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SBV Vitesse, widely known as Vitesse Arnhem, or simply as Vitesse, is a Dutch professional football club located in the municipality of Arnhem, in the province of Gelderland, Holland. The club competes in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Eredivisie football.

SBV Vitesse Youth Development System

At Vitesse we play matches to win and to entertain the audience. We always play with the intention of scoring goals. Vitesse’s Academy vision consists of three parts: players, football and learning to play football.

SBV Vitesse Academy


At Vitesse we play matches to win and to entertain the audience. We always play with the intention of scoring goals .

The Vitesse’s football is characterized in that the game varied is. Players continuously make choices, depending on the situation , with the intention of surprising the opponent . As a result, they have to respond to us. We determine what, where and how the game is played.

Players take a lot of initiative, both with and without the ball, so that there are more opportunities to continuously find solutions. There is always movement , there are many position changes and players have a lot of depth . We always enter the field with guts and conviction . We believe in ourselves and do everything we can to win it in every match. We dare to excel and are convinced that we can win if we ‘play well’ .

In addition, team spirit is an important part of our vision. This means that the team works well together and forms a close-knit collective. Everyone knows their role in the team and players support and correct each other. Every player knows the qualities of his teammates, but also the limitations. They use it or take it into account.

Our game is played with a high intensity . In addition to the high tempo, this is also reflected in the way of attacking and defending in which players play football with aggression, passion (‘with the heart’) and energy.


In order to play Vitesse football, we need a certain type of player. In our view, this is a combination of aptitude, the ability to develop and personality .

Vitesse players learn to understand the essence of football action from an early age. They not only know what to do, but also understand why it is necessary. When players understand the game, they are better able to make their own choices in different situations. They recognize in every situation where the space lies, which possibilities there are and players can make decisions quickly . A Vitesse player is aware of his own football style, qualities and limitations and makes use of this. He is technically and physically in optimal condition , so that he can play Vitesse football at top level and can maintain this for a long time .

A Vitesse player is a top athlete who is busy at any time of the day to perform well. This means that during every activity he is busy getting better . During training and competitions he is constantly working to get and stay in the ideal performance state and he will do everything he can to win.

Our players have the personality to become an absolute top player. They are driven, dedicated and motivated to achieve their ambition . Our players have the discipline and willingness to execute every detail perfectly. They have the resilience to persevere in times of stress, exhaustion, disappointment and changing situations and to look for solutions.

They believe they can improve by working hard and purposefully every day. They have the skills to direct this on a daily basis.


In our vision of learning to play football, we believe in making every training moment football and match real . Players are thus optimally questioned and challenged. Our players learn to work in a solution -oriented way. We don’t tell players what to do, but ask them what to do. In addition, we ensure that players learn implicitly by choosing the right exercises.

Self-reflection plays an important role in our vision . As a result, players are more aware of their development. Our way of influencing initiates the following process: setting goals> implementing> evaluating> setting goals> …

For us individual attention center . We believe that personal attention is essential for development and performance. Those who receive attention and genuine interest develop faster and will perform better. Every player has certain qualities and limitations and therefore needs customization in his development plan. Most attention is paid to the strengths of a player, although the points for improvement are not forgotten. During each training , the trainer takes into account the development points of each player ; in addition, attention is paid to our football principles, the physical stimulus and a top sports accent for the entire team.

We also think it is important that players learn to interact with others . Some examples that play a role in the group process are: How do you behave in a team, how do you communicate with each other, discovering other cultures and getting to know each other’s qualities and shortcomings.

We look at each training continues at the border and bring our players in situations where they up to be questioned.


The Vitesse Football Academy works together with the Beekdal Lyceum and VMBO ‘t Venster. Together with these schools we can offer our youth the widest possible education.

For sporty students in the Arnhem region:

  • Sports classes in the lower years VMBO, HAVO and VWO;
  • VMBO training in Sport, Services & Safety;
    Top sports department: tailor-made for students who want to combine study and top sport;
    This Topsport Talent school works closely with the CTO Papendal and the Olympic Network Gelderland;
  • Get the best out of yourself! For more information, visit  and .

SBV Vitesse Academy Recruitment

As of this writing, there is no official academy recruitment information. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their news section.

SBV Vitesse Football School Programs

The Vitesse Football School is there for every football fanatic from five to fourteen years old. Various activities have been successfully organized for years. Footballers of all levels can participate in the activities of the Vitesse Football School. They can develop their football qualities in a professional manner.

Football Camps

Football fun during the summer holidays at Vitesse

Would you like to play football for 3 days and shine in a new, cool Vitesse football camp outfit? During the summer holidays, new Vitesse football camps are organized for boys and girls in the age category 6 to 15 years!

New program

After learning new fake and passing moves, the participants put the learned skills into practice during various small party forms. During the Vitesse Football Camps, fun comes first for 3 days (daily from 8.30 am – 2.30 pm). The costs of participation in a Vitesse Football Camp are € 169, – participation includes a nice Vitesse Football Camp outfit (shirt, pants and stockings).

Parts Vitesse Football Camps 2021:

– A cool Vitesse Football camp outfit
– Skill Games from FIFA 21 on the field
–  New:  special tournament day 
– Chance to be scouted
– Healthy snacks and drinks 
– Guidance from qualified trainers
– Vitesse Football camp medal 

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to: [email protected] 

Goalkeeper Camps

Do you want to train like Remko Pasveer and the other professional and youth keepers from Vitesse? That is possible at the official Vitesse goalkeeper camps! Goalkeeper camps will be organized in 2021 for all goalkeepers between the ages of 8 and 12. These Vitesse Goalkeeper Camps are supervised by professional goalkeeper trainers and are all about goalkeeper fun all day long. The costs of participation in a Vitesse goalkeeper camp are € 169, – this includes your own Vitesse goalkeeper camp outfit and two tickets for a home game of Vitesse.

Goalkeeper camps 8 to 12 years

There are specific goalkeeper groups at the Vitesse football camps for all keepers from 8 to 12 years old. During these camps you will do everything you can to become a better goalkeeper for three days (from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm). In these goalkeeper groups you receive specific goalkeeper training and you join parts as goalkeeper with your football friends and / or girlfriends. New this year are the Skill Games, well-known from FIFA 21. In short, the perfect activity for your holiday!

What can you expect as a participant?

– Your own Vitesse Goalkeeper camp outfit
– 3 days of
goalkeeper fun – Specific goalkeeper training
– Including 2 match tickets for a home game of Vitesse
– Healthy snacks and drinks 
 Guidance of qualified goalkeeper trainers
– Chance to be scouted

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to: [email protected] or click here for registration info.

Vitesse Football School

Do you also want to train in the Vitesse way? Good news! The Vitesse Football School * has reopened its registrations. Anyone between six and fourteen years old can register for real Vitesse training, eight Sundays long. In this training cycle you learn to play football in the Vitesse way. Together with the trainers you work on your technique, and you learn how to fit, pedal and finish the best.

Dates Sunday training sessions
In season 20 | 21, two cycles of eight Sunday training sessions will be organized. One cycle before the winter break and one cycle after the winter break. Each cycle consists of eight workouts in which you train on technique, passing, pedaling and finishing. The dates for the first cycle are as follows: 

  • Sunday, March 7
  • Sunday March 14
  • Sunday March 21
  • Sunday, March 28
  • Sunday, April 11
  • Sunday April 18
  • Sunday, April 25
  • Sunday May 9

If a training is canceled due to bad weather, we will add an extra date to catch up.

What do you get? 

  • Eight training sessions in the Vitesse way
  • Training outfit (Nike)
  • Two match tickets for a home game of Vitesse
  • Vitesse gift
  • Official certificate of attendance
  • Price per participant: € 170, –


The development of each participant at his or her own level is central to the training of the Vitesse Football School. To guarantee that, the Vitesse Football School has made a division in age and level. Below you will find the guideline for the time division for all age categories. Once registrations are closed, we will communicate a final timetable.

Youngest age group (9 am to 10.15 am)
Oldest age group (10.45 am to 12 noon)

The trainers of the Vitesse Football School ensure that every participant within his / her age category trains at an equal level. In consultation with the trainers of the Vitesse Football School, it is possible to change levels within the relevant age category.

* It is also possible to participate in a separate session for goalkeepers. You can indicate this in the form on the right. 

* We keep a close eye on all developments surrounding the Coronavirus. If the developments have consequences for the Sunday training sessions, we will of course communicate this with you as soon as possible.

Since last season we have also started a Vitesse Football School in Apeldoorn. You can sign up for these training courses by clicking here.


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