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Fortuna Sittard is a Dutch professional football club from Sittard, Netherlands. They play in the Eredivisie, the top tier of Dutch football.

Fortuna Sittard Trials

Fortuna Sittard Youth Development System

Fortuna Sittard was known years ago as one of the best youth academy in the Netherlands. With players such as Kevin Hofland, Mark van Bommel and Fernando Ricksen, Fortuna Sittard’s youth academy trained some top players. After the club has crawled out of a deep valley and has been making waves again in recent years, the youth academy has also started a second life. With a good organization and good youth trainers, the Fortuna Sittard Academy is once again used as the most important lifeline of the club.

After the club has crawled out of a deep valley and has been making waves again in recent years, the youth academy has also started a second life. Below is a description of how a well-organized policy is implemented to deliver talented players to Fortuna Sittard’s first team again.


The mission of the Academy is to train talented youth players from the region to become professional footballers. The Academy wants to provide mentally, physically, technically and tactically distinctive players to the main selection of Fortuna Sittard and representative teams of the KNVB. There is also a lot of attention for social development and the Academy player works on the total development as a person.


Given the history of the Fortuna Sittard Academy, it is important that the Academy continues to innovate in the future and that the Academy goes along with modern football development. The aim is to scout the most talented youth players from the region for the Fortuna Sittard Academy, where they are assessed in the Youth Plan by various Academy trainers and scouts.


Fortuna Sittard has developed a youth plan for the youngest generation. While participating in the youth plan, the players can remain active at the amateur club and train once a week under the Fortuna Sittard flag. This allows players to continue playing football in their own environment and to get used to a possible switch to Fortuna Sittard’s youth academy. The Youth Plan focuses on individual, mental and football technical development.

Players of the youth plan train every Sunday from October under the guidance of qualified and professional trainers. During the training, the development of the individual is central. Through individual training and coaching, a player is made better in order to perform as well as possible in a team.


As soon as a player is scouted and then receives a positive assessment, he moves on to the youngest team in the Talent Plan, the U10. The Talent Plan (consisting of the U11 and U12) focuses on individual, mental and football technical development. The most important thing is to keep having fun with football.


After players have gone through the Talent Plan, they end up in the Team Plan (consisting of U13 to U15). With the Team Plan, individuals learn to play in specific positions, deal with various functions within the team, play football based on certain tactics and ultimately master the playing style that matches that of the Fortuna Sittard first team.


From the Team plan, the talents flow on to the Pro plan, where the talents have to take the last step to become a paid football player. The Profplan consists of the U16, U18 and U21. These teams work with the same sporting plan as the first team. This includes the same training formats, training intensity, video analyses, individual Performance Training, medical care and also carrying out CSR activities. Everything to prepare the players as quickly as possible to contribute to the first team of the club.


The Fortuna Sittard Academy always has two main goals in mind in its policy. These are the bottom two goals:

The Fortuna Sittard Academy wants to continue to distinguish itself through its individual character by providing tailor-made solutions for every Academy player within the day course.
By means of the annual transfer from the Academy, we guarantee that the selection of the first team consists of self-trained players. These self-trained players serve as ‘Fortuna ambassadors’ to provide Limburg amateur football with a quality impulse.

With these main goals in mind, the entire organization works hard every day to transfer talented players to the first team and contribute to the sporting performance of the club.

Youth Scouting & Player Recruitment

Fortuna Sittard aims to bind the best talents from the (Belgian) Limburg region to the youth academy. To achieve this, the club can fall back on an extensive network of youth scouts. Fortuna Sittard believes it is important to be transparent in this regard. Below is therefore an overview with the names of the scouts who can visit (youth) matches in the name of Fortuna Sittard.


  • The youth scout reports in the boardroom prior to the match;
  • The youth scout must be able to identify himself with a Fortuna Sittard youth scout pass;
  • If it is decided to invite the player in question for an internship, the club will be informed in good time.
  • Fortuna Sittard reports to the club in question in writing (mail) or by telephone;

Do you want to be on the radar of our youth scouts? Mail your football CV and at least a video in which you show your footballing qualities. This can be done by filling in the form by clicking here. Forms without video will not be processed. (Link is active – Updated MARCH 2022)


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Fortuna Sittard History

The club’s history is marked by ups and downs, but in the 1990s they were a mainstay in the Eredivisie, producing stars like as Kevin Hofland, Mark van Bommel, and Fernando Ricksen through their youth program. The club’s fortunes have been unpredictable throughout its existence. These players went on to have successful careers at PSV Eindhoven and Rangers, in addition to representing the Netherlands national team.

Wilfred Bouma and Patrick Paauwe, both products of the PSV youth program, were added to the roster as well. Both players advanced their skills while playing under Bert van Marwijk as their manager, eventually earning spots on the Dutch national team and going on to larger teams.

In the 1956โ€“1957 season, Fortuna 54 finished in second place in the Eredivisie, behind the eventual champions Ajax. This performance earned them the KNVB Cup. Sittardia had significantly less success and was in danger of being demoted for a number of seasons. Before the two clubs merged in 1968 owing to financial issues, Fortuna 54 won the KNVB Cup for the second time in 1964, the year before the merger.

The team was demoted to the First Division for the 2001โ€“02 season after Bert van Marwijk, the team’s manager, left at the end of the 1999โ€“2000 season to take a position with Feyenoord. After discovering financial problems, the team faced the possibility of going bankrupt over the course of several seasons.

During the winter of 2003, two of the club’s supporters won the Dutch lottery and gave the club the entirety of the reward money they received. By selling their brand new stadium, which was named the Wagner & Partners stadium, the team was able to pay off the majority of their obligations. On May 19, 2009, the KNVB made the announcement that it will revoke the club’s license to compete in the upcoming 2010โ€“11 season.

This verdict was overturned after being challenged in a civil court. In spite of the fact that the club continued to have financial difficulties, in recent years there has been a gradual but steady recovery to financial health, and sporting accomplishments have followed suit. During the 2011โ€“2012 season, they came within a hair’s breadth of qualifying for the playoffs for promotion to the Eredivisie.

However, they gave up an equalizer in the dying seconds of the season in the home match against the Go Ahead Eagles, which allowed the Go Ahead Eagles to claim the final playoff spot instead. They were successful in qualifying for the Eredivisie in both the 2012โ€“13 and 2013โ€“14 seasons, giving them their first chance to play in the top division since their demotion in 2002; however, they were eliminated in the first round by De Graafschap in both of that seasons’ matches.

Fortuna won promotion to the Eredivisie in 2018 after spending the previous 16 years in the Eerste Divisie. In order to do so, they had to defeat Jong PSV by a score of 1-0, which allowed them to avoid NEC, and finish as the runners-up to Jong Ajax, the champions of the division, who are not permitted to promote.

Fortuna Sittard Stadium

The Fortuna Sittard Stadion is a multi-use stadium in Sittard, Netherlands, located on the Milaanstraat. It has a capacity of 12,500 people. It is the primary venue for football matches at the moment and serves as the home ground for Fortuna Sittard. It took the place of Fortuna Sittard’s previous stadium, which was known as De Baandert, and was constructed in 1999 on the grounds of an industrial park. Under the stadium is a multi-level parking structure that provides 800 parking spots, and there are also two parking lots in the local neighborhood.

Fortuna Sittard Stadium

The construction of a brand new hotel, an Aldi-Nord discount grocery within the stadium, and an additional sports center close to the stadium all began in 2013, marking the beginning of the stadium’s expansion project.