian ancestry.


PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging), usually known as PSV Eindhoven, plays its home football games in the Philips Stadion, which is a football stadium located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is the third-largest football stadium in the country, with a capacity of 35,000 spectators, and it is located in this city.

It was first built in 1910 as a sports field for the employees of Philips and was given the name Philips Sportpark at the time. From 1911 until 1913, the Philips Elftal participated in competitive football matches. In 1913, the Philips Elftal was replaced by the PSV. The original ground has served as the home stadium for PSV since the club’s founding in 1913.

The stadium has been expanded multiple times during its history. Following the construction of a wooden stand in 1916, the field was gradually encircled by seating and standing areas throughout the course of the first decade. The stadium underwent two major facelifts in the 1970s and 1990s, the first of which turned it into a covered venue, and the second of which turned it into a two-tiered arena with substantial commercial spaces.

The four corners were finally finished in 2002, which ultimately led to the current capacity being reached. UEFA has awarded a four-star grade to the Philips Stadion at the present time. Since 1971, a variety of matches featuring the Netherlands national team have been played there. In 2013, games for PSV’s reserve team, Jong PSV, were also played at the stadium as part of their league schedule.

Currently, all of their matches are held at the training complex known as De Herdgang. In addition, the Philips Stadion hosted the final of the UEFA Cup in 2006 as well as three matches during the group stage of the UEFA Euro 2000 tournament. In addition to being utilized for activities associated with football, the field also hosts music concerts on occasion.