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Feyenoord Rotterdam is a Dutch professional football club based in Rotterdam, Holland. The club competes in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Eredivisie football.

Feyenoord Youth Development System

Feyenoord Academy is a leading youth academy that trains young footballers to become professional footballers. We work with the best talents, have top sports facilities and offer opportunities to our players. Every year two players from Feyenoord Academy move on to the first selection. The ultimate goal of Feyenoord Academy is that it produces at least half of the first selection of Feyenoord.

Feyenoord Academy trains in a top sports environment in which optimal performance can be achieved. The Academy focuses on more than just the football technical and physical development of the individual and within the training focuses on:

• Self-knowledge and learning capacity (intrinsically based on strength)
• Development (total person)
• Involvement (comradeship)
• Performance behavior (related to football)
• Winner’s mentality (really wanting)
• Imperturbability (your process within a changing environment)

Academy Specializations

Feyenoord Academy uses a number of specializations to optimally develop players.


Top athletes have to perform. For this they need a physically healthy and strong body. Feyenoord Academy players are continuously monitored and assessed on their physical condition. The physiotherapists treat, instruct, advise and encourage players in the field of physical and mental capacity and stress and explain the importance of good (body) care. In this way we think that players will also be able to make responsible choices independently with regard to dealing with their own body.

The performance and medical staff monitor and monitor (in close consultation with the player and technical staff) the correct relationship between the load capacity and load. With this we exclude injuries in the context of overload as much as possible. If a player does become injured (long-term), Feyenoord Academy offers optimal individual diagnosis, treatment and guidance.

Player performance is monitored and monitored using data systems and a player tracking system. Various components are recorded, including data from training and competitions (speed, agility, power), as well as medical data.


At Feyenoord Academy, the Performance department pays a lot of attention to nutrition. Top sports chef Edwin van Deutekom and sports dietician Sjoerd Privee teach the players of Feyenoord Academy in various ways how important nutrition is for a top athlete.

The sports dietitian has developed a program so that the players learn during their training what healthy (sports) nutrition is, but also what it entails. When and how much they can best eat and drink during their sports week. This is given through group lessons, workshops, parent meetings and cooking lessons during training days. The right amount of energy, fluid balance, complete nutrition and specific advice regarding training and competitions are components that receive a lot of attention. The sports dietitian, in consultation with the technical and medical staff, prepares individual advice for the players, so that they can work on their personal goals in terms of health and physique.

Feyenoord Academy players receive fresh and healthy food every week in the Topsportrestaurant, which is tailored to the needs of the players. It is therefore taken into account whether a meal is intended to obtain sufficient energy for a (heavy) competition or training or whether it is mainly intended to recover optimally. During these meals, players are also introduced to products that they may not know, but which are very healthy to incorporate into their diet.

In addition to knowing what a top sports nutrition pattern looks like, attention is also paid to the preparation and learning to cook healthy dishes. Our philosophy is that football players who know how to prepare healthy food will also eat healthier when they are responsible for it. The top sports chef therefore helps players with instructional videos and recipes on how to prepare healthy and balanced dishes at home.

Ultimately, our goal is to train players who, when they are ready for Feyenoord 1, know for themselves what their own top sports nutrition pattern should look like in order to perform optimally.


All training sessions, matches and tournaments that Feyenoord Academy players complete are filmed by a team of video analysts. These images are used during discussions at team, line and individual level. Images give the opportunity to let the team, a line or the players look back on their own actions or the actions of teammates. 

This contributes to a better functioning team and better individual players who are able to make independent choices within the match. It also gives the technical staff the opportunity to give targeted assignment(s) to the team, a line or individual players from images. We develop players in such a way that they are able to analyze images on their own initiative, reflect on them and use this in their development as a professional football player. 


The profession of a professional football player requires players to develop independently at a young age. Both on and off the field are required to make choices that increase the chances of succeeding as a professional soccer player. Feyenoord Academy has the task of guiding the player in this growth towards independence. 

Every player is supported, in collaboration with De Talentenacademie, in his personal development within a top sports climate in which discipline, hard work, working together and taking responsibility are normal matters. An individual approach to the player is central. After all, everyone is unique, develops in a unique way and therefore needs specific guidance. 


Study is an essential part of Feyenoord Academy. It concerns the general development that is necessary in life to build a social career in addition to a professional career. Players must be able to fill a position in the labor market at all times. We want our players to continuously develop and also to strive for the highest possible level in the field of study.

Feyenoord Academy has been collaborating with Thorbecke Secondary Education since 1996. Rosters of youth academy players will be adjusted in such a way that they have space next to school to train, play matches and participate in tournaments. 

The study progress of the players is kept up to date by the study coordinator. In addition, Feyenoord U17 and U19 players have a professional day twice a week, during which they are at Varkenoord from morning to late afternoon. During each of these professional days, two study blocks of one and a half hours are allocated. During these hours, players study at the club under the guidance of study coaches. 


Feyenoord Academy is located at Varkenoord. The brand new, multifunctional, modern training complex opened in the summer of 2019. At Varkenoord, all Feyenoord youth teams work hard every day in a top-class sports climate on the objective of getting better every day. 

In addition to excellently maintained fields, players and staff have the most modern facilities at their disposal. Within the complex, for example, there is a large fitness and exercise room of 300 m2 where two teams can simultaneously complete an activation, recovery or strength program. There are also spacious dressing rooms for the players and offices and meeting rooms for staff members.

The new accommodation at Varkenoord is also home to the youth and seniors of Sportclub Feyenoord. The amateur branch of Feyenoord has its own part of the complex available. Varkenoord is therefore a complex with recreational sports and top sports under one roof, which is unique in the Netherlands.

The matches of the highest youth teams, Jong Feyenoord and the first team of Sportclub Feyenoord are played on the main field of the new complex. You have a perfect view of it from the honorary terrace. The terrace has fixed chairs, which are intended for invited guests, guests of the opponent, officials and sponsors. For all supporters and other spectators there is a grandstand with over a thousand seats and a standing grandstand on the other long side with approximately seven hundred seats. On the short side of the building there will be a terrace adjacent to the public canteen. 


Training the Feyenoord way, it’s possible at Feyenoord Soccer Schools! Participate in one of the programs and take an important step in your development as a football player.

On this website you will find more information about the Clinics , Talent Training  and Soccer Camps  that Feyenoord Soccer Schools organize throughout the year.

Feyenoord Soccer Schools works closely with Feyenoord Academy. The Feyenoord youth academy is closely involved in the training program that is offered and in the selection of the trainers. Participants in all programs and activities are trained in the same way as the youth in the club’s training. The enjoyment of football is paramount, regardless of the level or the club of which the participants are members. Of course, all training forms are aimed at ensuring that all participants actually take steps forward in their development as a football player.

All training sessions, clinics and football camps are led by the Feyenoord Academy and are provided by experienced trainers, including former Feyenoord players Ben Wijnstekers , Mike Obiku , Henk Vos  and goalkeeper trainer Patrick van Seeters .


Become a better footballer in 10 weeks

Feyenoord Soccer Schools annually organizes two Talent Training modules (in the spring and autumn): a ten-week training cycle for children aged 6 to 16 years. The training sessions last 1.5 hours and all take place on Sunday for boys and Friday for girls. The location is Varkenoord, the training complex of Feyenoord Academy. 

module You can develop your talent by means of various football exercises, whereby fun and gaining fun experiences are of course also important.

By means of specific training in the field of, among other things, technique, passing, finishing and positional play, you get the chance to master the ball in ten weeks. All aspects of football are covered during the module, allowing you to improve on a technical, tactical, physical and mental level.



Keepers module We organize a Keepers module especially for keepers. Under the guidance of experienced goalkeeper trainers, you train for ten weeks like a real Feyenoord goalkeeper. With this module you get the chance to improve in all areas of the goalkeeper profession and become a complete goalkeeper.

Each training has a specific goalkeeper theme on the program, in which the basic technique of the keepers is always central. During the module you develop throwing, catching, position choosing, 1-on-1, playing soccer and much more. All this with the aim of making you a more complete goalkeeper.



More information can be found by clicking here.


Feyenoord is not only active in Rotterdam, but also beyond. Since 2012, Feyenoord has had an international department to disseminate the Feyenoord Academy method, in order to contribute to the progression of global football by sharing its knowledge and experience with coaches. 

It offers young footballers the chance to show their talent, the chance to develop as players and people and the chance to interact with peers as well as our qualified Feyenoord coaches.

In all international programs, the priority is to offer a program that combines a high-quality learning experience with fun. Activities vary from advising clubs and youth academy to setting up Feyenoord football schools and giving seminars, football camps and clinics by qualified football coaches. At the same time, the Feyenoord offers the opportunity to see and scout potential talent in the countries where the club is active.

International Football Schools

Feyenoord has had football schools in Egypt, Dubai, Poland and Jordan. These football schools were led by local experts, who were continuously provided with input from Feyenoord’s International Development Coaches. The largest chain of football schools was based in Egypt. In 2017, the first of 12 football schools in Egypt was opened. This gave the Egyptian youth the opportunity to train under the guidance of Feyenoord-trained coaches. In 2018, Feyenoord opened three football schools in Dubai and one football school in Poland. In 2019, a football school followed in Amman, the capital of Jordan.


At the time of this writing, there is no official academy tryout/selection information on their website. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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